• Flow

    FLOW (Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt and Jeff Oster) present a fresh, international, acoustic new age sound for a modern world; graceful atmospheric music with a rhythmic ease that transports the listener as each of the eleven sublime tracks melt into the next. Forty years ago, guitarist/producer Will Ackerman founded Windham Hill, which became a global music phenomenon, with its bountiful legacy of best-selling solo works (George Winston, Liz Story, Alex DeGrassi, Michael Hedges) and award-winning groups like Shadowfax. That magic extends into a truly new age with FLOW, a four-piece ensemble comprised of Grammy-winning guitarist Will Ackerman, and three of today s most acclaimed independent award-winning artists, Australian pianist Fiona Joy, acoustic guitarist Lawrence Blatt and flugelhorn master Jeff Oster. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ackerman s Imaginary Road Studios, under the guidance of Ackerman s longtime production partner at Imaginary Road, Tom Eaton, whose contribution the group likens to that of The Fifth Beatle. Reflecting on FLOW s debut project, Oster says, If you look back into any time of human existence, this need for peaceful breathing and listening has always and will always be deeply important. It s not only New Age music, it is EVERY AGE mus...

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  • Flow State

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  • Flow State

    CD includes lyric booklet. TASH SULTANA is a dynamic young artist who has commanded world attention since homemade videos of Tash jamming went viral. A true virtuoso, Tash was soon selling out massive theaters globally and playing at the world s biggest festivals - no mean feat for an artist who just a year before was recording songs on a go pro in a bedroom. Since Tash s grandfather gifted a guitar at the age of three, the self-taught artist quickly developed a unique style that has people lining up to see. The virtuosic playing of over 18 instruments, vocals that shine with a magical quality and the natural gift for melody that Tash possesses needs to be seen to be believed. Tash is selling out theaters and clubs around the world, played major festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, ACL and more, and amassed hundred's of millions of streams globally on her Notion EP. Tash has received 4x Aria award nominations and multiple APRA nominations.

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  • Flow Anime Best

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  • Let It Flow

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  • Hustle & Flow

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  • 21-Day Meditation Experience: Finding Your Flow

    Do you want to live an easier, happier, and more fulfilling life? Get ready to watch your obstacles disappear as Oprah & Deepak guide you to effortless joy in Finding Your Flow. Leverage the power of the miraculous energy that permeates all of existence to create the life you want, and learn how to: • Effortlessly fulfill your desires by aligning them with the flow of the universe • Open and activate the power of your seven energy centers, called Chakras • Discover who you are meant to be and start living your purpose • Tap into the powerful energy within to uplift yourself and everyone around you Beautiful soundscapes harmonize with Oprah & Deepak's daily message, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts. Experience the magnificent power of your true self in Finding Your Flow!

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  • Let It Flow

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  • Flow Motion

    Can's seminal album, Flow Motion was originally issued in 1976. This remastered CD stands to replace the SACD edition, issued in 2004, which is no longer available. Flow Motion (1976) saw Can moving towards a somewhat more conventional style as their recording technology improved. "I Want More" from FlowMotion became their only hit record outside Germany including an appearance on UK's Top of the Pops, where Holger Czukay performed with a double bass.

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  • Flow La Discoteka 2

    Dj Nelson ~ Flow La Discoteka 2

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  • Let It Flow

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  • Luny Tunes & Baby Ranks: Mas Flow 2

    The young duo Francisco Saldana and Victor Cabrera once worked at Harvard University as a chef and a dishwasher, respectively--but that was before they began remixing, redefining, and revolutionizing the burgeoning reggaeton movement. Talk about a Cinderella story: Known collectively as Luny Tunes, the pair has assembled a first-rate posse of stars for Mas Flow 2, the follow-up to 2003's first installment. Luny Tunes have been called reggaeton's answer to hip-pop producers the Neptunes, and Mas Flow 2 goes a long way towards justifying the comparison. High-wattage stars Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen, Vico-C and Tego Calderon make appearances throughout the two-disc collection, and lesser-known artists are also highlighted. Even Frankie J pops up for a charged-up remix of his pop hit, "Obsession." The jerky beats of reggaeton can get a bit repetitive, but Luny Tunes add enough flavor to keep the hips swaying throughout the disc's 20-plus tracks. --Joey Guerra

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  • Funcrusher Plus

    Company Flow really want you to know how independent they are. This seems to be their primary mission, and Funcrusher Plus is wacked-out enough to satisfy that agenda. Building off some previously released material, most notably "8 Steps to Perfection," CF often take a galactic-horror groove here, dropping in some skewed drumbeats and dense lyrics, forcing your head into a lopsided bob as you groove along to tracks such as "Silence" and "Definitive." These cuts try to violate your brain so much that they seldom make it to your ass, but the lyrics are tight and the hooks are original (check out the sitar in "The Fire in Which You Burn"). If you need a break from that same-same radio-ready hip-hop, Company Flow definitely have something for you. --Todd Levin

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  • River Flows in You

    Yiruma's body of work is captured on the CD 'River Flows In You'. It contains Yiruma's best songs - in addition to his best-known track, there are also hits like 'May Be' and 'Kiss The Rain'. Yiruma takes his listeners on a trip presenting his very own and exciting symbiosis of classical and pop music, impressing them with his varied compositions and virtuoso piano playing.

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  • Boss

    Flow Tribe plays original R&B and funk.

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  • Flow

    Folkadelic traditional fiddle tunes are a springboard for improvisation from this trio of fiddle, guitar and Indian tabla drums. The Nettles use traditional fiddle tunes from around the world as a springboard for improvisational music. Call it folk jazz , progressive Celtic or folkadelica. The Nettles have conversations with these tunes, and find something new to say each time, as the tunes reveal their secrets. The tunes flow and we float along with them.

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  • Billboard Top Hits: 1976

    Rhino's Have A Nice Day series takes you back to the days of black light posters, eight-track tapes, earth shoes, and bell-bottoms, gathering together the lone hits by those "one-or-two-shot" wonders of the '70s-with many tracks appearing on CD for the first time!

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  • Yiruma: River Flows in You by Jeroen Van Veen

    Brand New

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  • Tribute to Company Flow Class X

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