• FloraCraft DNA2009/15 Styrofoam Kits, DNA Model Kit, Pre-Painted

    DNA is essentially a very large molecule that contains the blueprints for life. Building this pre-painted DNA model will help you understand the basic structure of this amazing molecule! Kit includes twenty 1" Styrofoam balls, twenty 1-1/2" Styrofoam balls, ten 2-1/2" rods, ten 2" rods, ten 3" chenille stems two 45" chenille stems, 14-1/2" reinforcement wire 4x 5" display stand and complete instructions. Children should check with their Teachers to verify that the colors in this kit are acceptable. Certified Lead Free. Recommended for children ages 14 and up. WARNING: Choking Hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Made in USA.

    • Color: Painted
    • Brand: FloraCraft
    • ASIN: B00265IGQM
    • UPC: 046501054180

  • Molymod miniDNA (AMDNA06022) DNA model 22 Base Pair Layer Kit

    22 layer, 2 turn model of the DNA double helix featuring the major and minor grooves. Comprising color coded abstract shaped parts designed to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentagonal sugar and pyramidal phosphate components needed to make a DNA double helix. 44 bases of 11 Thymine, 11 Adenine, 11 Guanine, 11 Cytosine. 44 Deoxyribose and 44 Phosphate side chain parts. I model support rod, spacers and bse.

    • Brand: Molymod
    • ASIN: B00601V7BY
    • UPC: 884413610229

  • Molymod miniDNA (AMDNA06012) DNA Model 12 Base Pair Layer Kit

    12 layer, 1 turn model of the DNA double helix featuring the major and minor grooves. Comprising color coded abstract shaped parts designed to represent the nitrogenous bases, pentagonal sugar and pyramidal phosphate components needed to make a DNA double helix. 24 bases of 6 Thymine, 6 Adenine, 6 Guanine, 6 Cytosine. 24 Deoxyribose and 24 Phosphate side chain parts. 1 model support rod, spacers and base.

    • Brand: Molymod
    • ASIN: B00601N56O
    • UPC: 884413610120

  • Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set, Brain, Body, Heart, Skeleton, Grades 3+/Ages 5+

    Give kids a deeper understanding of how organs and internal systems interact by allowing them manipulate the inner workings of the human body. Perfect for human body centers. Each realistically detailed miniature plastic model includes a stand, fact guide, and photo-illustrated assembly instructions. Includes the Heart, Brain, Human Body and Skeleton Anatomy sets. Grades 3+

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Learning Resources
    • ASIN: B0012WF7LW
    • UPC: 765023033380

  • HMANE DNA Models Double Helix Model Components Science Educational Teaching Instrument Toy

    Specifications:.Color: As Shown.Material: Plastic.Product Size: 33*11.6*11.6cm.Product Weight: 65gPackage Content:.1 x Structure Column.1 x Base.1 x Sill Pillar.1 x Structural Slab.1 x Upper Cover

    • Color: As Shown
    • Brand: HMANE
    • ASIN: B07F3VMYGH
    • UPC: 192126932409

  • Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Modeling Software and User Guide - Organic, Inorganic Chemistry Set for Building Molecules - Dalton Labs 200 Pcs Advanced Chem Biochemistry Student Edition

    Welcome to the world of DaltonLABS! A world of fun and creative visual education! This Molecular Model Kit has a total of 200 pieces including a link remover. Super easy to build models for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, models such as: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alky halides, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, nitriles, amines, esters, aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, and more. All parts are made of durable and sturdy plastic which are color coded to national standards. This is a great set for both students and teachers to aid in course studies! What's in the box? C - black (16) H - white (30) O - red (15) N - blue (2) (3 holes) N - blue (2) (4 holes) S - yellow (2) P - brown (1) (4 holes) P - brown (1) (5 holes) F - orange (2) Cl - green (8) Br - navy-blue (2) I - purple (2) Single bond (space filling) - white (42) Single bond (open model) - baby-blue (52) Double and Triple bond - grey (22) Link remover - cream (1) DaltonLABS is a proud USA family-owned business with a passion for learning! DaltonLABS uses only the highest quality materials for our products. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, 100% guaranteed or your money back! Join the DaltonLABS World today! Add to Cart!

    • Brand: Dalton Labs
    • ASIN: B015MUTH3S
    • UPC: 636160908513

  • Molecular Models MMM-DNA1000 10 Base Pair DNA Molecular Model Kit

    Kit contents 113 carbon tetrahedral (9mm, black), 95 carbon trigonal (9mm, black), 50 nitrogen trigonal (9mm, blue), 20 nitrogen divalent (9mm, blue), 71 oxygen divalent (9mm, red), 8 oxygen monovalent (9mm, red), 36 oxygen monobond (9mm, red), 25 hydrogen linear (9mm, white), 196 hydrogen monobond (9mm, white), 18 phosphorus tetrahedral (9mm, purple), 120 clear 20mm bond, 380 grey 20mm bond, 25 clear 30mm bond, 25 grey 30mm bond, 1 partially assembled fixed round stand, 1 online easy to follow assembly instructions. High quality DNA model kit standing at 2 feet tall on a fixed wood base. This DNA kit can be easily assembled and disassembled repeatedly in labs and lecture halls. Atomic 10 Base Pair DNA Molecular Model Kit (complete assembly required) for the Lecture Hall, Lab or Lobby. Comes with all the components to make this highly detailed model only from Molecular Models Company. This kit contains the components to build 5 GC and 5 AT base pairs. Easily identify major groves, base pairs and other important features with this B DNA double helix. Comes with detailed instructions for easy molecule assembly.

    • Brand: Molecular Models Company
    • ASIN: B008S03Z1A

  • Thames & Kosmos Biology Genetics and DNA

    Head into the lab for an in-depth investigation of genetics, the branch of biology focused on Heredity and variation in organisms, and DNA, The acid that holds the blueprints for life. See genetic material with your own eyes as you isolate the DNA from a tomato in a test tube. Investigate inheritance and learn how traits are passed down from parents to children. Learn about dominant and recessive genes and play inheritance games to determine how traits will be expressed. Learn about the biology of reproduction, The components of cells, and how chromosomes are combined and copied. Assemble a model to see the elegant double-stranded Helical structure of DNA. Then crack The genetic code and find out how the different parts, called nucleotides, fit together. Analyze DNA evidence to identify suspects and solve a crime. Breed your own Bacteria colony to experiment with survival of the fittest. Read about how mutation affects genes and how scientists Clone plants and animals. Full-color, 48-page manual.

    • Color: Multi
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • ASIN: B001ALT6BC
    • UPC: 857853001759

  • Zometool - DNA Kit

    More than just a pretty molecule, DNA contains all the information needed to create life. Now you can construct the molecule that's responsible for constructing you! Learn more about the thread that ties all living creatures together across the millennia.

    • Brand: Zometool
    • ASIN: B001IDLHOG
    • UPC: 709743200523

  • Discovery Kids DNA Model Kit

    Create your own DNA strain with different colors of pieces to represent the different nucleotides. Includes DNA strand model, measuring cup, mixing stick, re-sealable bag, two plastic cups, coffee filter, poster and instructions. Recommended for ages 8 years and up

    • Brand: Discovery
    • ASIN: B01LYH8ADD
    • UPC: 765940700624

  • Molecular Models 14-DNA2700C 17 Base Pair DNA Model Kit, Completely Assembled

    The Molecular Models 14-DNA2700C 17 Base Pair DNA Model Kit is completely assembled, has a rotating base, and stands 3' high. This molecular model of a double helix with 17 base pairs is used in educational settings to teach about DNA. It represents the molecular structure of eight thymine-adenine and nine cytosine-guanine base pairs. Its rotating base provides stability and visibility during classroom demonstrations. The atom parts and links are made from durable plastic and easy to identify by standard color-coding.. Atom parts measure 17mm to 23mm and represent carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. It comes with an acorn nut, two washers, 16 painted spacers, a stand, a link removal tool, a short bond push tool, and instructions.Science education products incorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use science education kits and products alongside science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum to demonstrate STEM concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities. Science education projects include a broad range of activities, such as practical experiments in engineering, aeronautics, robotics, energy, chemistry, physics, biology, a...

    • Brand: Molecular Models Company
    • ASIN: B008S03XSU

  • ScienceWiz DNA Experiment Kit

    Dive into the world of DNA! the central concepts of molecular biology become child's play with this set of favorite experiments in the ScienceWiz DNA kit. Extract DNA from a fruit, probe and Spool real DNA, build a double Helix, solve a chromosome puzzle, ask is it a boy or a girl?, do Gene analysis, extract your own DNA and make forgery proof DNA ink - all in with one kit. Wow! step-by-step, highly visual instructions lead a child successfully through each of the 18 activities. The full color illustrations present central scientific concepts which allow children to discover the "why" as well as the "how" of these great projects. Bring the fun and learning further by utilizing the animations that compliment the book on the ScienceWiz website to deepen and extend comprehension. The award winning ScienceWiz line got its start in 1995 when we released our first title ScienceWiz electricity. Our line of science kits stemmed from Dr. Penny Norman's volunteer work teaching science in her children's elementary schools and her ScienceWiz after school and summer programs. With initial development supported by grants from the National science foundation and the Franklin foundation, each of our kits is created with the goal of teaching fundamental scientific concepts to children through han...

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: ScienceWiz
    • ASIN: B001DTD0H2
    • UPC: 692000196137

  • Hygloss Science Build a Model of a DNA Molecule-STEM Kits for Classroom, 1 Set

    These science kits allow kids to be creative while learning about the structure of DNA molecules. Packaged in an attractive sturdy clear cylinder, the DNA kit includes everything you need to create your own model of DNA: 40 Styrofoam balls, 20 rods, 12 Chenille stems, 1 reinforcement wire and a display stand. It is fun to put together, whether as a class, in small groups, or individually. The Styrofoam balls easily accept acrylic paint or acrylic enamel paint (not included), which will help identify the various components of the DNA molecule. Easy to follow instructions are included. A great resource for teachers who are looking upgrade their science lesson to interactive and hands-on.

    • Brand: Hygloss
    • ASIN: B00QFW6HTK
    • UPC: 081187599037

  • Lab-Aids Molecular Model of DNA and Its Replication Kit 71

    This kit offers a basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA using simple components. Twelve eight-rung models can be constructed with each kit. Or, attach individual models together to form a giant double helix model that will be more than nine feet long. Features of exclusive Lab-aids components include double nitrogen pyrimidine bases constructed proportionately larger in diameter than the single nitrogen purine bases, a unique hydrogen bond, and "realistic" pentagonal deoxyribose sugar. Kit includes Teacher’s guide (1), student worksheets and guides (36), packets of color-coded model components containing (12), deoxyribose sugar groups (16), phosphate groups (16), hydrogen bonds (8), adenine (A) purine bases (4), guanine (G) purine bases (4), cytosine (C) pyrimidine bases (4), thymine (T) pyrimidine bases (4).

    • Brand: Lab-Aids
    • ASIN: B0081TPTNU
    • UPC: 696735999520

  • DNA Helix Crystal Statue (6 Inches in Height)

    Our DNA crystal Statue is made from pure crystal and features the spiraling helix rising. It is approximately 6 inches in height and 2 inches in width. It is the ultimate desk ornament for your favorite scientist. Simply beautiful. Orders ship out within 24 hours of payment.

    • Brand: Anatomology
    • ASIN: B00H58FN8Y
    • UPC: 700153522762

  • 3B Scientific W19801 DNA RNA Model, 50cm Height

    The 3B Scientific W19801 DNA-RNA stationary model includes interlocking parts and a wooden stand. This model demonstrates the structure of DNA and RNA molecules. Interlocking pieces connect to form the double helix shape and show how molecules split at the center of the base pairs. A variety of tubes and spheres represent guanine (red tubes), cytosine (green tubes), thymine (blue tubes), adenine (gray tubes), uracil (white tubes), sugar, hydrogen, and phosphate. White two-prong atom parts represent hydrogen bonds between the base pairs. Black trigonal atom parts represent sugar. Red two-prong atom parts represent phosphate groups. Yellow tubes link phosphate groups to sugar rings. The model includes a wooden base and support rod. The completed model measures 50cm high. DNA and RNA models are commonly used in classrooms and educational settings to teach biology and genetics.Science education products incorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use science education kits and products alongside science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum to demonstrate STEM concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities. Science education projects include a bro...

    • Brand: 3B Scientific
    • ASIN: B005DTFF94
    • UPC: 082213514284

  • Duluth Labs Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Student Kit - (88 Atoms and 140 Bond Parts) - MM-004

    Duluth Labs Set will bring to life concepts such as chirality, conformations and isomers to help you relate the physical and chemical properties of compounds to their molecular structures. Get hands on experience with three dimensional topics covered in Organic and General Chemistry courses such as Lewis structures, Newman projections and wedge-dash diagrams. The versatile molecular set accelerates memorization by allowing you to visually create common functional groups such as ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, thiols, amines, aromatics and most other families of organic compounds.MM-004 Set Contents: 30 - Hydrogen Atoms (White) 20 - Carbon Atoms (Black) 10 - Oxygen Atoms (Red) 5 - Nitrogen Atoms (Blue) 4 - Sulfur Atoms (Yellow) 3 - Phosphorus Atoms (Purple) 2 - Fluorine Atoms (Orange) 6 - Chlorine Atoms (Green) 2 - Bromine Atoms (Blue) 2 - Iodine Atoms (Purple) 4 - Metal Atoms (Gray) 60 - Small Connectors (White) 55 - Medium Connectors (White) 25 - Long Connectors (Gray) 1 - Molecular Tool (For Disassembly)

    • Brand: Duluth Labs
    • UPC: 735255518900

  • Mini DNA Science Crystals

    Intricate 3D images are etched inside clear glass blocks by high-resolution lasers driven by dedicated software for highly detailed, fine-grained, cleanly drawn structures. An optically perfect crystal now can function as a 3-D sculpture, paperweight, educational model, and more. Its appearance is mesmerizing, it's accuracy unparalleled. -- Modeled after DNA from the Protein Data Bank, this model's molecular surface was calculated by GRASS, created by Murad Nayal and Ben Hitz with NSF funding. -- The DNA Crystal comes with clear rubber feet to avoid scratches on your desk or mantel. Without a stand, it works best against a dark background. Available in two sizes, Mini (2" x 3 1/8") or Mega (3" x 6"). --

    • Brand: Bathsheba Sculpture
    • ASIN: B000VS8Z2Q
    • UPC: 696735882105

  • DNA Double Helix Science Gift 3D Printed Small Version

    Double helixy goodness! This 3D-Printed DNA model is a fabulous science gift. Great for the home or office of any biology, biochemistry or genetics fan. Thanks so much for checking out our shop! You can also follow us online for updates, tutorials and new items! instagram: 3dcentralva Facebook: 3DCentralVA

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: 3D Central
    • ASIN: B0742HXL88

  • PeleusTech® Human Genes DNA Models Double Helix Science Popularization Teaching Aids for Children Adults

    Package Including.1 x Structure Column.1 x Base.1 x Sill Pillar.1 x Structural Slab.1 x Upper Cover

    • Color: As Shown
    • Brand: PeleusTech®
    • ASIN: B07FPJ5CK6