• Neiko 40420L Tooluxe Cordless Soldering Iron

    This cordless soldering iron provides you with the soldering ability of a 15 watt soldering iron without the restrictions of having to be tied down by the cords. Instantly reaching 365 Fahrenheit and with a maximum temperature of 1050 Fahrenheit, this soldering iron only uses 4 AA batteries so it produces a lot of heat with little power.

    • Brand: FindingKing
    • ASIN: B002GQCYUK
    • UPC: 837013404200

  • Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

    The HAKKO FX-901 is a lightweight, portable, battery-operated soldering iron. Powered by four AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, the FX-901 will operate above 600°F for up to 120 continuous minutes. No other battery-operated soldering iron can deliver so much power for so many continuous minutes. Other cordless soldering tools on the market spark, which can damage sensitive electronic components, and butane can ignite flammable vapors, causing serious injury. But the FX-901 is safe. No spark and no flame. The FX-901 is the perfect tool for electricians, field service technicians, maintenance personnel, hobbyists, artists and home owners. Use it to solder electrical wiring, repair appliances, alarm systems, RC cars and jewelry, nearly anything that needs soldering where electricity is out of easy reach or unavailable.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Hakko
    • ASIN: B00FZPUA28
    • UPC: 641328045924

  • Anbes Soldering Iron Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool,Digital Multimeter,2pcs Soldering Iron Tips,Desoldering Pump,Wire Stripper Cutter,Tweezers,Soldering Iron Stand,2pcs Electronic Wire

    Anbes Soldering Iron Kit design for various uses,from home DIY,electrical repairs jobs and other soldering project. The soldering iron kit has a wide range of uses around home and work. Upgrade Version: ①Adding an ON/OFF switch,you can turn the soldering iron on or off.More safer and ease. ②The Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter.Large LCD to read data. ③8-in-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver,multiples tips for your solder,keep it inside the pocket. Specification: Work Voltage: 110V Power: 60W Temp Rang: 200℃ - 450 ℃ Soldering Tips Material: Pure copper Tweezer: ESD-15, ength 4.7inches Soldering Iron Stand: Steel Tips Model: 900M series Desoldering Pump: Plastic and aluminum alloy Solder Wire: 60%Sn-40%Pb Carry Bag: PU leather Package Included: ★Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch x 1 ★Soldering Iron Tips x 2 ★Digital Multimeter x 1 ★Desoldering Pump x 1 ★Anti-Static Tweezers x 1 ★Screwdrivers x 1 ★Soldering Iron Stand x 1 ★Wire Stripper Cutter x 1 ★22awg Electronic Wire x 2 ★Solder Wire x 1 ★Test Leads x 1 ★PU Carry Bag x 1 Warm Tips: 1.Remove the multimeter back cover, insert the AAA battery(Battery not included). 2.Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries. 3.The iron ...

    • Color: Dl-Iron-3
    • Brand: ANBES
    • ASIN: B073VDX4B7
    • UPC: 612677965119

  • Sywon Full Set 60W 110V Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron, 5pcs Tips, Desoldering Pump, 2pcs Tweezers, Tin Wire Tube, Stand and 6pcs Aid Tools in PU Carry Bag

    Sywon Electric Full-set Soldering Iron kit can surely satisfy your de-soldering and soldering needs around the house. With its various extras, you can easily deal with PCB projects, solder loose wires and circuits of small gauge, LED lights of various kinds and intricate pieces of computers, replace TV capacitors or accessories, and work on small parts for RC cars, micro drones or any other trinkets. The PU leather carrying bag makes it handy for transporting all the units together, an amazing gift for your friends or family members who are hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners. Package Specification: 1 x Soldering Iron: Tempature adjustable from 200℃ to 450℃ (392℉ to 842℉ ); 60W 110V. 5 x Extra Solering Tips: General 900M series 2 x Tweezers: ESD-10 , ESD-15 1 x Solder sucker: 7.36 inches (L) x 0.75 inches (Dia.); Aluminum and plastic 1 x Tin wire tube: 60/40 0.031 0.50 oz. 1 x Soldering holder with cleaning sponge 1 x Carrying bag: PU leather 6pcs double-sided solder assist tool can satisfy 12 different usage: Around 6.6 inches in length; Treated steel (tips), and plastic (handle); including the following: 1 x Solder assist screwdriver: clear unnecessary circuits on PCB 1 x Solder assist fork: the components of pins and connecting line 1 x Solder assist sque...

    • Color: With 6 Aid Tools
    • Brand: Sywon
    • ASIN: B01E1ISGH0
    • UPC: 798154133506

  • Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, 21-in-1, 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron, 5pcs Soldering Iron Tips, Soldering Iron Stand, Desoldering Pump, Magnifier, Solder Wire, Tweezer, PU Carry Bag

    Why do you choose us:This set of tools is complete,you don't need to buy the other accessories from the amazon store.PU carry bag is very convenient to store small tools and easy to carry,you can take it anywhere for repair or DIY.Specification:Work Voltage: 110VPower: 60WTemp Rang: 200℃ - 450 ℃TweezerSoldering Iron Stand: SteelDesoldering Pump: Plastic and aluminum alloyCarry Bag: PU leatherPackage Included:1 x Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch x 11 x Mini Digital Multimeter5 x Soldering Iron Tips 1 x Desoldering Pump 2 x Anti-Static Tweezers 1 x Screwdrivers 1 x Soldering Iron Stand1 x Wire Stripper Cutter 1 x Electronic Wire 1 x Solder Wire 1 x Blade(Random Color)1 x Rosin1 x PU Carry Bag How to solder: Clean the parts to be joined.Please wet the sponge before using. Clean soldering iron tip and ""tin"" all faces of tip with a coating of solder. When the temperature is high enough, put the solder wire close to the joint, the solder will melt and flow freely. Don't pull the soldering iron tip outward and use it in that way, which will shorten the heating element life.Warm Tips:Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries,You'd better keep it somewhere kids can't reach.The iron heats up fast,so please se...

    • Color: F
    • Brand: handskit
    • ASIN: B06XFT1TPJ
    • UPC: 602463120617

  • Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit, Adjustable Temperature with 5pcs Different Tips, Desoldering Pump, Stand, anti-static Tweezers and Additional Solder Tube for Variously Repaired Usage

    The Vastar soldering iron that is made of iron plated tip and stainless steel, ensures the quality of the products and the properties of the stability and reliability. Adjustable temperature controlled soldering irons: 200-450 degrees centigrade, there is an special thermostat circuit to control the temperature and you can adjust the temperature according to your need by the knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Iron . Beyond that, we specially provide you 5 soldering iron tips in order to meet different soldering jobs.You don't need a soldering station, just plug and it will work. Specification: Soldering Iron Length: 7.0 In Cable Length: 59.0 In Working Voltage: 110V Power: 60W How to solder: 1. Clean the parts to be joined. 2. Clean soldering iron tip and ""tin"" all faces of tip with a coating of solder. 3. Heat parts ,not solder, to be joined. 4. Apply flux-core solder to heated parts, not the soldering tip, and heat it till solder melts and flows freely. Package Included: 1 x Temperature Adjust Soldering Iron 5 x Soldering Iron Tips 1 x soldering stand 1 x Pocket Pack Solder 60/40 0.031 0.71 oz. Tube 1 x Anti-static Tweezers 1 x Desoldering Pump Cautions: 1. When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there will come out a smoke from the tip end. The smoke ...

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Vastar
    • ASIN: B01712N5C4
    • UPC: 714953980936

  • RadioShack® Tip for Cold-Heat Soldering Tool

    tip for cold-heat soldering iron

    • Brand: Radioshack
    • ASIN: B00L824A78
    • UPC: 040293013691

  • Tekpower TP-09 Cordless Soldering Iron, Battery Powered Solder Iron with Spot Light

    Tekpower Cordless Soldering Iron is Powered by 3 AA Batteries,with a bright LED as flashlight on the top of the Soldering Iron. It heats very fast and instant reach 365°F available for use. Maximum temperature goes to 842°F. Ergonomic design for hand to use from different angels , fit into big or small hands with a light weight. Size: 1"X2"X8" Weight:2.4 Ounce without battery It comes with Protective Cover and Steel Stand support

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Tekpower
    • ASIN: B00YWO3R0K


    Cold Heat Soldering Tip Chisel

    • Brand: Weller
    • ASIN: B000EMDFOC
    • UPC: 037103212207

  • Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Iron with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    Solder on the go. The new Weller BL60MP is a high performance cordless soldering iron with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It can stay on for up to 45 minutes, or produce 1, 100 soldering joints on one charge. The ergonomic handle is a joy to hold. An industry first, the integrated LED helps Zero in on the smallest of solder joints. And, it can capably execute on a diverse array of medium-duty applications at home and on the road.

    • Brand: Weller
    • ASIN: B00UM69TW2
    • UPC: 037103289476

  • Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 15-in-1, 60W Soldering Iron with Adjustable Temperature, Soldering Gun,5pcs Soldering Iron Tips,Solder,Desoldering Pump,Tweezer,Soldering Stand,Tool Case

    Tabiger welding soldering iron kit can surely meet all your de-soldering and soldering needs around the house. Why do you choose our soldering iron kit?*1. The PU leather carrying bag can holds all the soldering kits and even some extra parts you have! An amazing gift for your friends or family members who are hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts or soldering beginners.*2. The upgraded heat-insulation material and steel-pipe design will protect the soldering iron tips from being melted due to long time overheat. *3. There are 6 different soldering iron tips to match your soldering needs. You can choose the most suitable soldering iron tips.*4. The pocket rosin core solder comes with the soldering iron kit. The melting point of solder wire is 361℉/183℃. The solder flows good. It makes your soldering procedure easier and accomplish quickly. Note:*1. When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there will come out a smoke from the tip end. The smoke will stop in a short while and a smoke would never come out again.*2. The soldering iron stand gives you the PROTECTION from those nasty accidents, Protection from burnt fingers and protection from causing a fire by simply placing the solder iron on the stand when you need a break.*3. For prolonging service life, please switch to ...

    • Color: 15-in-1
    • Brand: Tabiger
    • ASIN: B074W3W55T

  • Portasol 010389010 Heat Tool Kit

    From the very beginning quality has been the cornerstone of our philosophy; the extra reliability and durability of our Tools is what we describe as the 'Portasol Advantage'. All Portasol gas powered tools are made with DuPont engineered plastics that are tested for compatibility with butane. This prevents deterioration and increases the durability and life of the tool. Portasol products feature Ultrasonically welded gas tanks which also extends the life of our tools by preventing gas leaking on exposure to impact, UV light and hot/cold temperatures. All Portasol soldering irons are tested for 2 weeks before final set to ensure reliable ignition and adjustable temperature control. Our products are made in Ireland and are proudly stamped Déanta in Eirinn

    • Color: Red/Black
    • Brand: Portasol
    • ASIN: B003H6PBJY
    • UPC: 857391002041

  • Cold Heat Soldering Tool

    Cold Heat. Comes with one extra tip.

    • ASIN: B0006A3EN4


    Cold Heat Soldering Tip Bevel

    • Brand: Weller
    • ASIN: B000EM98L6
    • UPC: 037103212221

  • Soldering Iron Kit Electronics, Yome 19-in-1 60w Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch, Digital Multimeter, 5pcs Soldering Iron Tips, Desoldering Pump, screwdriver, Tweezers, Stand

    Yome soldering iron kit is suitable for beginners, easy to use. If you like DIY or need to repair small parts, Yome soldering iron will do the job for you and is your best choice.If you are not sure whether Yome soldering iron can meet your requirements, you may also rest assured to buy it, because Yome offer a lifetime warranty, return, and refund policy to our customers forever.If you are dissatisfied with the purchase of Yome soldering iron, you can refund it at any time, which is no loss to you.Note:When measuring battery voltage, the range switch must be turned to DC 20V (top left corner). Please note that 1.5V and 9V (top right corner) is used to test current of corresponding battery. Package Included:Adjustable Temperature Welding Iron with ON/OFF Switch x 1desoldering pump x 1soldering tips x 5tin wire tube x 1soldering iron stand x 1tweezers x1wire stripper cutter x 1electronic wire x 2multimeter x 1multimeter pens x 2battery x 1screwdriver x 1PU carry bag x1 Warm Tips:1.Remove the multimeter back cover, insert the AAA battery(Battery included).2.Please be really careful when you are using the tools in avoidance of pricks or other injuries.3.The iron heats up fast, so please select a suitable temperature. Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life.4...

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Yome
    • ASIN: B07H9RLBR1
    • UPC: 696177812548

  • Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Butane Soldering Iron Kit

    The New Portasol⮠Cordless Soldering Tool From Weller⮠Gives You The Ultimate In Portable Power And Convenience For All Your Soldering Jobs. Slide The Fuel Button Forward, Press The Piezo Switch, And The Tool'S Super-Fast Heat-Up Lets You Melt Solder In Under A Minute. The Portasol⮠Cordless Soldering Tool Is Powerful Too, Adjusting From The Equivalent Of 25 To 75 Watts For Temperatures Up To 850°F. Refueled With Standard Butane In Just 20 Seconds, The Portasol⮠P2C Lasts For Up To An Hour Of Continuous Use. Kit Includes Tool With Five Tips (Ppt6 3/32" Double Flat Soldering Tip, Ppt12 Flame Tip, Ppt10 Hot Knife Tip, Ppt9 Hot Air Tip, And Ppt11 Hot Air Deflector Tip), Sponge And Tray, Tool Holder, Storage Case, And Instructions. Mfg. #P2Kc. Replacement Tips Available.

    • Brand: Weller
    • ASIN: B000WOHSHM
    • UPC: 696738588141

  • Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch

    The Dremel versatip is the ideal soldering device for people engaged in creative and detailed projects that require much precision and versatility. Fueled by butane, versatip offers cordless convenience combined with portability. The versatip comes in a 14-Piece kit that offers 7-IN-1 capability, including soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking, pyrography and paint removal.

    • Brand: Dremel
    • ASIN: B00MJW08JK
    • UPC: 080596038694

  • Sywon 60W ESD Soldering Iron Station Kit with ON-OFF Switch Temperature Adjustable, Large Soldering Stand Holder, 5 Extra Tips and 104 Inch Power Cord

    This Sywon K601 soldering iron kit is a smart tool for PCB projects, solder loose wires and circuits of small gauge, repair jewelry, junction box, LED lights of various kinds and intricate pieces of computers, replace TV capacitors or accessories, and work on small parts for RC cars, micro drones or any other trinkets. ESD SAFE Soldering Iron ESD design not only suits for home repairs and DIY wire soldering, but also protects circuit boards from statics. 104 Inch Long Power Cord in Total The 44 inches silicone cord is very anti-abrasive and flexible, even in cold winter. Total 104 inch power cord makes the welding work accessible to desktops, even vehicles, junction boxes, and LED lampions on wall or tree. Temperature Control Module with ON-OFF Switch The hand-held module features ON-OFF switch, temp adjusting knob and LED indicator. With this convenient module, you can handle different soldering work easily. The temperature range is 200°C ~ 480°C / 392°F ~ 896°F. Soldering Iron Holder and 5 Extra Soldering Tips Strictly standard Soldering Iron Holder with cleaning sponge for pencil style soldering irons, NOT a mini toy; 5.9L X 2.9W X 3.2H inches. Total 6 high quality soldering iron tips heat up and cool down very quickly. Specifications ESD SAFE Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz - NO...

    • Brand: Sywon
    • ASIN: B01N4571Q6

  • Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit with 7 Tips

    • Color: Gray/Orange
    • Brand: Portasol
    • ASIN: B003H6NN2Q
    • UPC: 782386201690

  • POWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit (PPSK) [Automotive Diagnostic Car Test Tool, Easy Start Electronic Ignition, Adjustable Flame, with Multiple Tips]

    Power Probe Butane Soldering Kit includes the following features and benefits: features an electronic ignition and flame adjustment from 1/2 to 2-1/2. It is easily refillable with butane and will last up to 2 hours between refills. It has a maximum temperature of 2500 Fahrenheit when used as a torch. It has a maximum temperature of 950 Fahrenheit when used as a soldering tool. It has a 120 watt 500 BTU kit that includes a soldering tool, 3 soldering tips, 1 injection tip, 1 hot knife, 1 heat shield and 1 tube of solder.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Power Probe
    • ASIN: B001DIE9BO
    • UPC: 522536750315