• Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Man or Monster? (Epic Collection: Incredible Hulk)

    Dr. Robert Bruce Banner may look like a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion, he became the unstoppable engine of destruction known as the Hulk! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's atomic update on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde paradigm mixed the might of giant monsters with Cold War intrigue and added a heavy dose of psychological drama. Decades later, it's a formula that still has readers clamoring for more! COLLECTING: VOL. 1; INCREDIBLE HULK (1962) 1-6; FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) 12, 25-26; AVENGERS (1963) 1-3, 5; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 14; TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) 59; JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) 112

    • Brand: Marvel Enterprises
    • ASIN: 0785196005

  • Hulk: Planet Hulk Omnibus (Incredible Hulk)

    The strongest one there is, in his most savage story ever! After a brutal battle between the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, Earth's greatest heroes decide that for the good of all - they must shoot the Hulk into space! But when he lands on the savage world of Sakaar, an epic for the ages begins. This one has it all: Strange alien planet! Oppressed barbarian tribes! Corrupt emperor! Deadly woman warrior! Gladiators and slaves! Battle-axes and hand blasters! Monsters and champions...and the Incredible Hulk! Let the smashing commence! Plus an alternate "What If?" take, a guidebook to Sakaar and the Totally Awesome debut of Amadeus Cho! COLLECTING: FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) 533-535, INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) 88-105, GIANT-SIZE HULK (2006) 1, WHAT IF? PLANET HULK, PLANET HULK: GLADIATOR GUIDEBOOK, MATERIAL FROM NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006), AMAZING FANTASY (2004) 15

    • ASIN: 1302907697

  • Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk

    When the Illuminati decide that the Hulk is too dangerous to stay on Earth and trick him into exile in outer space, his spaceship accidentally veers off course and the Hulk ends up on the dangerous planet of Sakaar.

    • Brand: Marvel Comics Group
    • ASIN: 0785120122

  • Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Volume 1 (New Printing)

    Dr. Robert Bruce Banner may have the appearance of a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion, he became the unstoppable engine of destruction known as the Incredible Hulk! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's atomic update on the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde paradigm mixed the joy of giant monsters with Cold War intrigue, and added a heavy dose of psychological drama to create a formula that decades later still has readers clamoring for more! So find out how it all began in the Hulk's original six-issue series. COLLECTING: Hulk 1-6

    • ASIN: 0785191305

  • Hulk: World War Hulk Omnibus

    Hulk versus the world, in an epic story of anger unbound! Exiled by his so-called friends, the Hulk has raged, bled and conquered on the alien planet Sakaar. Now, he returns to Earth to wreak terrible vengeance on Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt -and anyone else who gets in the way! Madder than ever, stronger than ever, and accompanied by his monstrous Warbound allies, this time the Hulk may just tear this stupid planet in half! COLLECTING: WORLD WAR HULK PROLOGUE: WORLD BREAKER, WORLD WAR HULK 1-5, INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) 106-111, IRON MAN (2005) 19-20, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE 4-5, IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN 10, WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN 1-3, GHOST RIDER (2006) 12-13, HEROES FOR HIRE (2006) 11-15, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (2007) 12, WORLD WAR HULK: GAMMA CORPS 1-4, WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE 1-6, WORLD WAR HULK: AFTERSMASH ONE-SHOT, WWH AFTERSMASH: DAMAGE CONTROL 1-3, WWH AFTERSMASH: WARBOUND 1-5, PLANET HULK SAGA

    • ASIN: 130290812X

  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: The Hulk Must Die

    Marvel's green goliath is pulling no punches! After the cancellation of his debut series, the incredible Hulk returns in Tales to Astonish...and he means business! Dr. Robert Bruce Banner's alter ego battles General "Thunderbolt" Ross, the Leader and his Humanoids, the Executioner, and more communists than you can shake a tank at. And if that's not enough, round two pits the Hulk against Hercules, introduces classic villain the Abomination, dives into the intrigue of the Secret Empire, and goes cosmic with the Silver Surfer and the High Evolutionary! Featuring stories by Stan Lee and art by a who's who of Marvel greats - Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Bill Everett and John Buscema - these are the tales that made the Incredible Hulk a global icon! COLLECTING: VOL. 2: TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) 60-96; MATERIAL FROM NOT BRAND ECHH (1967) 3

    • ASIN: 1302904450

  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Ghosts of the Future

    Return of the Maestro?! Major Matt Talbot, nephew of the Hulk's old foe Glenn, has set his sights on capturing the jade giant - and with Hulkbusters and the Ringmaster on his side, he might just succeed! Meanwhile, a terror group called the Alliance has pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. But if the Leader's machinations are behind the Alliance's carnage, then why is the Hulk claiming credit...and why does he look like the Maestro? That's what Thor wants to know! As She-Hulk and Doc Samson take center stage, Janis Jones arrives from the future - but when Onslaught does the impossible and physically separates Bruce Banner from the Incredible Hulk, everything will change for the green goliath! COLLECTING: INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) 436-448, SAVAGE HULK (1996) 1, CUTTING EDGE 1, CABLE (1993) 34, ONSLAUGHT: MARVEL UNIVERSE

    • ASIN: 1302916262

  • Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection

    When Jason Aaron takes on the Hulk, the results are incredible! Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter ego are together no more! They have become separate beings - and the Hulk is assigned to take Banner down! But the brilliant scientist sure won't give up without a fight. As the Hulk makes an alliance that changes his destiny forever, Banner unleashes his army of gamma-fueled monsters! It's the fight everyone's been waiting for: Hulk vs. Banner! But when the dust settles, why must the Hulk stay angry? Whatever the reason, he's picking fi ghts against drug cartels, sea monsters, Russian Super-Soldiers and a lost city of Sasquatches -oh, and the Punisher, Kraven the Hunter, Wolverine and the Thing! Are Hulk and Banner destined for a date with Doom? COLLECTING: INCREDIBLE HULK (2011) 1-7, 7.1, 8-15; MATERIAL FROM FEAR ITSELF 7

    • ASIN: 1302907921

  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: In The Hands Of Hydra

    It's time to Hulk-out! We begin with bare-fisted battles against the Sub-Mariner, the Inhumans and the bizarre swamp beast, the Glob! Then, the Hulk and the Thing go mano-a-mano. With Reed Richards' help, the man inside the monster is freed, allowing Bruce Banner to step up to the wedding altar with Betty Ross. But when the Leader and the Rhino return, happily ever after is the last thing they have in mind. There's also an earth-shaking battle between the Hulk and the Avengers; the Absorbing Man; a team-up with Dr. Strange; the unbelievable separation of Banner and the Hulk into separate beings; and the hordes of Hydra. This Hulk-sized Epic Collection will leave you feeling green and loving it!Collecting: Incredible Hulk (1968) 118-137, Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 16

    • ASIN: 1302915584

  • Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 13

    Bruce Banner's in the big city and New Yorkers are earning their reputation for not being the friendliest bunch. The Quintronic Man, the Constrictor and Jack of Hearts all have it out for Banner and that means the Hulk's gonna take a gamma-green bite out of the Big Apple. Then, Hulk heads upstate -- straight up -- to the S.H.I.E.L.D.Helicarrier to battle the Bi-Beast. Both brutes are presumed dead in the aftermath, which means ... some peace for Hulk? Not really, because no man is an island. When Hulk washes up ashore, trouble comes to him in writer Roger Stern's debut. Also featuring monster and mystic team-ups with Doctor Strange and Doctor Druid, and a classic Jim Starlin tale -- all in the completion of writer Len Wein's legendary run!Collecting: INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #210-222 & INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL #6Written by Len Wein with Roger Stern, Jim Starlin & David Anthony KraftPencils by Sal Buscema with George Tuska, Keith Pollard, Jim Starlin & Herb TrimpeCover by Ernie Chan

    • ASIN: 1302919261