• 1943 D Steel Cent 1¢ Brilliant Uncirculated

    1943 D 1 Lincoln Wheat Steel Cent BU

    • ASIN: B0789YN4MW

  • 1000 coin Lot of Wheat Cents + Free Bonus 1 folder

    Wheat Pennies with guaranteed dates in the teens through the 1950's, mint marked coins and some hard to find 1943 steel cents in every colleciton! Enjoy hours of fun with the family filling collection books and searching for hidden treasures! Recent shop purchase of 250,000 Wheaties makes this sale possible. We have NO TIME to sort them! We just count them and ship them and leave the fun of the treasure hunt to YOU! (See our great deal on 5000 COUNT BAGS, too!!!!)

    • ASIN: B008M5XORG

  • 1943 P Steel Cent 1¢ Brilliant Uncirculated

    1943 P 1 Lincoln Wheat Steel Cent BU

    • ASIN: B0789STF4T

  • 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent + 1909 P -- Set of 2 coins -- 1st Year of Issue -- Good to XF

    Set of 2 coins, both from 1909 -- the first year of issue for the Lincoln cent. One coin is a 1909VDB and the other a 1909 from the Philly mint. Both coins will grade at least good. Many will grade higher. Full readable dates. No holes. no gouges, no counter-stamps. Just nice collectible coins. Some coin history on the 1909 and 1909VDB from the coinvalues website: 1909 was the first year that the Lincoln Wheat Penny was minted. Replacing Indian Head Pennies, which were minted from 1859 through 1909, Lincoln Pennies were welcomed by massive crowds that gathered at banks on August 2nd when the new one-cent coins arrived in commerce. While the coins were highly popular with the public from day one, there was initial outcry about the prominence of the initials of Victor David Brenner, the designer of the Lincoln Wheat Penny. His initials, VDB, are located on the reverse side near the rim and centered below the wheat stalks.

    • ASIN: B076JKJYRL

  • 1943 S Steel Cent 1¢ Brilliant Uncirculated

    1943 S 1 Lincoln Wheat Steel Cent BU

    • ASIN: B0789SX9LN

  • 1943 P, D, S Wartime Steel Cents Pennies 3 Coin Set in Good

    1943 P, D, S Wartime Steel Cents 3 Coin Set in Whitman Holder Circulated

    • Brand: United States Mint
    • ASIN: B07KQRYV61

  • 1942 Various Mint Marks - 1945 War Nickels (20 Coin Lot) $1 Face Value 35% Silver Fine

    1942 - 1945 War Nickels (20 Coins) $1 Face Value

    • ASIN: B07NVWBH8K

  • 1943 D steel penny pcgs graded ms66 Cent MS-66 PCGS

    This rare MS-66 PCGS graded 1943 steel penny is a must have for any collection. The steel penny are U.S. one-cent coins that were struck in steel due to wartime shortages of copper. The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints each produced these 1943 Lincoln cents. The unique composition of the coin has led to various nicknames, such as wartime cent, steel war penny, and steelie. This coin would be perfect for any collector or history enthusiast.

    • ASIN: B0754NPFRY
    • UPC: 709257340951

  • 1940-1945 U.S. Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar Coin Half Dollar About Uncirculated Condition

    A silver U.S. Walking Liberty half dollar, dated between 1940-1945. These coins are in About Uncirculated condition or better, with light wear and moderate mint luster. In the designer's own words, the obverse features "a full-length figure of Lady Liberty, wearing a gown of the American Flag, the folds of the Stars and Stripes flapping in the breeze, progressing in full stride toward the dawn of a new day, carrying branches of laurel and oak, symbolic of civil and military glory. The hand of the figure is outstretched in bestowal of the spirit of liberty. The reverse of the half dollar shows an eagle perched high upon a mountain crag, his wings unfolded, fearless in spirit and conscious of his power. Springing from a rift in the rock is a sapling of mountain pine, symbolic of America." The Walking Liberty half dollar series was one of several new coin designs introduced in the first decades of the 20th century, the ultimate result of Teddy Roosevelt's effortrs to beautify the nation's coinage. The Walking Liberty replaced the Barber half dollar design, which had been used since 1892 and was not considered particularly attractive or notable. While the half dollar itself was not a widely used coin in comparison to smaller denominations, the Walking Liberty design quickly gained wi...

    • ASIN: B01M2AQOO0

  • Rare WWII World War Steel Penny Old Coin Collection LotCollectible Condition ...

    Rare WWII World War Steel Penny Old Coin Collection Lot

    • Color: steel
    • Brand: Steel Cents
    • ASIN: B01N584ZAJ
    • UPC: 708999047623