• Freeman Carving Wax Block, Dark Green, Hard, 1 Pound, Sliced | WAX-332.20

    A smooth, non-brittle wax designed for carving and/or machining. Dark green (hard) waxes can be either hand carved or machined to form intricate patterns. Melting temp. 229 degrees Fahrenheit/110 degrees Celsius. 1 lb. assorted sizes, Sliced.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: EuroTool
    • ASIN: B0058EDRBW
    • UPC: 654207218760


    New 14Pc Ferris File A Wax Assortment This new 14 piece Ferris File-a-wax assortment. It is used for making models for lost wax casting. The wax can be sawed, filed or carved and will not soften when handled. Hardness varies by color: green cannot be flexed, purple has some flexibility, blue is more flexible. These are great for trial use or for when an odd piece is needed. All melt at 240° F (116° C). Instruction are included. You receive: 1 Green circle that measures approximately 1 5/16" x 5/16" (33 x 8 mm) 1 Green circle that measures approximately 2 1/4" x 1/4" (57 x 6.5 mm) 1 Green circle that measures approximately 3 1/8" x 3/8" (79 x 9.5 mm) 1 Blue circle that measures approximately 1 5/16" x 5/16" (33 x 8 mm) 1 Blue circle that measures approximately 2 7/8" x 5/16" (73 x 8 mm) 1 Blue circle that measures approximately 3 1/8" x 11/16" (79 x 17.5 mm) 1 Purple circle that measures approximately 1 5/16" x 1/4" (33 x 6.5 mm) 1 Purple circle that measures approximately 1 13/16" x 1/4" (46 x 6.5 mm) 1 Green rectangle that measures approximately 3 5/8" x 1 7/16" x 1/4" (92 x 36.5 x 6.5 mm) 1 Green rectangle that measures approximately 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 11/16" (92 x 92 x 17.5 mm) 1 Blue rectangle that measures approximately 3 5/8" x 1 7/16" x 1/8" (92 x 36.5 x 3 mm) 1 Purple re...

    • Brand: Ferris
    • ASIN: B000HWLR7G

  • SE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Wax Carvers Set

    The SE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Wax Carvers are great for carving wax and other soft surfaces, such as clay. You can make designs, repair, engrave, shape, scrape, cut, and clean molds, jewelry, electronics, ceramics, wood, and details of other items. This set comes with 12 stainless steel double ended wax carvers with various tips. SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness of our SE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Wax Carvers. IPR Rights Notice: Important: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with the SE logo on the packaging. SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: SE
    • ASIN: B000SVRSRY
    • UPC: 706569312331


    DESCRIPTION: Assortment No. 2: Round Assortment Round Wires - 8 Gauges Sizes: 20ga - 18ga - 16ga - 14ga - 12ga - 10ga - 8ga - 6ga Length Sizes: 4" Net Weight: 2 Oz.

    • Brand: Ferris
    • ASIN: B01188SHZW
    • UPC: 028841191121

  • PHYHOO Green Hardness Wax Ring Tube Carving Jewelry Making Tool T250

    SmallLeft Jewelry Tool Ring Tool Green Carving Wax Tube Man Wax Ring Solid Carving Wax Tube T250.

    • Color: green
    • Brand: PHYHOO
    • ASIN: B01D4CROPO
    • UPC: 712166728741

  • Practical Casting: A Studio Reference, Revised Edition

    This informative and practical book covers a wide range of small scale casting techniques, from cuttlefish to contemporary lost wax casting. It has become the established textbook on the subject in universities and craft programs around the world. Now in a new, lay-flat, hardcover binding.

    • Brand: National Jewelers Supplies
    • ASIN: 096159845X

  • WAX Carving PEN Super Max Instant 850F Tool

    New Super Max Wax Pen. This is a super Max Wax pen. It is the ultimate cordless wax tool. It is ideal for design work, spruing or for everyday bench jobs. Form beads, detail, whisk away flares or spray and repair floaters and accidents. The tip is specially designed to transfer wax to models. Has specially designed battery caps which eliminate any contact problems. It is powered by 2 AA batteries (included). Instant heat up to 850 F with finger pressure control.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Max Wax
    • ASIN: B000RAZY0E

  • Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making, Liquid Rubber OOMOO 30, Easy to Use - Trial Size 2.8 lb

    Use this silicone mold making rubber for making perfect reproductions that capture intricate detail of original models. OOMOO 30 is easy to use silicone rubber compounds that feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios (no scale necessary). Very low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring and vacuum degassing is not necessary. Cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. OOMOO 30 has a 30-minute pot life, with a six-hour cure time. For the novice mold maker - OOMOO30 does not have great tear strength. They are good for making simple one- or two-piece block molds. OOMOO30 is suitable for a variety of art-related and industrial applications including making molds for sculpture and prototype reproduction, casting plaster, resins and wax. Technical Information Mixing Ratio: one to one by volume (100a:130b by weight) Pot Life: 30 min. Demold: 6 hrs. Color: lavender properties (part a and b mixed) Viscosity: 4,250 cps g/cc: 1.34 Cu. In./Lb.: 20.6 Tensile Strength: 240 psi Elongation at Break: 250% Die C Tear Strength: 40 pli Compression Set: 37% Shrinkage: .0025 In./In. Net weight 16 oz. (454 Grams) For Best Results: Store and use silicone products at room temperature. If material freezes, silicone base will become very thick. Simply allow product to get down to room tempe...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Smooth-On
    • ASIN: B004BNF3TK
    • UPC: 885241574127

  • Premium Wax 4 lb Block

    A specially blended wax developed for votives and pillars. This wax can hold high concentrations of fragrances and will produce excellent results. In normal use no other additives should be required with this wax. Use the best wax on the market from Candlewic

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Candlewic
    • ASIN: B0001DS0CQ

  • Sol-u-carv Wax, 1 Pound | WAX-335.10

    A carvable wax that is water soluble, making it ideal for use in lost wax casting, especially in the making of cores, hollow beads, or other pieces that feature hollow areas. Dissolves easily when immersed in water. Melts at 60 degrees Celsius/140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Brand: EuroTool
    • ASIN: B0058EDRSA
    • UPC: 654207218807

  • Jewelry Lost Wax Casting Investment Powder for Gold & Silver Silk 10 Lbs. Box (11 M Box)

    Technical Information - SILKTM Powder/water ratio 38 - 40% Work time @ 22°C 8 - 9 minutes Initial set time 10 - 12 minutes Thermal expansion @ 750°C 0.73% Setting expansion € 2 hours 0.65% For full instruction on how to use SILKTM please refer to the mixing and burnout instructions found in every box. Item is brand new, FRESH BATCH, in box, never used.

    • Brand: NOVELTOOLS
    • ASIN: B07196FJMY
    • UPC: 806149973751

  • PHYHOO Jewelry Tool Ring Tool Green Carving Wax Tube Man Wax Ring Solid Carving Wax Tube

    SmallLeft Jewelry Tool Ring Tool Green Carving Wax Tube Man Wax Ring Solid Carving Wax Tube.If you have any problem,please don't hesitate to let me know.

    • Color: green
    • Brand: PHYHOO
    • ASIN: B00Z5VTO88
    • UPC: 601209348117

  • Smooth-On Universal Mold Release 14 fl. oz.

    If you've ever been to the movies, admired a piece of sculpture, marveled at detailed architectural ornamentation or used a telephone; then you've encountered the handiwork of people who use Smooth-On rubbers, plastics, foams and other products to turn their ideas into 3-dimensional reality. Universal Mold Release Agent is formulated especially for mold making and casting, and works well with most liquid rubber and liquid plastic products. It will release mold rubbers (such as polyurethanes and polysulfides) from properly prepared models. Sealing porous models (wood, plaster, concrete) or certain modeling clays (containing water or sulfur) with Smooth-On SuperSeal or other sealer may be necessary. Universal Mold Release is effective over a broad temperature range from 70°F to 500°F. Features If using silicone rubber, seal model surface with SuperSeal only. Do not use Universal Mold Release. Universal Mold Release also easily releases a variety of casting materials (epoxies, Smooth-On liquid plastics, etc.) from cured rubber molds. This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. Properly used, Universal Mold Release improves molding efficiency for a variety of casting applications and will actually lengthen the life of your production mold. Adult Su...

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Smooth
    • ASIN: B004BNHLOK
    • UPC: 751635700109

  • NIUPIKA Carving Wax Ring Tube for Making Rings Mold Hard Wax Blank Large Flat Side Tube Blue Color (T-100)

    NIUPIKA Carving Wax Ring Tube for Making Rings Mold Hard Wax Blank Large Flat Side Tube Blue Color

    • Brand: NIUPIKA
    • ASIN: B073J377HY


    PHYSICAL PROPERTIES - Color: Blue - Melting Point: 174ºF - Injection Temperature: 155ºF - 68°C - Flexibility: High - Memory: High - Pattern Shelf Life: High - Flash Point: 465ºF - Congealing Point: 143ºF - Hardness: (Shore D) 30 - Specific Gravity: 0.94 - Ash Content: .003% Packaged in 1Lb Plastic Sealed Bag- SALE IS FOR 1 POUND Item is New, Never Used, Plastic Sealed Bag. NOVEL TOOLS

    • Color: Blue
    • ASIN: B0155JVHXE
    • UPC: 028841193026

  • Carving Wax Ring Tube, Large Flat Side Tube, Blue | WAX-321.30

    Carvable blue, medium-hard, wax in ring tube forms are easy to cut for creating and designing rings. Tube is 6" long with a 5/8" diameter shank allowing for many rings to be cut from each tube. Large Flat Side Tube, Blue.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: EuroTool
    • ASIN: B0058EDV68
    • UPC: 654207218364

  • JACQUARD/R G S Micro Crystaline 1lb Jacquard Wax Products,Off-White

    This synthetic wax comes in one pound blocks. It can be used alone or mixed with paraffin for batik. Also used in encaustic painting as a substitute for the encaustic medium Melting temperature is 175� F.

    • Color: Off-White
    • Brand: JACQUARD/R G S
    • ASIN: B003I7W2VW
    • UPC: 798804604592

  • Freeman Casting Sheet Wax, 20 Gauge, Box Of 12 Sheets | WAX-340.20

    Smooth, flexible and transparent, these thin wax sheets allow easy tracing, design and molding of free form shapes. Melts at 177 degrees Fahrenheit/81 degrees Celsius. Each box contains 12 sheets measuring 6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm).

    • Brand: EuroTool
    • ASIN: B005I4U86O
    • UPC: 654207218845

  • Casting Wax Wire Assortment

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pliable blue wax wires can be twisted or bent to desired patterns. The assortment contains gauges 6,8, 12, and 14 half-round; gauges 10, 14, and 18round; and gauge 6 half-pear shapes. All pieces are approximately 4" long. Melt temperature: 167°F (75°C). PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS .- ROUND: Gauges 10,14,18 .- HALF ROUND: Gauges 6, 8, 12, 14 .- HALF PEAR : Gauge 6 .- Dimensions: 4"L .- Melt temperature: 167°F (75°C) .- Form: Wire Shapes

    • Brand: Grobet
    • ASIN: B00FUKDF1Q

  • 2-1/2" 60 mm Rubber Sprue Base Jewelry Lost Wax Casting Flask Ring Tree C Style

    Leak-proof, and will fit both regular and perforated flasks. Great for Centrifugal casting and vacuum lost wax casting processes; made from natural rubber materials, and holds 5/16" - 3/8" tree tightly into place. Please contact us with any questions. We always combine and reduce shipping costs on multiple orders. Please visit our store for other great refining and jewelry tooling items such as; Melting Furnaces, Safety Gear, Crucibles, Molds, Stamps, Tongs, Borax and Much Much More! Thanks for Looking!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PMC Supplies LLC
    • ASIN: B00FBRO75Q