• Design and Construction of Tube Guitar Amplifiers

    Written for musicians, amp builders, and tube audio enthusiasts, Design and Construction of Tube Guitar Amplifiers provides a complete yet easy-to-understand explanation of how to design, modify, construct, and test tube amps. It is intended as a companion to Design and Construction of Guitar and Bass Speaker Systems. Profusely illustrated, the book uses graphic aides and basic algebra and scientific principles to teach you everything you need to know to fully understand tube guitar amp technology from both technical and musical perspectives. Chapter 1 introduces basic audio engineering concepts used in tube amps, which are used throughout the book. Chapter 2 teaches you how to design and interconnect all of the five stages in a basic amplifier. You also learn how changes in the design of a stage affect its performance. Chapter 3 discusses distortion, overdrive, tremolo, reverberation, and effect loop design. Chapter 4 shows you how to select the components you need to build an amp, how to mount and interconnect the components, and how to test, adjust, and troubleshoot an amplifier.

    • ASIN: 0615291805

  • Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics

    There is a growing number of audio enthusiasts and hobbyist interested in creating their own vacuum tube amplifiers. If one has the necessary technical information, high quality tube amplifiers can be assembled using point-to-point hand wiring.For the novice not versed in electronics several sections of the book cover electronic basics. Includes how capacitors work, voltage, current, ohms law, reading circuit drawings plus other related information.Principles of vacuum tube operation includes function of grids, effect of tube capacitance, tube resistance, heat dissipation and voltage gain. A table of component values for the popular 12AX7 in various operating parameters simplifies pre-amplifier stage design. Power supply sections cover vacuum tube and solid state rectifier conversion of AC to DC and DC filtering. A sample power supply is used to explain calculating loads, determining required transformer ratings and component values. Includes high voltage, bias and filament supplies. An example of amplifier design takes you through the steps of designing a ten watt single ended 6L6 monoblock amplifier. Text is illustrated throughout the book.Working with electronics and vacuum tube circuits requires some math. Circuit calculations in this book use various forms of addition, subtr...

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  • The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps (TAB Electronics)

    Incorporate the "tube sound" into your home audio system Learn how to work with vacuum tubes and construct high-quality audio amplifiers on your workbench with help from this hands-on, do-it-yourself resource. The TAB Guide to Vacuum Tube Audio: Understanding and Building Tube Amps explains tube theory and construction practices for the hobbyist. Seven ready-to-build projects feature step-by-step instructions, detailed schematics, and layout tips. You'll also find out how to tweak the projects, each based on a classic RCA design, for your own custom-built amps. Coverage includes: Principles and operational theory behind vacuum tubes Tube nomenclature, applications, and specifications Circuit layout, connections, and physical construction Finding and selecting the right components for the project Power supplies for vacuum tube circuits Preamplifier and power amplifier circuits Performance measurement Safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques Tips on building your own tube-based system―and having fun in the process This book is intended for hobbyists interested in adding the tube sound to any audio system. (Readers looking for high-performance audiophile books are urged to consider the McGraw-Hill books by Morgan Jones.) Learn more at www.vacuumtubeaudio.info Make Great...

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  • MOD 102 DIY Guitar Amplifier Kit

    The MOD 102 is a great place to start for those interested in building their own tube amp. It is based on a classic American tube circuit design combined with a British style Class A output tube section. At low volume it produces a clean chimey tone that moves into smooth overdrive at higher volumes. All parts are included along with a pre-drilled aluminum chassis, wire and tubes (1 EL84 and 1 12AX7). Puts out at least 5 watts. The chassis layout is open for easy assembly using the clear, easy to follow instructions.

    • Brand: MOD Kits DIY
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  • Mullard Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers

    A reprint of a 1959 publication of Mullard Ltd., detailing high-quality circuits for audio amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and other stereophonic reproduction equipment. These designs were originated by Mullard engineers at the Mullard Applications Research Laboratory, and originally appeared in various magazine articles with notes on construction and assembly.

    • Brand: Brand: Audio Amateur Pubns
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  • Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass, 2nd Edition

    Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass is the most comprehensive guide to the design of tube-based preamplifiers for musical instrument use, in a single volume. From the input to the phase inverter this book discusses in detail the inner workings and practical design of every part of a conventional guitar preamp, including the use of triodes, pentodes, tone controls, effects loops and much more. This second edition is fully revised and includes four new chapters covering noise, signal switching, topology, and grounding. Aimed at intermediate-level hobbyists and circuit designers, it explores how to manipulate distortion and maximise performance for the perfect tone. With easy-to-read explanations, minimal math and over 250 diagrams and figures, it is an essential handbook for any tube amp enthusiast!

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  • Guitar Amplifier Electronics: Basic Theory

    Richard Kuehnel's new book explains the design of guitar amplifier preamps, power amps, and power supplies using 2019 technology. Computer-based visualization replaces the traditional litany of mathematical formulas. The book's graphing calculators, free on the publisher's website, are designed for smartphones and laptops, making them as portable as the book that puts them through their paces. An entire chapter is devoted to sculpting the dynamics of overdrive and harmonic distortion. Chapters 1. Electronics Fundamentals 2. Vacuum Tubes 3. Preamps 4. Cathode Followers 5. Tone Stacks 6. Power Amps 7. Phase Inverters 8. Negative Feedback 9. Power Supplies 10. Overdrive and Harmonic Distortion 11. Some Final Words on Guitar Amplifier Design

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  • JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-6L6GC-JJ-MP)

    Octal power tube (Max plate watts = 30w)this Slovakian tube has colorful lows, loose/ easy-going mid body and a brightly shining chime for the highs in overdrive, it offers a tight and focused bite with crisp, bright and well-defined articulation.

    • Color: Matched Pair
    • Brand: JJ Electronic
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  • Ultimate Tone, Volume I (Modifying and Custom Building Tube Guitar Amps, Volume I)

    This is the book that jump-started the boutique tube guitar amp business. Learn the truth about tube preamp design and modification; see how tube power amps work and can be made more reliable; see how reverbs and effects loops work and better ways to configure them; learn why some amp brands are easier to service and to mod than others; see how simple switching circuits are but how capable they can be. Tube data for the common types used in guitar and bass amps is provided, along with a discussion of stage set-up and player ergonomics. Spiral bound, 395 figures. 368 pages, 2.5 lbs, 8.5" x 11" .

    • ASIN: 0969860803

  • Make Your Own Tube Testers and Electron Tube Equipment

    This bestseller is unique among electronics books. After explaining tube parameters and which are important to test, it describes how to design and construct testers for the tubes used by contemporary audio connoisseurs and amateur radio enthusiasts. It illustrates working with metal, plastic, glass, and vintage components; many examples and schematics are presented. It also shows how to work safely with the high voltages that are seldom encountered in modern circuitry. At home on a coffee table or a workbench, this book is full of color photographs that celebrate the artistic aspects of vacuum tubes. It delves into electron tube history, taking a humorous and even a philosophical perspective. The reader can make a shiny new tube tester that produces laboratory-quality results for a fraction of the price of a worn-out vintage tube tester.

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  • 5E3 Deluxe Guitar Tube Amp 6V6 Push Pull Kit Chassis DIY

    Quantity: 1set each lot (same as picture) Package including: 1pc chassis Dimension: 14.50" x 4.13" x 2.63" 1pc 5E3 turret board 1pc output transformer and 1pc power transformer 120V/220V/230V 2pcs 6V6GT, 1pc 5Z2P (5Y3GT), 2pcs 12AX7B Potentiometers, resistors, capacitors, tube sockets and retainers, power cord, wires and so on. Weight: appro 6.5KG

    • Brand: KDHLJ
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  • Designing High-Fidelity Valve Preamps

    Designing High-Fidelity Tube Preamps is a comprehensive guide to the design of small-signal, tube-based amplifiers. This book examines in unprecidented detail the inner workings and practical design of small signal stages, volume and tone controls, RIAA equalisation, power supplies and more. Aimed at intermediate to advanced-level hobbyists and professionals it teaches the principles of low-noise, low-distortion tube design, through easy-to-read explanations and minimal math. With over 400 diagrams and figures, and hundreds of real measurements of real circuits, it asserts itself as an essential handbook for any tube amp enthusiast.

    • ASIN: 0956154530

  • Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 1

    Building your own vacuum tube guitar or bass amplifier from scratch is truly an exciting experience. This book describes the detailed construction of five vacuum tube amplifiers. The construction of these amplifiers is described in full detail with chassis drilling templates, component installation, wire-by-wire hook-ups and schematics. The amplifier projects included in this book are: Sonic MA1 (two tube amp, late 1950s design with a solid state rectifier) All American 4 (four tube amp, early 1960's design using common radio tubes found in "All American 5" radios made between 1947 and 1971) Champ Amp (classic replica of a 1950s Fender amp with a single ended 6v6 output tube) Deluxe Amp (classic replica of a 1940's Fender amp with push pull 6V6 tubes) Bassman (classic replica of a 1950s Fender amp with push-pull 6l6 tubes) 120 pgs, spiral bound. 0.7 lbs 8.5" x 11"

    • ASIN: B004C7QAX8

  • Riverstone Audio - Vacuum Tube Pin Straightener For 9-Pin B9A-base (12AX7 / EL84 / 5670) and 7-Pin B7G-base (5654 / 6AU6 / 6AQ5A) Tubes - Hardened Stainless - Hand Held - Straightens Vacuum Tube Pins

    A professional grade hand-held vacuum tube pin straightener. Used to straighten and align vacuum tube pins. Great accessory for professional musician's, audiophile's and repair shop's working with tube-based audio components. Compatible with US/European and Russian/Chinese miniature 7-pin and 9-pin tubes with B7G bases (e.g., 6AK5, 5654, 6AU6, 6AQ5A tubes) and B9A bases (e.g., 12AX7, 12AU7, 5670, 6BQ5, EL84 tubes). Bent tube pins can permanently deform and loosen the contact between tube pins and socket contacts, which could negatively affect sound quality. Inserting tubes with bent pins into a socket can also damage the glass-metal interface along tube pins, resulting in reduced tube life or glass breakage. Modeled after vintage hand-held pin straighteners - but with significant improvements in machining accuracy and material. The straightener is CNC machined from a premium-grade martensitic stainless steel and hardened to RC50 (Rockwell C50). In addition to providing long life (as well as corrosion resistance) we chose a premium grade stainless for good reason; if a softer material is used for a pin straightener, for example aluminum alloys, pin contamination can occur (aluminum transferred to tube pins can form Al2O3). This pin straightener was designed for many years of troub...

    • Brand: Riverstone Audio
    • ASIN: B074DZLFCK
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  • The Butter Battle Book: (New York Times Notable Book of the Year) (Classic Seuss)

    • Brand: Random House Books for Young Readers
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  • Valve Amplifiers

    Valve Amplifiers has been recognized as the most comprehensive guide to valve amplifier design, analysis, modification and maintenance. It provides a detailed presentation of the rudiments of electronics and valve design for engineers and non-experts. The source also covers design principles and construction techniques to help end users build their own tool from scratch designs that work. The author's approach walks the reader through each step of designing and constructing, starting with an overview of the essential working principles of valve amplifiers, the simple and complex stages, the process of linking the stages, and completing the design. The book is comprised of seven chapters all of which include a DIY guide discussion of practical aspects. The text starts with familiarization of the fundamentals of electronics, which are essential for designing and building valve amplifiers. Particular attention has been paid to providing solutions for questions that are commonly asked and faced by beginners in valve designing and construction. Valve Amplifiers is a masterful hands-on guide for both experts and novices who work with tube audio equipment, and for electronic hobbyists, audio engineers, and audiophiles. The practical guide to analysis, modification, design, construction ...

    • Brand: Newnes
    • ASIN: 0080966403

  • Guitar Amplifier Handbook

    There's a huge amount of hype and mythology surrounding tube amplifiers in the guitar world. For years, experts have argued over the tiny details of exactly how they do what they do, and how their various components interact. What's undeniable is that, far more than being just a “loudness booster ” the unique combination of tubes, capacitors, resistors, and transformers in these amps can contribute enormously to the quality of sound derived from any electric guitar. In this thorough and authoritative book, Dave Hunter cuts through the marketing hyperbole, and the blind faith, and supplies all the information you need to choose the right amp, and get the best from it. The book also features exclusively conducted, in-depth interviews with leading figures in the tube amp-building world – including Ken Fischer, Mark Sampson, and Michael Zaite – and even provides full instructions on how to construct your own high-quality tube guitar amp from scratch.

    • Brand: Backbeat Books
    • ASIN: 087930863X
    • UPC: 884088049294

  • Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 2

    The follow up to Volume 1 in the series, covering more advanced amplifier construction projects for the experienced builder. Includes detailed plans for the following five classic tube amplifiers: Deluxe (5E3) 15 watt amp with push-pull 6V6's Bassman (5F6A) 50 Watt amp with push-pull 6L6's AC30 Top Boost 30 watt amp with quad push-pull EL84's with Top Boost Mods - minus Vibrato circuit Plexi Super Lead (1959) 100 watt amp with quad push-pull EL34's with master volume mod Twin Reverb (AB763) with quad push-pull 6L6GC's with Black Face mods 135 pages, spiral bound, 0.7 lbs, 8.5" x 11"

    • ASIN: B004FKGVTA

  • 5F1 Tweed Champ 60S Guitar Tube Amp Amplifier Kit Chassis DIY

    Quantity: 1set each lot (same as picture) Package including: 1pc spray painted stainless steel chassis, 1pc 5F1 turret board 1pc output transformer and 1pc power transformer 120V/220V/230V 1pc 6V6GT, 1pc 5Y3GT, 1pc 12AX7B Switch Potentiometer, resistors, capacitors, tube sockets and retainers, power cord, wires and so on. Weight: appro 4KG

    • Brand: KDHLJ
    • ASIN: B07MJK7CR3
    • UPC: 631105068536

  • Sound Advice from Gerald Weber: Everything You Wanted to Ask About Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

    A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps (9780964106000); Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials (9780964106024)

    • Brand: Brand: Kendrick Books
    • ASIN: 0964106043
    • UPC: 884806193735