• Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Intensive Moisture Wrap Body Treatment Ff, 10.5 Oz

    Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Intensive Moisture Wrap Body Treatment helps relieve extremely dry skin, especially during the winter months. This clinical strength formula contains a concentrated glycerin-rich complex that instantly wraps skin in moisture and penetrates to help relieve even the driest, most uncomfortable skin. This dermatologist-recommended treatment contains no fragrance.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Neutrogena
    • ASIN: B001PLJCEI
    • UPC: 885190466276

  • Plastic Sheet for Body Wrap 70"x108" (24 count)

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Appearus
    • ASIN: B00ODEJN66
    • UPC: 794168044708

  • DIY Body Wrap: SPA Formula for Home Use: Seaweed, Healing Clay, Garcinia Cambogia, and Dead Sea Salt

    It's Confusing. There are so many body wraps out there. (SPA wraps, body wrap applicators, volcanic ash wraps just to start). So I tested these wraps, listened to lots of user feedback and even talked about the pros and cons on my iTunes podcast. The result is the exciting development of a breakthrough formula now for sale for home use that you could previously only find at high end SPAs. DOES THIS REALLY SLIM? If you follow my step-by-step Body Wrap Guide, it's not uncommon to take someone down a dress size or two in two weeks. I do not promise outstanding slimming results for everyone because we all have a unique body chemistry and there are many contributing reasons for weight loss and slimming, but I believe my Neutripure SPA recipe will give you the best fighting chance of any wrap on the market to conquer the battle of the bulge. BENEFITS: Whether it's needing tighter skin or firming loose skin, the wrap can help! It even helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite. Some may see skin rejuvenation, some may see a reduction in inflammation, some might see stretch marks lighten up. Whatever your results are, it can be maintained with proper diet and exercise. My Neutripure body wrap is not just a slimming product; it's an experience! It involves wrapping yourself in detoxify...

    • Brand: Neutripure
    • ASIN: B01B6OGV7O
    • UPC: 821079021976

  • Brazilian Body Wraps - Spa Mud Home Treatment Kit for Women Slimming Home Spa Treatment for Cellulite, Weight Loss, Stretch Marks

    Introducing our Best Selling Brazilian Body Wraps Spa Mud, this healing spa treatment increases circulation, hydrates the skin and reinforces collagen fibers to make the skin firmer and stronger. It works for tightening, contouring & cleanses the skin providing a soothing sensation. Rich in minerals, Our Spa Mud clay extract is absorbed through skin creating a gentle exfoliation effect that removes excess water, oil, toxins, and dead skin cells for a softer feel and radiant glow while losing inches on the targeted area such as the tummy, arms, legs, calves, back, thigh or buttocks. Includes: 8 Clay Bags & 2 Reusable Thermo Bandage Wraps & a Free Bikini Body Transformation Plan to help you get the most of your Body Wrap Treatment. We back up our home spa treatments with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Even if you've tried other spa body wrap products, defining gels, cellulite cream, belly slimming patch or oils before and been disappointed, you can and will see a difference with our toning body wraps! Get on the path to the skinny body you've been longing for with the help of the ultimate body wraps for inch loss on Amazon!Order the Bentonite Clay Body Wraps Kit TODAY!"SCROLL UP AND ADD TO CHART!

    • Brand: Brazilian Belle
    • ASIN: B078Q5D7TS
    • UPC: 601557779250

  • WeightLoss-Solutions Thigh Wrap - Sauna Belts (2 Pack) Body Wraps for Weight Loss, to get rid of Cellulite, and for arm Fat

    Body Shaper, Body Wrap Sauna Belts - two per pack. Perfect size for Thighs and Upper Arms. Burn Fat and lose inches, slimmer thighs, reduce Cellulite, Arm Fat Burner - firm and tone Jiggly upper arms. A Sauna Belt is a Slimming Body Wrap that works by holding in heat and increasing circulation to flush toxins and excess water weight for body sculpting Fat Loss. Sauna Belts are must-have addition to your Weight Loss, Weight Management, or Fitness Program. For even faster results, try WeightLoss-Solutions Lipo-Trim Body Wrap Treatment Seaweed Enriched Slimming Gel to promote the breakdown of fat and cellulite, and Lipo-Boost daily use fat firming Lotion - reduction cream that provides intense hydration, increases circulation, firms, tones, tightens skin and promotes fat loss.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: WeightLoss-Solutions
    • ASIN: B074TV9TS3
    • UPC: 716315999242

  • Dry Room Treatments: Body Wraps, Vol. 1

    Body wraps are the quintessential spa treatments featured on spa marketing materials. In this DVD, Malinda McHenry demonstrates how to perform three body wraps with seaweed in a dry room setting: a seaweed gel wrap, a seaweed sachet wrap in a steam canopy, and a peel-off alginate mask. Seaweed, high in vitamins and minerals, is highly therapeutic, and thermal wraps help in the vasodilation and penetration of those elements. She covers all the steps from preparation to the finishing touches. In this training video she discusses room and table set-up, supplies, available product types, client preparation, and benefits and contraindications. She also provides step-by-step instructions showing how to mix and prepare products, cocoon clients in sheets and blankets, efficiently apply and remove products in a dry room, and how to use a steam canopy. Warning: This video may contain partial nudity. View at your own discretion.

    • Brand: Aesthetic VideoSource
    • ASIN: B000KLPC3Y
    • UPC: 689076413343

  • Detox Seaweed Mud Body Wrap Treatment Formula Wholesale - 1 gallon

    We Do One Thing and We Do It Masterfully We produce Body Wrap Formulas made from the highest quality ingredients and we distribute to salons and spas around the world. Body Wrap Seaweed Mud is a smooth easy to apply mud that is applied directly on the skin in a thin layer then covered with plastic wrap or warm moist bandage wraps. The mud pulls toxins from the skin and improves the skins health while shrinking the puffiness and fat under the surface of the skin. Improves the appearance of cellulite leaving the skin smoother and softer. Premium Ingredients include: bentonite clay for it's powerful detox and deep cleansing properties 4 nutrient power-packed seaweeds (bladderwrack, laminimaria digitata, irish moss, sea kelp) for Maximizing Inch Loss and Detox japanese green tea & chamomile Body Wrap Distributing Formulas are trusted and preferred at top salons and spas around the world. We offer the best and most effective products for inch loss, detox, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and treating the skin for more supple, soft, youthful appearance.

    • Brand: Body Wrap Distributing
    • ASIN: B07PH3QL5T
    • UPC: 640206185424

  • Organic Body Wraps

    Tired of losing the weight, but don't see the loss in the mirror fast enough? Body wraps are proven to help you lose inches for a noticeable difference in less than an hour. This book shares the secrets of organic herbal body wraps, and includes real formulas that are used in the most elite spas. Included are full instructions on how to wrap, where to find organic herbs, and the secret to the ultimate body wrap experience at home. Tired of paying $150 for a body wrap at the spa? Make your own body wraps and see true inch loss from the comfort of home. This is the perfect companion book to any weight loss plan. Simply continue eating healthy, and wrap your body once a week for maximum results. This book will show you how.

    • ASIN: B004QOA7C2

  • Torf Organic Moor Mud Body Wrap or Bath (2 lbs)

    Since early 1800's Central Europe's best medicinal spas have used Moor Mud therapy on scientific basis for pain management, to detoxify, improve circulation and immunity, reduce inflammation, to fight eczema and to rejuvenate. How to wrap: Alway keep hydrated. Drink water or decafeinated or light herbal tea. Neither iced nor too hot. Mix about 250 ml of Torf moor mud with warm pure water (you could use green tea or coconut milk) and few drops of essential oil if desired. The mix should be smooth and creamy paste for an easy application. Brush the paste on the body in an even layer starting from the feet up. Wrap the body in a plastic sheet, linen and a heated blanket (several blankets or steam tent will also work) and rest for 30 minutes. If you are doing a compression wrap, use presoaked ACE bandages instead. Unwrap the sheets and remove mud gently under shower. If possible do not use a soap as botanical and mineral residue left on skin can futher enhance the treatment (when detoxing, wash well) A period of rest of approximately 1/2 to 1 hour is recommended to support the metabolism-accelerating effect. Make sure the body stay comfortably warm. Drink plenty of water or decaffeinated tea immediately after the wrap and for the next 24 hours. For a full body detox 5-10 treatments a...

    • Brand: Torf
    • ASIN: B00099DU6I
    • UPC: 885285264367

  • Spa Chocolate Body Wrap Clay - 4 Treatments - Wrap Yourself Thin with Chocolate!

    The chocolate body wrap is a mineral rich sea clay infused with the essence of cocoa. The combined benefits detoxify, tone, soften the skin and uplift you with the aromatic characteristics of high-quality chocolate. (1) Complete Instruction Guide included for Body Wrapping. Slender Results puts quality first! Our products contain only the highest quality ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Treat your skin to a more natural approach to tightening and firming. If you want results - Get Slender Results!

    • Brand: SResults
    • UPC: 634746538420