• Aqua Comb Pool Cartridge Cleaner Tool - Filter Fin Depth 1-1/4" to 2-1/2

    An Aqua Comb is a hand held flat wide powerful water sprayer with a pic-comb attached.It is designed to dig into the filter fins of pool or Spa cartridge water filters and pull out the bugs,vegetation and other debris that accumulates.The flat wide spray acts like a wall to drive the loosened debris down and off the filter fins. Wash your cartridge water filter faster (3-5min) and cleaner (less resistance saves electricity) without using any chemicals!!

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Aqua Comb
    • ASIN: B00GS580BC
    • UPC: 793573806611

  • Premium Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaner by Aquatix Pro, Removes Debris and Dirt From Pool Filters in Seconds, Heave Duty & Durable Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaner, Keep a Clean Flow of Water Today!

    Premium Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaner by Aquatix Pro For a Picture Perfect Finish! - Is cleaning your swimming pool a tall order? - Do you find removing dirt & debris from your filter a difficult task? - Are you struggling to clean hard to reach places and spending hours? - Is pool cleaning becoming a chore? Introducing the Heavy Duty Premium Aquatix Pro Pool Brush to Put Your Life at Ease! - Premium quality catridge filter cleaner makes cleaning the pool a simple task. - Works with most pool cartridge filters - Cleans the filters effortlessly- even hard to reach places! - Built to last, will not break or leak. Buy once and never look back! - Will not damage your filter. - Easy to store away. Amazon Buyers Trust Our Aquatix Pro Brand to be Premium Quality Products If The Above Was Not Enough, You Also Have Our 1 Year Product Warranty for a Complete Peace of Mind! We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

    • Brand: Aquatix Pro
    • ASIN: B01DWF745I
    • UPC: 635635565701

  • Hayward EC2024 Jet Action Cleaning Wand Replacement for Hayward Perflex DE filters

    Hayward cleaning wand features jet-action, designed to use with Hayward Perflex DE filters. Attaches to garden hose to quickly clean Flex Tubes, TM vertical grids and cartridge elements with minor disassembly.

    • Color: n/a
    • Brand: Hayward
    • ASIN: B003MBXKOC
    • UPC: 610377025492

  • Filter Jet Cleaner Pool Hot Tub Spa Water Wand Cartridge Hand Held Cleaner,removes Debris and Dirt from Pool Filters in Seconds, Heave Duty & Durable Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaner

    Hot tub filter cleaner makes short work of cleaning out the debris Hand held cartridge cleaner that cleans like magic and reduces water wastage Easily connected to your garden hose Eight fan nozzles flush out both sides of the cartridge pleats and a soft rubber comb removes hair and other unwanted debris Also includes a thumb control to regulate water flow

    • Color: orange
    • Brand: pool spa part
    • ASIN: B07D5W6QKG

  • Solutions Group Magic Filter Cleaning Wand

    Finally a pool cartridge cleaner that clears out even the deepest folds. the Magic Filter Cleaning Wand's powerful scrub brush uses highly pressurized water streams to completely scour algae, dirt and debris from cartidge/element filters and DE grids. Also great for cleaning corners, steps and scum lines. Works on concrete, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass and tile. Features shut off valve on handle. Attaches to your garden hose for immediate use.

    • Brand: Solutions Group
    • ASIN: B0051BJ7LG
    • UPC: 696859150333

  • Power Pic Reach - The Most Powerful Filter Cleaning Tool

    Dread cleaning your pool and spa filters? With Filter Flosser it's no longer a chore! Power Pic Reach is the most powerful pool and spa cartridge filter cleaning tool in the industry, backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty! It works on all major brands and sizes of performance filters and conveniently connects right onto your garden hose. The specialty nozzle design creates a powerful water and air agitation action that gets deep down between the pleats powering out dirt & debris making regular filter maintenance a breeze, while cutting cleaning time and water usage in half! Power Pic Reach is the only quality constructed filter cleaning tool made of 100% durable aluminum - not leaky plastic! Plus, it's the only tool that's been tested and approved by major filter manufacturers and is used and recommended by industry professionals. Power Pic Reach is #1 in the industry for cleaning pool & spa cartridge filters - accept nothing less because "clean matters"!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Power Pic Reach
    • ASIN: B00B1X8WKU
    • UPC: 860642000000

  • DT Carpet Cleaning Wand T Jet Strainer & Filter with Check Valve Tee Jet

    Replace your old clogged tee jet filters.

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: DT
    • ASIN: B01ET17GKM
    • UPC: 799740725341

  • LEISURE TIME S-02 Instant Cartridge Cleaner, 1-Pint, 2-Pack

    Spray-And-Rinse formula provides a quick and easy way to remove scale, minerals, oils, lotions and other debris from cartridge filters. The blue color-indicator ensures complete coverage.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: LEISURE TIME
    • UPC: 034261110543

  • Neoterics Blaster 3000 Automatic Pool & Spa Cartridge Filter Cleaner

    The BLASTER Automatic Filter Cleaner automatically rotates your swimming pool or spa cartridge filter while PowerJets spray focused water to clean the filter pleats. Its unique horizontal design allows dirt and debris to easily fall from the filter, avoiding the lodging that occurs in vertical cleaning. The BLASTER is completely automatic! Just put your filter on, turn on the water and it does the rest. The Blaster cleans most filters in minutes.

    • Brand: Neoterics
    • ASIN: B0085MNDZO
    • UPC: 689076101936

  • Aqua Comb Spa Filter Cleaner Tool: Filter Comb for Hot Tub Filter Cleaning - Made In USA - No Leaks

    VERSATILE The Aqua Comb is a handheld tool that attaches to a garden hose for cleaning filters. It combines a powerful flat 3" wide water spray and a pic-comb to fully clean pleated cartridge filters. This model can be used to clean hot tub, spa, Jacuzzi or whirlpool filters. EASY TO USE Aqua Combs offer remarkable results that no other filter cleaning tool can achieve. Easily attach your garden hose and comb through the filter cartridge to remove the bugs, leaves, debris, and oils that accumulate over time. CLEANS FAST Using the Aqua Comb will save you both time and money when you more thoroughly clean your spa filter. You will no longer dread this chore! Fully clean your cartridge filter in as little as 5 minutes! THOROUGH CLEANING A filter spray cleaner with only a water spray is not enough. The Aqua Comb adds the mechanical scrubbing action along with a filter cleaning spray that completes the full cleaning process. The Aqua Comb is a patented design built for long life and use. MADE IN USA All Aqua Combs are 100% water tested before shipping. They are made from high strength USA sourced plastics and have a mesh screen hose seal to avoid clogs. - Use the Aqua Comb with any filter cleaning spray and let the solution sit for 5 minutes before cleaning. - Do not p...

    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Aqua Comb
    • ASIN: B008YYXNCG
    • UPC: 817147003739

  • D. E. Megablaster Hayward Pool Filter Cleaner

    The new D.E. MEGABLASTER!!! Want a crystal clear pool this summer while saving money on costly chemicals? The D.E. Megablaster is your tool for a unique and easy way to clean your pool filter flex tubes. Our high pressure Jet head & brush cleans and disinfects the filter fingers giving you cleaning access to 360* of the inside and outside of the filter flex tube cloth. This can not be achieved by any other means of cleaning. List of D. E. Megablaster benefits... Proving this tool pays for its self!! Made of top quality materials for long life Restores even the most neglected filters lengthens the time between filter cleaning Reduces the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your pool clean Reduces the amount of Diatomaceous Earth needed each year Improves your pool pressure Can be used in conjunction with pool filter degreaser Reduces the stress on you pool pump Easy to use Allows your pool vacuum to run more efficiently Allows for more time in the pool then cleaning the pool Proving that if you own a filter with Flex tubes then you need to own a D. E. Megablaster!!

    • Brand: D. E. Megablaster
    • ASIN: B01I4400NA
    • UPC: 712038084517

  • Solutions Group Sa, Inc. Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning Wand Garden Hose Attachment

    The perfect cleaning tool for cartridge element filters and DE filter grids. Use high pressure water and the convenient attached brush to quickly and safely clean deep inside your filter element. Simply connect to a standard garden hose for this hands-off cleaning alternative to harsh acid washing.

    • Brand: Solutions Group Sa, Inc.
    • ASIN: B00BMC9Q3M
    • UPC: 857896001907

  • hth Pool Cleaner Filter Cleaner (67015)

    hth filter cleaner is a non-corrosive filter cleaner and backwash aid. This product is designed to improve your filter's efficiency by removing dirt, lotions, body oils, insects, leaves, and other pool contaminants. hth filter cleaner is a dye-free and fragrance-free proprietary blend of proteins and surfactants. Cleaning your filter on a routine basis helps your filtration system work more efficiently and extends the life of your filter.

    • Color: -
    • Brand: HTH
    • ASIN: B01JLY4NYO
    • UPC: 073187670151

  • Swimming Pool Spa Filter DE Cartridge Cleaning Wand Brush Cleaner Accessory

    This unique maintenance tool is ideal for cleaning cartridge / element filters and DE grids or fingers. A hands-off cleaning alternative to harsh acid washing. Blast algae, dirt and debris from the deepest, hardest to reach areas. Comes complete with a water-aided cleaning brush and shut-off valve. Simply connect to a standard garden hose.

    • Brand: Pool Spa
    • ASIN: B017AYLSEU
    • UPC: 802861215599

  • Rotovac 360i Rotary Extraction Power Wand from UltraClean Supply

    The Rotovac 360i Cleans Better With Less Effort The Rotovac 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360i weighs only 39 lbs and is extremely easy to use as it operates in a self propelled side to side motion. Simply stated, "The 360i cleans better with less effort." Features: Cleans better with less effort and leaves carpet drier than a wand Interchangeable heads for all type of Carpet and Tile Cleaning User friendly, weighs only 39lbs Telescoping handle for cleaning stairs and compact storage Durable Construction with Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel Frame Unique Marketing Tool to land new accounts and generate referral business Industrially Engineered for Professional Use Made in the USA

    • Brand: Rotovac
    • ASIN: B00G6KRAO2

  • Bio-Dex Professional Strength Quick-Spray Filter Cartridge Cleaner

    This cartridge cleaner made by Bio-Dex is a quick and easy way to clean your cartridge element. Simply spray the cartridge element let sit for five to ten minutes and rinse well. Or can also be used as a diluted soak. A professional cleaner that is biodegradable and safe for the environment. 32 oz. spray bottle

    • Brand: Bio-Dex
    • ASIN: B01LLYUQS4
    • UPC: 837871000552

  • Dryer Cleaning Kit - Generic Vacuum Hose Attachment Flexible and 28 inch Flexible Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush and Refrigerator Coil Brush. Fits vacuum hoses 1 1/4 inches or less -by Mountain Trades

    Included in this kit is a 24 inch flexible hose attachment for hard to reach areas like down in your dryer lint trap or under your refrigerator...... Also, included is one 28 inch long Flexible Dryer Vent and Refrigerator Brush, this brush is on twisted wire and flexible and the benefit of that is it will easily conform to the shape of your dryer lint trap...... If your dryer vent is badly clogged use the brush first to get the bulk out then use the vacuum crevice tool.(Doing this will cut down on clogs in your crevice tool even though the suction end of this tool is wide enough to have good airflow and still be small enough for most dryer "Lint traps" (end of tool is 15mm width) .... Both the hose attachment and brush are flexible and can bend back straight. They will arrive flexed/curved for easier shipping but will straighten out or bend to your application of use. To assemble the crevice tool run warm water over the ends of the hose which will make inserting ends easy. The length of vacuum tool may vary by 1/2 inch. ** ....Please make sure that your vacuum hose has a diameter of 1 ¼ inches or less.** Some Shark vacuum cleaners are 1.5 inches which is too big for this crevice tool......This tool will fit most vacuum hoses, but please measure the end of your hose to make sure ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Mountain Trades
    • ASIN: B0754MF764
    • UPC: 783956220097

  • GLB Pool & Spa Products 71010 1-Quart Filter Fresh Pool Filter Cleaner

    GLB 71010 Quart Filter Fresh

    • Brand: GLB Pool & Spa Products
    • ASIN: B000UPZKDW
    • UPC: 785336710105

  • Blue Devil B8400C Master Blaster

    This filter cleaning tool provides a power nozzle end to perfectly clean the filter from the inside out. It reduces cleaning time AND uses less water.

    • Brand: Blue Devil
    • UPC: 054629184009

  • Swim Safe Water-Wand Hand Held Cartridge Cleaner

    Waterwand Cartridge Filter Cleaner òUnique, world-first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner òMakes cartridge cleaning quick and easy ò8 fingers to open pleats ò8 x 180 degree fan nozzles to flush and clean òNo splash back òHandy on/off switch òOperates using a standard garden hose òUses less water than conventional cleaning method

    • Brand: SWIM SAFE
    • ASIN: B000X8SRHW
    • UPC: 658551532916