• 12x12 Semi Soft FiberFrax Fiber Paper 1/4" Thick Sheet KILN Mold Fusing Supplies

    A lightweight refractory material processed from high purity alumina-silica fibers. Withstands temperatures up to 2300 degrees F (1260 degrees C). Line your kiln shelf for multiple firings and to emboss a gentle texture, place between glass layers to create an opening, or cut and layer shapes for relief designs. 1/4" thick fiber paper, also called "Fiber Felt", is ideal for creating dimensional designs. Cuts easily and leaves a deep impression. Does not contain asbestos and DOES NOT need to be pre-fired. MADE IN USA. One 12" x 12" Sheet. Fiber paper is different from thin shelf paper. It is thicker and adds texture to your glass when fusing. The fiber paper is porous. Air can circulate, therefore large air bubbles are less likely to form between the glass and the shelf.

    • Brand: Spiral Dance Art Glass
    • ASIN: B074WC1D6P

  • 10 Sheets of Dragon Clouds Thin Mulberry Paper #2B 13.5"x26" 23gsm

    At 23gsm, this thin version of mulberry #2 is 30% less in weight compared to the regular version of mulberry #2A. Made of long strands of Chinese mulberry(kozo) fibers. PH neutral and archival. The smooth surface is similar to a Japanese gampi paper but its decorative white fibers is reminiscent of the Japanese unryu paper. A very thin, translucent, white paper that is still incredibly strong. This makes it perfect for dyeing, stitching in layers, chine colle, and painting with most water-based art media including watercolors or gouache, and fluid acrylics. Unsized, absorbent and shows ink tonality and color brilliantly. It is very durable for wet-washing, dyeing and collage. Ideal for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, and also useful for Calligraphy, Mounting, Rubbing, Stamping, Kite, Lantern, Window Covering, chine colle etc. This translucent and stringing paper makes it a perfect collage rice paper to add a texture interest to a painting done on rice paper or to create more depth on regular watercolor painting.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: BlueHeronArts
    • ASIN: B01G0S915U
    • UPC: 730792419314

  • Ilford MGFB Classic Glossy - 8inx10in 25 Sheets

    Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Gloss Variable Contrast Paper 8 x 10 In 25 Shee

    • Brand: Ilford
    • ASIN: B00H5TVTBI
    • UPC: 019498171970

  • 60 Sheets 8.5x12 inches Mulberry Paper Sheet Design Craft Hand Made Art Tissue Japan Origami Washi Wholesale Bulk Sale Unryu Suppliers Thailand Products Card Making, Products from Thailand.

    60 Pcs. 8.5x12 Inches Mulberry Paper Sheet Design Craft Hand Made Art Tissue Japan Origami Washi Wholesale Bulk Sale Unryu Suppliers Thailand Products Card Making, !Furthermore!! If you are finding a nice Paper Sheet, this is the right item for you.please leave a review and let us know about your experience with our products.

    • Brand: RATREE SHOP
    • ASIN: B01N12G68F

  • 8x12 FiberFrax Fiber Board Choice 1/4" or 1/2" Kiln Fusing Mold Making Supplies (1/4")

    Fiberfrax is made of non-asbestos ceramic fibers, woven loosely together to form boards that withstand the high temperatures of fusing and the corrosive effects of molten glass. Just like fiber paper, glass can be placed directly onto the surface of the mold. It will leave a very subtle texture on the bottom side of the glass. For a very smooth surface, lightly sand the surface and edges of the mold before firing. Remember that anytime you are working with fiberboard you should wear a respirator. After your project is finished, it may pick up some fiber particles that can be cleaned off with water. Carve into it with woodworking tools to make a textured design that you cast or fuse into. Cut it with an X-acto knife to make a custom or irregular shaped drop out molds. FIBERFRAX BOARD is available in 2 thicknesses (¼ & ½" thick). Sheet size is 8" x 12". Use as a lining to protect the expensive (and easily eaten away by molten glass) firebrick in your kiln. Use on your workbench as a heat proof pad to set your Rapid Fire Kiln or slumping molds on. HELPFUL HINT: When first fired, Fiberfrax® board will turn brown, as the sugar based binder burns off. Provide adequate ventilation for this initial prefire (~800°F). No shelf primer is needed when using Fiberfrax® board at temps up t...

    • Brand: Spiral Dance Art Glass
    • ASIN: B01BGUU0EI
    • UPC: 688295575665

  • Ivory Cotton Fiber Resume Paper - Perfect for Printing Important Business Documentation, Resumes - 100 Count - 8.5 x 11 Inches

    Cotton is one of the strongest fibers available and will ensure your paper last much longer than normal paper. Use it for any number of important documents Resumes, Contracts, legal documents, and personal stationary. Paper can be used with the most common printers in offices and households.

    • Brand: Best Paper Greetings
    • UPC: 709257566634

  • Microwave Kiln Paper Shelf Paper 3" X 3" 50 sheets

    Fiber paper is a favorite among warm glass artists because it does not easily disintegrate in the kiln!Kiln paper provides a nice, textured bottom to your finished fused glass piece.Once the finished piece is fired and cooled, fiber paper can be peeled away and discarded.These pieces are pre-cut and packaged flat for your conveneince. Since each sheet is cut by hand, some slightly imperfect edges may occur.

    • Brand: Love Charm
    • ASIN: B0716F6FW3
    • UPC: 759974509896

  • Rainbow Duo-Finish Fiber Light-Weight Kraft Paper Roll, 40 lb, 36 in X 100 ft, White

    Rainbow Colored Duo-Finish Kraft Paper Roll measuring 36 in x 100 ft is made from 100% kraft fiber for superior strength and durability. Fade resistant roll in white features a toothy side to handle chalk, tempera, watercolor or acrylic paints. The other side of the non-bleed paper is smooth and perfect for felt pen, finger painting and fine-line drawing. Roll with a basis weight of 40 lb is packed in a convenient storage box.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Colors of Rainbow
    • ASIN: B000F8TBS4
    • UPC: 029444660014

  • Scott Essential 100% Recycled Fiber Multifold Paper Towels (01801), 9.2” x 9.4”, Brown, 16 Clips/Case, 250 Sheets/Clip, 4,000 Towels/Case

    Scott Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. When your office restroom or kitchen needs commercial paper towels, Scott Essential 100% Recycled Fiber Multifold Paper Towels are an economical choice. They are made with 100% recycled fiber (RF), so you can feel good about choosing them for your business. Plus, they fit into any universal dispenser for trifold paper towels or multifold towels (which helps control over use). Made with a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste, Scott Essential folded paper towels meet EPA minimum standards and are FSC and Eco Logo certified, you know they’re good choice for an economical paper towel.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Kimberly-Clark Professional
    • ASIN: B0040ZOCZA
    • UPC: 641438387648

  • Japanese Handmade Paper Decorative Craft Rainbow Colors - 16 Pieces

    Hand-made paper has interesting texture and detail, which helps your craft projects stand out. The striking beauty of this paper enhances cards, gift-wrap, scrapbook pages, and many other items.

    • Color: 16 handles
    • Brand: DaJ