• Design and Construction of Tube Guitar Amplifiers

    Written for musicians, amp builders, and tube audio enthusiasts, Design and Construction of Tube Guitar Amplifiers provides a complete yet easy-to-understand explanation of how to design, modify, construct, and test tube amps. It is intended as a companion to Design and Construction of Guitar and Bass Speaker Systems. Profusely illustrated, the book uses graphic aides and basic algebra and scientific principles to teach you everything you need to know to fully understand tube guitar amp technology from both technical and musical perspectives. Chapter 1 introduces basic audio engineering concepts used in tube amps, which are used throughout the book. Chapter 2 teaches you how to design and interconnect all of the five stages in a basic amplifier. You also learn how changes in the design of a stage affect its performance. Chapter 3 discusses distortion, overdrive, tremolo, reverberation, and effect loop design. Chapter 4 shows you how to select the components you need to build an amp, how to mount and interconnect the components, and how to test, adjust, and troubleshoot an amplifier.

    • ASIN: 0615291805

  • The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps (TAB Electronics)

    Incorporate the "tube sound" into your home audio system Learn how to work with vacuum tubes and construct high-quality audio amplifiers on your workbench with help from this hands-on, do-it-yourself resource. The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps explains tube theory and construction practices for the hobbyist. Seven ready-to-build projects feature step-by-step instructions, detailed schematics, and layout tips. You'll also find out how to tweak the projects, each based on a classic RCA design, for your own custom-built amps. Coverage includes: Principles and operational theory behind vacuum tubes Tube nomenclature, applications, and specifications Circuit layout, connections, and physical construction Finding and selecting the right components for the project Power supplies for vacuum tube circuits Preamplifier and power amplifier circuits Performance measurement Safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques Tips on building your own tube-based system―and having fun in the process This book is intended for hobbyists interested in adding the tube sound to any audio system. (Readers looking for high-performance audiophile books are urged to consider the McGraw-Hill books by Morgan Jones.) Learn more at www.vacuumtubeaudio.info Make Great...

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  • Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 1

    Building your own vacuum tube guitar or bass amplifier from scratch is truly an exciting experience. This book describes the detailed construction of five vacuum tube amplifiers. The construction of these amplifiers is described in full detail with chassis drilling templates, component installation, wire-by-wire hook-ups and schematics. The amplifier projects included in this book are: Sonic MA1 (two tube amp, late 1950s design with a solid state rectifier) All American 4 (four tube amp, early 1960's design using common radio tubes found in "All American 5" radios made between 1947 and 1971) Champ Amp (classic replica of a 1950s Fender amp with a single ended 6v6 output tube) Deluxe Amp (classic replica of a 1940's Fender amp with push pull 6V6 tubes) Bassman (classic replica of a 1950s Fender amp with push-pull 6l6 tubes) 120 pgs, spiral bound. 0.7 lbs 8.5" x 11"

    • ASIN: B004C7QAX8

  • Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 2

    The follow up to Volume 1 in the series, covering more advanced amplifier construction projects for the experienced builder. Includes detailed plans for the following five classic tube amplifiers: Deluxe (5E3) 15 watt amp with push-pull 6V6's Bassman (5F6A) 50 Watt amp with push-pull 6L6's AC30 Top Boost 30 watt amp with quad push-pull EL84's with Top Boost Mods - minus Vibrato circuit Plexi Super Lead (1959) 100 watt amp with quad push-pull EL34's with master volume mod Twin Reverb (AB763) with quad push-pull 6L6GC's with Black Face mods 135 pages, spiral bound, 0.7 lbs, 8.5" x 11"

    • ASIN: B004FKGVTA

  • Ultimate Tone, Volume I (Modifying and Custom Building Tube Guitar Amps, Volume I)

    This is the book that jump-started the boutique tube guitar amp business. Learn the truth about tube preamp design and modification; see how tube power amps work and can be made more reliable; see how reverbs and effects loops work and better ways to configure them; learn why some amp brands are easier to service and to mod than others; see how simple switching circuits are but how capable they can be. Tube data for the common types used in guitar and bass amps is provided, along with a discussion of stage set-up and player ergonomics. Spiral bound, 395 figures. 368 pages, 2.5 lbs, 8.5" x 11" .

    • ASIN: 0969860803

  • Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 3

    The follow up to Volume 1 and 2 in the series, covering advanced amplifier construction projects for the experienced builder. Includes detailed plans for replicas of the following five classic tube amplifiers: VOX AC15 (minus Vibrato) 15 watt amp with push-pull EL84's Marshall 1958 18 watt amp with push-pull EL84's Fender Princeton Reverb 15 watt amp with push-pull 6V6GT's Gibson EH150 25 watt amp with push-pull 6L6G's Hiwatt DR103 100 watt amp with quad push-pull EL34's 120 pages, spiral bound

    • ASIN: B004FKGXRA

  • Orange Micro Dark 20W Hybrid Head

    Micro Dark 20W Tube Hybrid Amp Head. After much player demand, Orange is building on both its diminutive Micro series and high-gain Dark series with the aptly named Micro Dark. It has more gain than the original Micro Terror, and it's smaller than the Dark Terror, an awesomely potent combination. This 20W hybrid head comes loaded with a single 12AX7 preamp tube for authentic tube overdrive, paired with a bullet-proof solid-state power section and stuck in a package that can fit in the glove box of a car. The end result is a deceptively loud head that's bursting forth with high-gain Orange tone. The controls are simple as can be. With just three knobs - volume, shape and gain - it's unbelievely easy to dial in your tone. The shape control varies the midrange response along with the bass and treble, so rotating it to the left will add mids and smooth the highs, while a twist right will reduce the mids and brighten the tone. And one twist of the gain knob will show that, despite its adorable stature, this thing is no novelty. It cranks out serious, high-gain, face-melting tone at volumes that'll leave you shocked. Further building on the outstanding Micro platform, the Micro Dark comes equipped with a transparent, fully buffered FX loop, so you can use your favorite pedals with ease...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Orange
    • ASIN: B015G2AFTW
    • UPC: 709257600390

  • Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4FT 48 Inch LED T8 Tube Light Bulbs 18 Watt (40 Equivalent) Clear 5000K Kelvin Daylight 2200LM, Bright White Light, Single Sided Connection Bypass Ballast - ETL and DLC Listed

    LED T8 Linear Tubes 4ft are ideal replacement lighting for 4ft fluorescent tubes most commonly seen in classrooms, parking lots, medical buildings, office spaces, retail spaces and warehouse lighting...

    • Color: 5000K - Cool White
    • Brand: Sunco Lighting
    • ASIN: B00UNIJOR4

  • SCS Direct Monster Action Figure Bucket - Big Bucket 100 Horror Toy Figures - From Dracula to Frankenstein to Giant Spiders- Perfect Cake Toppers, Halloween Party Favors, Decorations

    Big Bucket of 100 Horror Monster Action Figures - From Draculas, to Frankensteins, to Godzillas, and Giant Spiders and more: You will LOVE this set of awesome Monsters. Each set comes with 100 action figures, each 2-3 inches high. The entire set comes in two colors so you can have awesome undead battles. Set includes 100 pieces including multiples of Frankenstein, Godzilla, Mummy, Cyclops, Werewolf, Demon, Lagoon, Dracula, Zombie, Giant Spider, Giant Moth, and two brand new different gravestones - fully compatible with our best selling Zombie set! Works great for Halloween party favors, decorations, Teal Pumpkin allergy friendly trick or treat.

    • Brand: SCS Direct
    • ASIN: B00W5WSN5A
    • UPC: 656103018291

  • Tacklife DM01M Advanced Digital Multimeter Trms 6000 Counts Tester Non Contact Voltage Detection Amp Ohm Volt Multi Meter Temperature, Live Line, with LCD Backlit, Red/Black

    Product description: Tacklife - Professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life. Tacklife DM01M Professional Digital Multimeters are designed to safely and accurately address a variety of automotive and household electrical issues. For household sockets, fuses, cables, universal batteries, automotive batteries and charging systems, automotive circuits and more. HIGHEST SECURITY: Safety/Compliances: EN61010-1-2-030 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III, Pollution degree 2, Double insulation. Functions: ●DC Voltage Range and Accuracy: 600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+3), 1000V ±(0.5%+3) ●AC Voltage Range and Accuracy: 6V/60V ±(0.8%+3), 600V/750V ±(1%+10) ●DC Current Range and Accuracy: 60μA/60mA/600mA ±(0.8%+3), 10A ±(1.2%+3) ●AC Current Range and Accuracy: 60mA/600mA ±(1%+3), 10A ±(1.5%+3) ●Resistance Range and Accuracy: 600Ω/6KΩ/60KΩ/600KΩ/6MΩ ±(0.8%+3), 60MΩ ±(1.2%+3) ●Capacitance Range and Accuracy: 6nf/60nf/600nf/6uf/60uf/600uf/6MF ±(4.0%+3), 100MF ±(5.0%+3) ●Temperature Range and Accuracy: -20℃-250℃/-4℉-482℉ ±(1.0%+3) ● Fuse protection: F600mA/1000V 10A/1000V ● Max Display: 6000 Counts Backlight: 15 sec Update: 2-3/sec Automatic off: 15 min Ove...

    • Color: Red/Black
    • Brand: TACKLIFE
    • ASIN: B01M7ZD1VN
    • UPC: 709202782027

  • HYCLAT 6-10 Gauge Battery Quick Connect/Disconnect Wire Harness Plug Connector Recovery Winch Trailer

    This safety quick connect/disconnect connector kits are widely applied in various field. This kits always are equiped in Electrcar, folklift, electric folk truck, golf car, tour bus and many other power-driven tools to solve the power-out problem. The terminal pins are made of red copper coated by silver, which has a strong electrical conductivity and can reduce the resitance to make the current and voltage stable. The mark of positive and negative are printed in the conncetor to avoid the misplug. In the kit, a couple of boot caps are included to protect this quick connect and disconnect kist from the dust. Very easy to install:. 1.Strip the insulation to fit the terminal pins. 2.Insert the cable into the ternimal pins. 3. Crimp the terminal pins. 4.Insert terminal pins in housing with notched side of tongue next to spring. 5.Final adjustment Push contacts and cable into housing until the notched tongue snaps over end of spring; tug slightly to make sure contact is locked into place.. Package:2 connector ends, 4 terminal pins, and 2 rubber boot caps

    • Brand: HYCLAT
    • ASIN: B01KHQQY7E
    • UPC: 691953060489

  • Bionic Body Workout Bar for Power Lifting Strength Training Home Gym and Cardio Exercise

    Get a full body workout with the Bionic Body Exercise Bar made by Bionic Body. This sturdy 2- piece bar is designed to fit all bands with clip, but is recommended to be utilized with Bionic Resistance Bands for best compatibility. Padded grip handle bars prevent slipping and prevent you from developing rough, calloused hands. The included Carabineer clips make for easy transitions between different resistance bands so you can get to work quickly! Target all major muscles group from top to bottom with various exercise using the bar and resistance band combination. Upper body workout includes Chest press, shoulder press, arm lifts/raises, biceps, and many more. Perform front and back squats for a total leg workout to build stronger legs. Resistance exercises are the most effective when combining the Bionic Exercise bar with Bionic Bands for building leaner and more defined muscle.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Bionic Body
    • ASIN: B00NPZ7G36
    • UPC: 096362993296

  • UNKE Plastic Tube Waterpipe Pipeline Building Blocks Pipe Construction Plug Match Assembling Water Development Puzzle Toy for for Kids Children Boys Girls

    Feature:Children can experiment with connecting the pipes in a variety of ways Different colors and shapes improve children's operational ability, creativity and logical thinking ability Cultivate the DIY ability Material:plastic Colour: As Picture Show Size:9.1*9.1in Package included: 1Set

    • Color: As Picture
    • Brand: UNKE
    • ASIN: B075JGV9MS

  • BIC America DV62si Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black)

    • Color: black
    • Brand: BIC America
    • ASIN: B00006JPDI
    • UPC: 765042396893

  • Dosing Pump12V DC Peristaltic Liquid Pump Hose Pump Dosing Head for Aquarium Lab Analytical Water (Green)

    Specification: Volts: DC 12V current: 80mA working condition: 0-40 relative humidity

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Yosoo
    • UPC: 611901872629

  • MorningRising 12V DIY Electric Roller Blind / Shade Tubular 25mm Motor Kit & Remote Controller

    Suitable for all places of building curtain automatic control. Such as hotel, apartment, office building, exhibition hall, modern family home curtain control If you have some problems after installing the motor, you can try to reset it. How to reset the motor 1. Clear the code. Press the red Learning button on the motor for 6 seconds, the motor would sound a slow "dididi", keep on pressing and do not release until the motor sound a quick "didididi". Then you have successfully cleared the code. 2. Match the code. Press the motor learning button for 6 seconds, the motor would sound "dididi", release the button, immediately press C key on the back of the remote control to match the code(note:The C key should be pressed for less than 1 second,the motor would sound a "dididi"). 3. Set the trip. First press the L key on the back of the remote control for 6 seconds, the motor has a beep tone, if you want to set the down trip, press the down button on the remote control, and press the stop button when the motor run to the position you need, and then press the C key on the back of the remote control, then the down trip has successfully been set. Press the up button on the remote control, and press the stop button when the motor run to the position you need, and then press the C key on the...

    • Color: Remote Included
    • Brand: MorningRising
    • ASIN: B01DZQ43AI