• EcoBio-Block Stone for Aquariums, Medium - Natural Water Clarifier and Odor Remover, Treats 15 to 40 Gallons

    EcoBio-Stones are volcanic rock and cement containing 100% pure beneficial bacteria spores, which effectively clarify cloudy water in aquariums, reducing maintenance. Simply rinse off the EcoBio-Stone, soak overnight and place in aquarium. Using nature's system of purifying water, EcoBio-Stone's beneficial bacteria break down organic waste into ammonia, then into nitrites and then into nitrates, which are processed by vegetation or by anaerobic bacteria changing the nitrates into nitrogen gas, which dissipate into the air. The process of building sufficient amounts of bacteria to take care of the conditions in the average tank, normally results in crystal clear water in 2 to 4 weeks, with a sudden clearing of the water. EcoBio-Stone safely purifies water, eliminates odors and creates a clear and clean environment for fish and other aquatic life. EcoBio-Stone's volcanic stone also leaches back the essential calcium and trace minerals, which are normally returned to water with frequent water changes. This dual action creates a perfect ecosystem. Note: if the water in your tank is very acidic please use EcoBio-Stones after acclimating your fish to pH neutral water by doing water changes.

    • Brand: EcoBio-Block
    • ASIN: B003SOTWLI
    • UPC: 897819001058

  • GloFish Aquarium Gravel, Black with Fluorescent Accents, 5-Pound

    GloFish aquarium kits, lighting and décor create an underwater fluorescent wonderland that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise. With our full range of vibrant accessories uniquely designed to work with GloFish LED lighting, you can transform any aquarium into a GloFish environment at the click of a switch. GloFish Aquarium gravel completes your GloFish experience and complements your GloFish. This gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting in your GloFish aquarium. The black and multi-colored accents add a fun touch to your aquarium floor, reflecting your personality and style throughout. Simply add gravel to your aquarium, decorate with GloFish plants and add your GloFish. A combination of fish and accessories let you Experience the Glo today! Rinse gravel before using. This bag contains 5 pounds of multi-colored gravel. Create depth by adding larger amounts in the front of back of your aquarium. Use exclusively or as an accent to other aquarium gravel.

    • Color: Black with Fluorescent Highlights
    • Brand: GloFish
    • ASIN: B007TGMLU0
    • UPC: 046798290841

  • Royal Imports 5lb Large Decorative Polished Gravel River Pebbles Rocks for Fresh Water Fish Animal Plant Aquariums, Landscaping, Home Decor etc. with Netted Bag, Natural

    Decorative landscape stone pebbles add beauty and protect your yard patio and lawn by keeping down weed growth and controlling erosion. The beauty of natural stone is great for enhancing your landscape around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, ponds and foundations. Compliment your yard with Royal Imports decorative river rocks. Use these pebbles for landscaping around trees, potted plants decks driveways or yard. Vase fillersRiver rocks are the secret to great flower arranging. Add this reusable river rocks to your floral displays to hold stems in place.Royal Imports decorative collection of rocks best in quality hand-picked stones from around the world. All stones are tumbled and polished to produce the smoothest stone without blemishes. These little stones can also be used as a substitute to mulch along walkways and outdoor gardens, fountains, interior and exterior planters, creative interior and exterior design. These river pebbles are perfect accents for candles, vases, floral arrangements, fountains.Also great for use in craft projects and home decor.Features: Each bag is 5lb, comes in a netted bag Each rock is approx. 1" Resists fading for long-lasting beauty Natural Stones are non-toxic Great for use as a filler for cylinders, trays, home décor, aquariums (see warning guide belo...

    • Color: Natural
    • Brand: Royal Imports
    • ASIN: B0143IX8W6
    • UPC: 712233234809

  • Supply Guru SG2133 River Rocks, Pebbles, Outdoor Decorative Stones, Natural Gravel, For Aquariums, Landscaping, Vase Fillers, Succulent, Tillandsia, Cactus pot, Terrarium Plants, 2 LB. (32-Oz).

    This river rocks comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns combination of the popular natural color and shades such as brown, white, black, red, grey, are natural lightly polished for smooth effect, and the earthy tones match most any decor.2 pounds decorative Stones, small size, Measures approximately 3/4-inch. LANDSCAPING Add an extra beauty in your outdoors: walkways, driveways, water features, ponds, water gardens, exposed aggregate flooring or walls and around swimming pools, and many other areas, prevents erosion, helps soil retain moisture, and provides good drainage, round, easy on the feet as there are no sharp edges.AQUARIUMS AND PLANTSGreat accent for crafts: aquariums, rock gardens, succulent tillandsia plants, cactus pot, terrarium, bamboo plants and bonsai trees. Caution: before putting the rocks into the aquarium, please ensure that you wash them really well to get rid of any surface chemicals, bacteria that may be present. Soak them in boiled water (don't boil rocks), brush and rinse well, or soak in a bleach/water solution, let it dry before use. ARRANGEMENT DECORATION Perfect for home decor projects: floral arrangements, centerpieces, vases, bowls, apothecary jars, wedding buffet, display canisters, pillar candle in hurricane glass. Warm-toned natural pe...

    • Color: 1
    • Brand: Supply Guru
    • ASIN: B071GRSC4Z
    • UPC: 728943622133

  • Carib Sea ACS00832 Peace River Gravel for Aquarium, 20-Pound

    Create a supernatural experience by re-creating the natural world in your home. Enjoy a piece of the Rio Negro as it winds its way through dark and brooding jungles. Own a sliver of the sunlit Sri Lankan gravel streams famous for sapphires and rubies. Dramatic black sand rivers and beaches grace the flanks of verdant tropical islands capped by smouldering volcanoes. These exotic locales provide the backdrop for some of the world’s most spectacular aquatic life. CaribSea' s Supernatural line is specially selected and crafted to match these exotic environments. When you demand authenticity don’t just decorate… ecoscape with Supernaturals by CaribSea.

    • Color: chestnut
    • Brand: Carib Sea
    • ASIN: B0002APMU6
    • UPC: 008479008329

  • Spectrastone Shallow Creek Regular for Freshwater Aquariums, 5-Pound Bag

    Shallow creek regular natural for freshwater aquariums. Will not affect PH. Safe for use in freshwater aquariums.

    • Color: Shallow Creek Regular Natural
    • Brand: Spectrastone
    • ASIN: B001OTSPDA
    • UPC: 611102110889

  • Penn Plax Stone Hideaway, Aquarium Decoration for Territorial and Aggressive Fish

    The Penn Plax Stone Hideaway is a small stone hideaway perfect for fish to swim through, play in, and, of course, hide in. Measuring 2.50”D x 2.75”W x 2.00”H, the stone is stackable and will bring a beautiful look to any aquarium. The rock can be used alone, but looks great when grouped with other Penn Plax Stone Hideaways of different sizes (sold separately). These stones help with aggressive and territorial fish that need to create their own space. The stone is freestanding and can be placed anywhere in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Penn Plax
    • ASIN: B00C763DFY
    • UPC: 030172078545

  • Imagitarium Blue Jean Aquarium Gravel, 5 lbs.

    Gravel aids in propagation of beneficial bacteria. Adds depth and beauty to aquariums, water gardens, ponds and terrariums. Made of non-toxic fish safe materials and colors. Safe for use in freshwater and marine environments. Made of non-toxic fish safe materials and colors Safe for use in freshwater and marine environments For optimum results, use 2 lbs. of gravel per every one gallon of water

    • Brand: Imagitarium
    • ASIN: B073DT9VNB
    • UPC: 800443215234

  • Marina Decorative Gravel, 1-Pound, Blue

    The Marina Gravel helps you create a wonderful Aquascape in your aquarium. The epoxy coating makes the gravel inert and prevents the gravel from having any effect on water chemistry. Research shows epoxy coated gravel provides an optimum surface for the colonization of beneficial bacteria for biological filtration. The gravel comes in an array of colors and is the perfect way to enhance your aquarium.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Marina
    • ASIN: B0006JLO14
    • UPC: 015561128322

  • DR. MOSS Cichlid Stone Ceramic Aquarium Rock Cave Decor Fish Tank F923C

    Eco-Friendly Ceramic Replicas are great homes for live bearing tropical fish, most notably South American and African Cichlids. Spacious interiors encourage exploration while providing secure breeding niches and a defensible, stress-reducing refuge. Ceramic stones provide a lightweight alternative to real stone in your aquarium. The hollow caves provides shelter, hiding spots, and spawning sites for your cichlids. Since they are hollow they do not displace or reduce the amount of water in your aquarium. Use small thread to bundle the moss on the product constitute a nature living environment. Specially made with ceramic material that possess filtration function for aquarium. Measures approximately: 5.3" X 3.5"X2.6" (13.5X 9X 6.8cm) (L x W x H) These terrific Hide-Outs are just perfect for an aquarium or terrarium full of fish or reptiles of any kind,natural bumps curves and holes make this rock structure a great addition to any fresh or saltwater tank. They can be combined freely and can be also an ecological decoration for your tank.

    • Brand: Aquarium Supplies
    • ASIN: B01IO8ECHG
    • UPC: 786714522136