• Design Toscano The Growling Griffin Foundry Iron Doorstop

    A fierce combination of lion and eagle, the griffin has been a symbol of heraldry since medieval times. This handsome, heavy iron beast is cast from a Victorian antique and finished in a bronze patina. Weighing more than 10 lbs., our stylishly collectible sculpture makes a substantial doorstop or bookend. 13and 1/2"Wx4and 1/2"Dx8and 1/2"H. 11 lbs.

    • Color: Single
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B003M0HXR8
    • UPC: 846092009374

  • Design Toscano SP2835 Brachiosaurus Decorative Dinosaur Foundry Cast Iron Wall Hook, Gold

    Straight from the Jurassic era, right to your home, this Brachiosaurus cast iron wall hook will add delight to any decor. Sand-cast in foundry iron using an age old four step method, our Brachiosaurus - meaning: hang on his neck - will make sure that you never forget to do just that-hang your bag on his neck! Visitors will admire your innovative design sense as you welcome guests into your entry, office or child's room, with our weighty and functional version of this noble prehistoric species. Merge art and function, display alone or in a grouping of our other cast iron dinosaur wall hooks. Hardware not included. 2"Wx6"Dx4.5"H. 2 lbs.

    • Color: gold
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B07BY82V4F
    • UPC: 840798119269

  • Design Toscano The Loyal Whippet Authentic Foundry Iron Casting

    SP1577 Features: -Material: Solid cast iron.-Based on a French antique. Color/Finish: -Hand finished.

    • Color: Single
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B004AB0WPI
    • UPC: 846092009763

  • Design Toscano Mystical Spirit Owl Foundry Iron Door Knocker

    Who-who-who's there" as ready for guests from hogsmeade as for any stray Howlers that may make a landing on your doorstep, our authentic foundry iron door knocker is cast from a Victorian antique using the ancient sand cast method to capture each detail. With its wide, piercing Owl eyes, our mystical spirit Owl door knocker lends a transcendent Owl decor aura and a feathery front door welcome. Hand-crafted for Design Toscano in aged iron with hand-painted gold highlights, door knockers make wonderful housewarming gifts. Hardware not included. 6"Wx1"dx8"h. 1 lb.

    • Color: gold
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B078WC27L6
    • UPC: 840798119221

  • Design Toscano Circus Clown and Trick Dog Authentic Foundry Iron Mechanical Bank

    To use this foundry iron mechanical bank, simply place your spare change in the mouth of this comical pooch and press the lever to make him jump through his clown s silver hoop! Whether you re an antique bank collector or just teaching kids the value of money, this mechanical, heavyweight antique replica cast in authentic foundry iron is a clever gift and a great desktop collectible. 7"Wx2and 1/2"Dx7"H. 4 lbs.

    • Color: Full Color
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050ELZ2I
    • UPC: 846092010110

  • HY-C Liberty Foundry G22 G-Series Franklin Style Cast Iron Fireplace Grate

    The 22" Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Fireplace Grate by Liberty Foundry is a one piece, flat bottom, basket style grate designed with 2" high cast-on legs and 12" depth for use in small fireplaces and Franklin stoves. Measures approximately 22" front width and 18.5" back width. The heavy-duty cast iron construction keeps logs where they belong so your fire burns neatly, safely and more efficiently and improves air circulation. Also available with 4" high legs.

    • Color: Heavy-duty Cast Iron
    • Brand: HY-C
    • ASIN: B00622K1Q8
    • UPC: 020729200222

  • Episode 1

    • ASIN: B007C1LQAI

  • Freedom Foundry Men's Long Sleeve V-Neck and Crew Neck Shirt (Iron, XX-Large)

    Men's Freedom Foundry Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt. 100% Cotton

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Freedom Foundry
    • ASIN: B076VYL36J
    • UPC: 191144075624

  • Design Toscano Organ Grinder's Performing Monkey Authentic Foundry Iron Mechanical Bank

    This collectible iron mechanical coin bank brings to light the lost art of an age-old historical treat, the Organ Grinder and his Monkey act. By a slight turn of the crank on the left side of the bank, the monkey lowers coin in hand, tips his colorful hat and deposits the coin into the "Hurdy Gurdy" organ as the cat and dog stand at attention. Originally Manufactured in Philadelphia by Kyser and Rex in 1882, our mechanical replica antique coin bank is cast in foundry iron and authentically hand painted. Our Our Design Toscano finely detailed replica coin bank makes a clever mechanical bank gift and a charming desktop collectible. 6"Wx4"Dx9"H. 6 lbs.

    • Color: Full Color
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050ELV90
    • UPC: 846092035274

  • Design Toscano Special Delivery Mailman Authentic Foundry Iron Mechanical Bank

    The postman's unofficial motto of "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" is put to the supreme test with this collectible iron mechanical coin bank. Waiting along side the quaint cottage house is an alert puppy dog ready to "spring" into action when the button is pressed and the postman deposits your coin in the mail slot. Whether you're an antique toy bank collector or just teaching kids the value of money, our Design Toscano mechanical, heavyweight antique coin bank cast in foundry iron and authentically hand painted is a clever gift and a wonderful desktop collectible. 5"Wx5"Dx8"H. 8 lbs.

    • Color: Full Color
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050ELZP0
    • UPC: 846092035519

  • Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces for the Small Foundry

    Complete plans and operating instructions for a 10 inch diameter cupola that melts 330 pounds of iron when powered by a shop vac. Also included are plans for a high pressure blower that will increase the output to 660 pound of iron per hour. All can be built for little cost, mostly from scrap.

    • Brand: Brand: Stephen D. Chastain
    • ASIN: 0970220308

  • Design Toscano Authentic Foundry Iron Balinese Yogi Meditation Iron Sculpture

    SP220 Features: -Material: Solid cast iron.-Add a pure touch of tranquility to home, garden or desktop. Color/Finish: -Hand finished.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050EM2IO
    • UPC: 846092035601

  • Tredegar Iron Works: Richmond’s Foundry on the James (Landmarks)

    One of the most important industrial landmarks in the nation lies in the heart of historic Richmond. The Tredegar Iron Works was the most prodigious ordnance supplier to the Confederacy during the Civil War, as well as an industrial behemoth in its own right. Named for the hometown of the Welsh engineers who built it, Tredegar remained one of Richmond's chief industrial entities for over a century. It produced ordnance during five wars and helped build the railroads that rapidly spread across the nation during the Gilded Age. Author Nathan Vernon Madison, utilizing a wealth of primary sources and firsthand accounts, chronicles the full history of a Richmond industrial icon.

    • ASIN: B01AHKRBG8

  • Design Toscano Cat and Mouse Authentic Foundry Iron Mechanical Bank

    This foundry iron mechanical bank features a playful trio of kittens and their tiny friend. By tugging on their tails, they chase your spare change into their secret hiding place. Whether you re an antique bank collector or just teaching kids the value of money, this mechanical, heavyweight antique replica cast in authentic foundry iron is a clever gift and a great desktop collectible. 7&Frac12;"Wx2&Frac12;"Dx5"H. 4 lbs.

    • Color: Full Color
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050ELY9W
    • UPC: 846092035427

  • American Made #4 Clay Graphite Bilge Shape Crucible

    Description: A crucible is a ceramic pot use to hold metal for melting in a furnace. This is a high quality, industrial grade crucible used by the commercial foundry industry. What It Does: A crucible is needed to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in melting metals. The crucible material must have a much higher melting point than that of the metal being melted and it must have good strength even when white hot. Our Clay Graphite Bilge Shape crucibles are rated for 2750 °F (1510 °C). They will handle zinc, aluminum, brass / bronze, silver and gold alloys. The manufacturer states they can be used for cast iron. Made in the United States! Crucible Shapes: A bilge shaped ("B" Shape) crucible is shaped like a wine barrel. The "bilge" dimension is the diameter of the crucible at its widest point. If there is no bilge diameter shown then the top diameter is the maximum width. Our "B" shape crucibles are typically used by hobbyists and frequent casters. These are a high quality, long lasting commercial grade. This crucible is approximately 5-1/2" tall with a top external diameter of 4-3/4" and a bottom external diameter of 3-3/8". It will hold about 4 pounds of aluminum or 12 pounds of brass / bronze. Suitable for use in electric, propane, charcoal, oil and high frequency ...

    • Brand: Budget Casting Supply Clay Graphite Bilge Crucible
    • ASIN: B076MJYQSB

  • Please Shut The Gate Brass Door Sign. Traditional Style Home Décor Wall Plaque Handmade by The Metal Foundry UK.

    Put an end to flimsy cheap looking signs and make a real statement of quality and style to your visitors with a Traditional décor door plaque by The Metal Foundry.This solid cast brass metal door sign reads "Please Shut The Gate".Measuring 12.5cm (5") by 3cm (1¼") this sign is just the right size to get your message across with clarity without being too imposing. So you appear polite yet clear in your message.Your Please Shut The Gate Sign is cast and hand polished to a fine shine before being painted in a special QD8 outdoor quality paint. The polished areas are then wiped off and rebuffed before the whole plaque get 2 coats of super protective lacquer to give it the maximum protection possible for fitting anywhere you like. Also the lacquer preserves the polish in the brass, meaning it will not tarnish and does not need re-polishing. So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing Please Shut The Gate sign in your life today!

    • Color: Black and Brass
    • Brand: The Metal Foundry Ltd
    • ASIN: B06W2G3KQL
    • UPC: 045923398520

  • Design Toscano Cherub Ballante Foundry Iron Casting

    Make your garden a true "destination" with this classic focal point, fully sculpted at more than a foot and a half tall to be admired from any angle. Our exclusive, foundry cast iron work is finished to replicate the weathered French original. This sophisticated work sends the message that you take the exterior of your home every bit as seriously as the interior. 14"Wx14"Dx21.5"H. 33 lbs.

    • Color: ancient ivory
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B0050ELWXA
    • UPC: 846092035366

  • Design Toscano Vecchio Greenman Authentic Iron Door Knocker

    With a resonant knock worthy of the great hall of any castle, this truly massive piece is not for any ordinary door! Replicated from an antique Tuscan estate doorknocker, Vecchio is so massive that you'll want to use two hands to lift the verdigris patina iron ring beneath his detailed face. Also makes an impressive towel rack or curtain tie back. Mounting hardware is not included. Please consult your local hardware store for the best handing methods and materials for your door. 9"Wx3"Dx15"H. 7 lbs.

    • Color: verdigris
    • Brand: Design Toscano
    • ASIN: B003M0Q23O
    • UPC: 711033029936

  • 1853 Four 1/2 Page Ads for Iron Foundry, Locomotives, Cotton Machinery , Thread Factory

    1853 Four 1/2 page Ads for Iron Foundry, Locomotives, Cotton Machinery , Thread Factory. Published in New York and edited by A.D. Jones. This rare vintage advertisement is in very good collectible condition with soiling and a few small stains as shown,with small edged tears from where it was removed from the book. A 10 by 7 inch vintage engraved advertisement. See Photos . Four original half page advertisements , with Two engraved advertisements , one for Hawes , Marvel & Davol manufacturers of Cotton Machinery m Fall River Mass , The other is for Oliver Chance Manufacturer of Spool and Skein Cotton Thread Fall River, Mass. The other two ads are for Blanchard, Averill & co, manufacturers of Locomotives, and Stationary Engines, Springfiels Mass and Phenix Iron Foundry at the Corner of Elm nd Eddy streets , Providence Rhode Island. This advertisement was rescued from a damaged copy of the book "Illustrated American Biography" Published By A. D. Jones of New York in 1853. A very Scarce Advertisement. Would look great matted and framed. A unique gift and a great piece of vintage genealogy. Thanks for stopping by! Please take a few minutes to check out our other listing pertaining to history, genealogy, Americana, military history, business and industry, art, travel, and more. We h...

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B00NI0OUBY