• [Newest Version] American Lifetime Day Clock - Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options (White)

    Why is the Day Clock so important to the elderly and dementia patients? People faced with Alzheimer's, memory loss and Dementia need structure, routine and focus. They often lose the ability to recognize what day of the week it is. Traditional digital clocks have abbreviations, which can be confusing. To prevent this, the Day Clock by American Lifetime has a clear and easy to read screen which helps reduce anxiety about the time of day and ease the worry of missing an appointment, a favorite show, mealtime, or any other key event.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: American Lifetime
    • ASIN: B01NBOO57C
    • UPC: 728044490815

  • TOPELEK Alarm Clock[Upgraded Model], 5'' LED Display Digital Alarm Clock with Curved-Screen and Dimmer, 3 Adjustable Sounds, Snooze Function, 12/24H, Bedside Alarm Clock for Kids, Women, Men, Blue

    Bored of complicated settings and buttons of a clock but have no idea of choosing a proper one? Never mind, just take this blue digital clock home to enjoy convenient control and wake up in a natural way every day! Compact Design with Great Practicality This portable digital clock does not occupy much space and perfect fits on your office table or bedside table. 6 Level Adjustable Brightness 6 switchable brightness allows you to choose the most comfortable brightness for your eyes. 3 Natural Sounds & 2-level Volume Start a brand new day with the sound of bird, wave or chord ringtone. The alarm sound can be set at low or high volume with easy adjustment. User Friendly & Easy Operation Displays time with 12/24H mode as your preference. Intuitive touch buttons make the setup process simply. One for Different Requirements Digital alarm clock with premium quality works perfectly to satisfy your daily needs. Warm Tips 1.Please follow the instructions in user manual to set the ringtones and time. 2.Before selecting the preferred music, please push the button to the LOCK position. 3.Please DO NOT not wipe the screen with coarse cloth directly to prevent scratches on the screen. 4.The button cell can be used for about 1.5 years under normal circumstances. Specifications Time set: 1...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: TOPELEK
    • ASIN: B07KWLY1VZ

  • American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock - Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options (Black Finish)

    Digital Clock for elderly people

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: American Lifetime
    • ASIN: B01MT33SCU
    • UPC: 728044490778

  • Large Alarm Clock 9" LED Digital Display Dual Alarm with USB Charger Port 0-100 Dimmer for Seniors Simple Bedside Big Number Green Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms

    Large LED display alarm clock with big numbers for checking time 9 inch big screen showing the clear digit, easy to read at any time. Two USB charging ports for iPhone and smartphones Connect your USB device to the USB port of this product, to charge your iPhone or smartphone conveniently.0-100 Dimmer setting The dimmer setting can be adjusted from 0 to 100, you can have a comfortable brightness for a wonderful night. Dual alarm clock with Snooze The clock can set two separate wake-up times; snooze button on the top allows you to have 5-60 minutes more to stay in bed before the clock sounding again. Powered by AC adaptor, backup battery for memory function only All functions work under AC power, the backup battery (included) with memory function will only back up time and alarm settings in case of AC power failure. There will be no display digits on the screen of clock if the power goes out. Turn off the alarm Press one of the buttons "SET", "A1·2" or "AL1/ON-OFF" on the top of the clock to turn off the alarm. Notice: "SNOOZE", "▼","▲"and"AL2/ON-OFF"buttons CAN'T turn off the alarm.Specifications Display: 9" LED Display Timeset: 12/24 Hour switchable format Alarm: Dual alarm Alarm sound duration: last for 3 minutes Snooze duration: 5-60 Minutes Screen display support dimmer...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: K-star
    • ASIN: B07FCQ65R8
    • UPC: 716045016707

  • PICTEK Alarm Clock, Kids Digital Alarm Clock 5 inch Dimmable Curved LED Screen Time Clock for Bedrooms Desk Living Room, Snooze Function, 12/24 Hour, Battery Backup, USB Charger, Power Adapter

    Stylish Curved Screen with Large ReadoutThe compact integrated design makes this alarm clock a best fashion home decor. It's fit for all scenes such as your bedroom, study room, living room, office.Why you choose this clock?5 inch large Curved screen9 extra minutes of snooze by clicking the big SNOOZE button.4 brightness level switchover by clicking the Brightness Control (SNOOZE) button.3 alarm sounds by clicking the "+" button under alarm sound chosing mode.Easy OperationThis alarm clock is easy to set cause all you need is to familar with three buttons: "-", "SNOOZE/Brightness Control" and "+".There are two Snap Switches on the back of the clock. The default position of both switches is at middle.When you want to set Time, please push upward the right Snap Swith to "TIME" and push back to the middle "Lock" after finishing the setting.When you want to set an Alarm, please push downward the right Snap Switch to Alarm and push back to the middle "Lock" after finishing your setting.Charge while You Listen or SleepAlarm clock built-in USB port is convenient for you to charge your iPhone, iPad, or MP3 player, and they will be fully charged every morning.Package Included1x Projection Alarm Clock1x User Manual1x USB Cable1x Power Adapter

    • Brand: PICTEK
    • ASIN: B07JFN814G
    • UPC: 797646290949

  • PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved Screen Digital Projection Clock with Dimmer, FM Radio Alarm Clock, Dual Alarms for Kids Bedrooms, 12/24 Hour, Snooze Function, Sleep Timer, USB Charging

    Pictek introduces new 120° Projection Alarm Clocks with the introduction of the sleekest and coolest 5" Borderless Curved-Screen, FM Alarm Radio Clock, with 4 levels adjustable screen and exquisite 3 levels Adjustable Brightness Projection. PICTEK Curved-Screen Large-Readout Dual Alarm Clock Will Do More Than Just Display Time!· Project the ClockProject the time on your ceiling or wall, so it will always be in full view from anywhere in the room even when you are lying in bed with 120 Angle rotary knob.The Optimal Projection Range is 2-3M, and Available Projection Range: 0.5-3M.· 3 Adjust Projection BrightnessThe Curved-Screen Display with 3 adjustable Projection Brightness brightness (Off, Shimmer, Bright) meet your preference, effective protect of your eyes and does not interfere with your sleep.· 4 Adjust BrightnessCurved-Screen Display with 4 adjustable brightness(Off, Dark, Shimmer, Bright) meet your preference.· Dual Alarm ClocksWith the Dual Alarm Feature you can set two separate wake times if you and your spouse have different schedules.The snooze function allows 5-60 extra minutes of sleep before alerting you again.· USB ChargingAlarm clock built-in USB port is convenient for you to leave a charging cable plugged directly into the clock's USB port to create a...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: PICTEK
    • ASIN: B07L3MF4F9
    • UPC: 733810617051

  • RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4" Display

    Sometimes you just need something simple that's easy to use. RCA has you covered, with a streamlined alarm clock offering snooze, a simple interface, a large 1.4-inch display that's easy to see, and No Worry Corded-Electric or Battery back-up that lets you rest easy too. Refer to the User Manual for troubleshooting steps.

    • Color: RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4" Display
    • Brand: RCA
    • ASIN: B007T0W5CA
    • UPC: 044476084447

  • PICTEK YTGEHM126BBUS Projection FM 5-inch Dimmable Screen Ceiling Display, Kids Radio with Dual Snooze Function, Digital Alarm Clock Projector for Bedroom, Blue

    Curved-Screen Large-Readout Dual Alarm Clock --- Fashion Home Decor, Made to Fit Your Life This clock is specifically designed to make your life easier. If you and your spouse have different schedules, you can set two separate wake times with the dual alarm feature. When you need a few extra minutes of sleep, just press the “snooze” button, alarm clock will be silence immediately and go on again after the set snooze duration. Project Time on Wall or Ceiling Curved-Screen Large-Readout Dual Alarm Clock --- Fashion Home Decor, Made to Fit Your Life This clock is specifically designed to make your life easier. If you and your spouse have different schedules, you can set two separate wake times with the dual alarm feature. When you need a few extra minutes of sleep, just press the “snooze” button, alarm clock will be silence immediately and go on again after the set snooze duration. Project Time on Wall or Ceiling Projector clock allows you to display the time on ceiling or wall for easy, stress free viewing. With 180-degree swivel & 90 degree rotary knob, you can adjust the projection in any direction for optimal viewing throughout the room. Turn on or off as needed. Digital FM Radio with 10 Station Memory Alarm clock with an extendable antenna gives you the best receptio...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: PICTEK
    • ASIN: B078WTT918
    • UPC: 702024840289

  • Alarm Clock, Digital LED Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers with 6 Nature Sounds, FM Radio, Snooze Function, Touch Control, Brightness Adjustable for Kids

    Sunrise Alarm Clock The wake-up light brightness brighten from 0% to 100% gradually 30 minutes before the alarm time and bring you out of a Heavy sleep gently.(Note: Make sure Alarm bell Icons displayed above the digital time). Natural and Radio Alarm Clock Never afraid of getting up late. You can wake up along with sunlight and 6 natural sounds (piano, violin, bagpipe, waves, birds and ''DiDi''). Also, you can set your favorite FM radio channel as the alarm sound. Alarm clock for heavy sleepers When Alarm rings at programmed Time, press Snooze Icon to Snooze for 5 minutes (Note: Touching any button OTHER than Snooze will turn the Alarm OFF) 7 Light & 10 Level &Brightness Alarm Clock It's not only a normal alarm clock as well as serve as mood light and bedside lamp, the color light will auto-converse one by one via touch the light icon twice, while the 10 brightness levels warm light is non-harmful for reading. Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms The warm light will gradually fade away during this time until your bedroom is completely dark, let you fall asleep naturally. Only the White LED light mimic natural sunrise and sunset. 3 Brightness Levels of Time display The adjustable dimmer enables you to set the time display to a brighter setting in daytime and softer one at night or turn off ...

    • Color: 1-Sunrise alarm clock
    • Brand: SUNTRUE
    • ASIN: B07DGW44J8
    • UPC: 669665561907

  • SMARTRO Digital Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Station, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, USB Charger, Dual Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms, AC & Battery Operated

    The Smartro projection clock is a compact and lightweight design which is packaged in a deluxe box that makes it a perfect gift choice or an ideal travel companion. Please read the instructions carefully before using it.The time zone indicator is designed to be used in the contiguous United States ONLY. Dual Alarms with Snooze Function: Set two separate alarms for different purposes. Press the top button if you want to sleep for extra five minutes.  Press any button except the top button to stop the alarm, the alarm will automatically stay on for next day. The alarm will automatically shut off if left alone for 2 minutes. Project the Time & Temperature : The projected time and indoor /outdoor temperature are easy to see throughout the room. The projected temperature changes from indoor temperature to outdoor temperature automatically.  Projected in a soft red color, it is very clear to view but will not disturb your sleeping. Two Choices for Watching the Time: If you would like time projection to be constantly on, then choose the provided power adapter. Simply press the "-" button to adjust the brightness of the backlit or turn it off.  Use Loop or Rainbow function to set your favorite color for the backlit. If you prefer the backlit LCD screen and time projection to be on for...

    • Color: Black-v2
    • Brand: SMARTRO
    • ASIN: B07CJ2ZNLK
    • UPC: 604213904256

  • Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio, White

    A small-size radio with big sound, the RCR-5 is available in black or white.View larger Sangean RCR-5 Digital Clock Radio with Added Features Sangean has established a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality standards and performance radios for 40 years. The latest RCR-5 AM/FM clock radio is as attractive as it is unique. It offers features and performance generally found in the most expensive clock radios, all in a small, affordable package.Key Features: Easy-to-read LCD with adjustable backlight10 Memory Preset Stations (5 FM, 5 AM)Weekday / Weekend / Daily / Once Timer SelectionDigital TuningDual Alarm TimerHWS (Humane Wake System) Radio/buzzerSnooze TimerAdjustable Nap TimerAdjustable Sleep Timer Big sound and excellent AM/FM reception, with 10 presets for all your favorite stations.View larger Small Size, Big Sound The RCR-5 is a small-size radio with a big sound and excellent AM/FM reception. Sangean's digital tuner technology reduces drift on AM stations and is able to lock in weak FM stations, giving you the maximum station choice for your area, no matter where you are. The RCR-5 is a very well designed clock radio with great sound for music and talk radio. The RCR-5 has 10 presets for all your favorite stations, and has an easy-to-read adjustable backlit L...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Sangean
    • ASIN: B0016CWV3U
    • UPC: 956263157428

  • Bell Automotive 22-1-37015-8 Digital Clock

    Bell Automotive's Digital Clock can be used in your vehicle, office or locker. The self-balancing backlit clock displays hours, minutes, month and date, with a lighted screen to provide better visibility in dark environments.

    • Color: Black & Chrome
    • Brand: Bell Automotive
    • ASIN: B007PKC6KK
    • UPC: 076027370150

  • Rocam Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms - Large 6.5" LED Display with Dimmer, Snooze, 7 Color Night Light, Easy to Set, USB Chargers, Battery Backup, 12/24 Hours for Heavy Sleepers, Kids, Desk, Elderly

    ROCAM CR1008 Digital Alarm Clock which is perfectly designed for all age range, including kids, seniors, the elderly since it is very east to set and the big numbers on the 6.5" LED display are easy to read, even grandma could operate it. With this loud alarm clock you could easily awake and the large full-width Snooze Button gives you 9 more minutes to sleep, especially suitable for heavy sleepers; This alarm clock with Night Light of 7 different Colors so your kids will never afraid of dark at night and helps you do some extra reading, an ideal gift for Students Back to School; The dual USB Chargers at the back allow you to charge your smart phones and laptops at the same time and No Worry Battery Backup lets you rest easy too. What's more, the Dimmer Control allow you to adjust the brightness of the red display for protecting your eyes. Get this small alarm clock for bedside and desk, shelf and nightstand of your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office. Package Content: 1 x ROCAM CR1008 Alarm Clock 1 x User Manual 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Warranty Card

    • Color: White
    • Brand: ROCAM
    • ASIN: B07F1P2B3V

  • Johnziny Digital Calendar Day Clock- 8 Alarms,Dementia,Alzheimer,Memory Loss,Vision Impaired,Battery Backup Alarm Clock for Seniors/Elderly with Play Video/Photo Function

    Digital Calendar Day Clock Features: Time Mode: 12 hours or 24 hours   Dual Date Mode: Month-Day-Year or Day-Month-Year Show Time of Day, Week, Month, Year Five Time Periods of the Day: MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING, NIGHT and BEFORE DAWN Hourly Chime 5 Custom Alarms & 3 Medication Reminder Alarms Auto Dimming On/Off Battery Backup: Auto save date when you disconnect power 8 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Swedish Digital Photo Frame Function: Browse Picture or Play Video/Music Have you felt annoyed because of you can't see the time clearly? Have you always forgot the time because of poor memory? Are you looking for a clock suitable for seniors and Kids/children to study read time and date? Don't worry too much. our uniquely designed digital alarm day clock is that one you'll ever need. This reminder clock or 8" digital calendar day clock has a the clearest & easiest to readable extra large LCD displays. This Day and Date Alarm Clock display complete and non-abbreviated bold Time,Day ,Week, Month, Year and the cycle of the day, which is very helpful Dementia, Alzheimer, Memory Loss or Vision Impaired Senior & Elderly, is also very helpful for children to study to read time and date. Anyone can enjoy this clock wonderful clo...

    • Color: 8" White
    • Brand: Johnziny
    • UPC: 710525069382

  • Digital Alarm Clock, TopElek Bedside Alarm Clock with 5'' LED Curved-Screen,3 Adjustable Alarm Sounds, 12/24H Format, Snooze Function, Blue

    Warm Tips 1.Please follow the instructions in user manual to set the ringtones and time. 2.Before selecting the preferred music, please push the button to the LOCK position. 3. Please DO NOT not wipe the screen with coarse cloth directly to prevent scratches on the screen. Specifications Time set: 12/24 hour time Size: 5.71in*3.03in Net Weight: 180g Backup Battery: 3V CR2032 Battery Material: ABS/PC Volume: 65dB/75dB Adapter Input: AC100-240V,50/60Hz Adapter Output: 5V, 0.5A Package Contents 1 ×Digital Alarm Clock 1 × Power Adapter 1 ×USB Charging Cable 1 × User Manual

    • Color: blue
    • Brand: TOPELEK
    • ASIN: B07KP17FMS

  • Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets, ER100301

    With Emerson's award-winning and patented smartest technology, the flashing "12: 00" Display is a thing of the past. The ER100301 Digital tuning clock radio automatically sets itself on the first use to the correct year, month, date, day, and time. The clock radio features Bluetooth V4.1 digital tuning FM radio. Includes a USB output for mobile charging (2.1a 5V) and a large and easy-to-read LED display. The alarm can be programmed to operate on weekdays only, weekends only, or all seven days of the week. Set the alarm to wake you to your favorite FM music or news station, buzzer alarm or programmable sleep-to music timer. The clock radio adjusts itself automatically for daylight savings time and leap year, as well as maintains the correct time when the power returns after power outages. Getting out of bed will no longer be a chore with the help of the ER100301

    • Color: 1.4" Cyan LED Display
    • Brand: Emerson Radio
    • ASIN: B071NDT5Q3
    • UPC: 025806034325

  • hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock with 6 Color Switch and FM Radio for Bedrooms - Multiple Nature Sounds Sunset Simulation & Touch Control - with Snooze Function for Heavy Sleepers

    hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock Key Details: LED Time Display: 12 hours or 24 hours format (12-hour time displays AM / PM) Size: 3.93 x 6.85 x 7.2 in Output: 5V DC Input: 100-240V AC Radio Frequency: 88-108 MHz Alarm and Sleep Timer use White LED light ONLY to mimic natural sunrise and sunset (additional LED light colors can be enjoyed during regular time) Alarm Light turns on 30 minutes BEFORE programmed wake-up time, and gradually brightens until programmed Alarm Time is reached When Alarm rings at programmed Time, press Snooze button on Clock TOP to Snooze for 5 minutes (IMPORTANT: Touching any button OTHER than Snooze will turn the Alarm OFF altogether) ALWAYS leave Alarm Clock plugged in and connected to power source (backup battery is only there to save settings in case it is disconnected from power) For full instructions, please see Bullets and hOmeLabs product manual To Set Current Time: On Clock Face, touch and hold down Settings button (Gear) for 3 sec On Clock Face, touch Plus button ( + ) until at current Hour Touch Settings button ONCE to Set Hour Touch Plus button until at current Minutes Touch Settings button ONCE to Set Minutes Colon b/t Hours and Minutes blinks to indicate Time Set To Set Sunrise Alarm: On Clock Face, touch and hold down Alarm button (Bell) for 3 se...

    • Color: AZDeal
    • Brand: hOmeLabs
    • ASIN: B074NB5TNW
    • UPC: 853893007188

  • MIU COLOR Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier - Digital Clock with 6 LED Changing Light - Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier - 300 ml - 4 Timer Settings - Waterless Auto Off Function

    Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better About the MIU COLOR Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser The original MIU COLOR aromatherapy diffuser has been used by thousands of satisfied customers to help them breathe better, sleep better, and live better. Now it's back and better than ever with new features and a new design. Versatile Humidifier Eliminate dry, stuffy air with a soothing mist of water vapor and essential oils (available from MIU COLOR). Our new generation of diffusers makes for a perfect bedside companion to help get you through the night or loyal desk buddy to help get you through the day. Digital Clock Clock remains active even when unplugged and is tuned for easy nighttime viewing. Allows for customized timer settings for the diffuser to auto-shut off. Dual Lighting Modes Keep it subtle with a warm, atmospheric glow or let loose with cyclical LED lighting in six funky colors (white, cyan, purple, red, yellow, green) or no light at all.Auto shut-off User-set timed shut-off function. Unit also shuts off automatically when empty. Capacity: 10.15oz / 300ml (up to 8 hours of continuous use). Coverage area: 270 ft2/25㎡Size: 5.35x5.35x7.87 in/13.6x13.6x20 cm Materials: PC & ABS Power: 100-240v AC adapter (included) Warranty: 6 months/unconditional when pur...

    • Color: 300ml-6 Colors
    • Brand: MIU COLOR
    • ASIN: B01IQPY2B8

  • Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved-Screen Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock, Dual Alarm Clock with 4 Alarm Sounds, 12/24 Hour, Blue

    MPOW Great Multipurpose Projection Clock Let You Tell the Time at a Glance. Mpow compact projection clock does not occupy much space, fits perfectly in your bedside table or office table. It offers time display, time projection, dual alarms, snooze, FM radio, radio sleep timer, USB charging port and so on. NOTES 1. Please READ the user manual carefully before using this product and keep the user manual for future reference. 2. Please uncoil 33 inch antenna to its full length to improve the signal reception. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Display: 5'' LED Display[Diagonal] Projecting Range: 1.6-10ft Optimal Projecting Range: 7-10ft Time Format: 12/24 Hour Switchable Projection Support Dimmer: Yes / 4 Screen Display Support Dimmer: Yes / 6 Alarm Setting: Dual Alarms Alarm Sound: Natural Sound or Radio Sound Snooze Duration: 9 Minutes Upgraded Alarm Sound Duration: 30 Minutes FM: 76.0-108.0MHz Preset Radio Stations: 15 Radio Sleep Timer Selections: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 Minutes or OFF Adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz Adapter Output: 5.0V, 1.2A Type of Backup Battery: CR2032 Battery (Buit-in) USB Charging Port: 5V, 1A Cord Length: 4.9ft PACKAGE Digital Alarm Clock*1 Power Adapter*1 User Manual*1

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Mpow
    • ASIN: B07FFRYY6G
    • UPC: 797646285204

  • Habor Digital Kitchen Timer, Cooking Timer, Large Display, Strong Magnet Back, Loud Alarm, Memory Function, 12-Hour Display Clock, Count-Up & Count Down for Cooking Baking Sports Games Office

    Wide Application This kitchen timer with loud sound and large digitals is perfect for cooking, exercise, gym workout, taking medicine, sports, assessments, homework, debate, games and classroom timer activities. And the timer can also be used as a clock at ordinary times for kids, adults. Convenient Place Featuring a compact design, this digital kitchen timer has a durable clip and a magnet on the back, allowing you to attach it to metal surfaces or can be stood up on counters. Plus, with a hanging hole, you can hang it on the wall. Easy Operation Operating on 1*AAA battery ( Battery not included ) which can easily be replaced, this classic timer will help you to keep track of cooking times in your kitchen! Don’t need on/off button cause it can easily change into a clock after use as a timer. Replace battery when the screen becomes unclear or the ring volume becomes small. Usage Press H button to set the hour. Press M button to set the minute. Press ST/SP button to start / stop the kitchen timer. Press Mode button to change timer or clock. (12_Hour digital clock) Press CLEAR button to reset the timer from zero. The timer will beep when the countdown is finished. Memory setting: when the countdown was completed, press ST/SP button first, then press CLEAR button to return to the ...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Habor
    • ASIN: B01D8EMXIQ
    • UPC: 632423388870