• ORIBE Star Glow Styling Wax, 2.5 oz.

    All skin types. Skin friendly ingredients. 100% genuine item. This product is manufactured in United States.

    • Brand: ORIBE
    • ASIN: B01FTD9E72
    • UPC: 811913012895

  • Mop & Glo Professional Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Fresh Citrus Scent 64 oz

    Mop & Glo Professional Multi-Surface floor cleaner will clean, shine and protect. Our SHINE LOCK formula provides a long lasting shine! This cleaner also helps protect against everyday scratches. It is safe to use on tile, vinyl, hardwood, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and no wax floors. Available in a fresh citrus scent.

    • Brand: Mop & Glo
    • ASIN: B00006IAV3
    • UPC: 804993591664

  • Sun-Glo Speed 5 (5-Star Wax) Shuffleboard Table Powder, 16 oz. Can

    Sun-Glo Speed 5 formerly 5 Star for a medium-fast game, and ideal for all 14- to 22-foot shuffleboard playing fields. Another popular powder for both professional and social players. This powder gives players a comfortable game – with optimum speed and control. One pound pour can.

    • Color: Purple 5 Star
    • Brand: Sun-Glo
    • ASIN: B005GVM5VK
    • UPC: 759003258160

  • True Glow by Conair Thermal Paraffin Bath Wax Refill; replacement wax for Model PB8NR

    Get smooth, healthy-looking skin with the true glow by Conair heated wax refill. Perfect for use with the true glow by Conair paraffin spa, the aloe vera wax smoothes and softens skin on hands, elbows and heels. Just dip hand, elbow, or heel several times to create a wax covering, then peel away wax to reveal softer, smoother skin immediately.

    • Brand: Conair
    • ASIN: B00F2HL9KG
    • UPC: 885967246698

  • Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Fresh Citrus scent 32 Ounce (Pack of 3)

    Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Triple Action Floor Shine cleans, shines, and helps protect against everyday scratches. Gives you the beautiful floors you deserve in one quick and convenient step. Mop & Glo floor mop solution works on hardwood, wood, vinyl, tile and most other hard surfaces. Fresh citrus scent leaves your home smelling fresh!

    • Brand: Mop & Glo
    • ASIN: B002YD8FRQ
    • UPC: 794628204291

  • Glow in Dark Pokeball Dab Wax Silicone Jar Nonstick Herb Stash Container for Storage Dry Herb, Tobacco,Concentrations,Pill,Balm (Pokeball Jar-5pack)

    Product Description:Auchee Premium Silicone Accessories are made with 100% high quality FDA approved silicone. The Glow in Dark Pokeball jar, super durable, keeps your wax fresh and has a safe closure. This kit is a perfect solution for handling sticky materials such as lip balm, spices, wax, painting, cream and anything you could think of.Specification:6ml Pokeball Jar: Dia 38mmWeight: 23g/pcWhat's included in the package?1 x  Red+White Pokeball Jar (normal color)1 x Green Pokeball Jar (glow in dark)1 x Yellow Pokeball Jar (glow in dark)1 x Blue Pokeball Jar (glow in dark)1 x Blue+White Pokeball Jar (glow in dark)1 x Surprise Bonus GiftAttention: Glow in dark jars need absorbing light after unpack from packing box, then glow in dark can effect in night.

    • Color: Pokeball Jar-5pack
    • Brand: Auchee
    • ASIN: B074CYFMF8
    • UPC: 712971986633

  • Chemical Guys WAC_307_1 Black Luminous Glow Infusion (8 oz)

    BLACK Luminous Glow Infusion for Black Cars and Finishes is a high-tech wax specially designed to enhance the depth and shine of black paintwork. This formula utilizes state of the art technology which takes your black colored paintwork to the highest level of perfection. The unique cold emulsion process allows black to be created with zero heat, keeping the protective super polymers in the strongest molecular state. Uses advanced super polymers that repel airborne pollutants, water, and ultraviolet radiation while providing a deep shine that is guaranteed to impress any enthusiast using black. The unique wax uses synthetic polymers that bond to the surface creating a durable shield of protection.

    • Brand: Chemical Guys
    • ASIN: B00ANABN4E
    • UPC: 816276018195

  • Poli Glow kit boat RV fiberglass/gel coat restoration with UV inhibitors, water-based polymers, 32 ounce Poli Glow, 32 ounce Poli Prep, micro fiber mitt applicator scrub pad w/ handle

    Do you have old, oxidized fiberglass or gelcoat surface. Maybe on a boat or RV. There is a proven concept, for over 25 years, in restoring old fiberglass...POLI GLOW. It is not a wax, so it won't yellow or flake off. Instead, it is a polish made of a water-based polymer with urethane fortification, to improve its longevity. Our boats and RVs are always out in the sun-so we inject Poli Glow with numerous UV inhibitors to protect the finish from sun damage. By doing so allows it to last for a year or longer. The process of applying Poli Glow is simple. First, the surface must be completely cleaned with Poli Prep. Poli Prep removes wax, light stains and oxidation. It is a concentrate that must be dilluted 3 to 1 with water. Once diluted, put the Poli Prep mixture into a trigger sprayer and spray directly on the surface while using the scrub pad to clean until the area is dull and uniform in color. It should be completely dry before applying Poli Glow. Squirt a little Poli Glow on to the microfiber mitt and simply wipe on. Wipe Poli Glow on in one direction, working in small areas, about 4-6 foot sections are great. You MUST apply between 4 and 6 coats (Poli Glow does not work with less than four coats). Allow the product to dry in between coats, which is only about 1-2 minutes. Yo...

    • Brand: Poli Glow Products, Inc.
    • ASIN: B00409S8AG
    • UPC: 757183267446

  • Mop & Glo Professional Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, 384 fl oz (6 Bottles x 64 oz), Triple Action Shine Cleaner

    Mop & Glo Professional Multi-Surface floor cleaner will clean, shine and protect. Our SHINE LOCK formula provides a long lasting shine! This cleaner also helps protect against everyday scratches. It is safe to use on tile, vinyl, hardwood, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and no wax floors. Available in a fresh citrus scent.

    • Brand: Mop & Glo
    • ASIN: B0040ZORKU
    • UPC: 036241742973

  • Warm Glow Candle Company Northern Pine Scent Chips (2 Pack)

    Warm Glow Candle Company Northern pine scent chips 2 pack. Warm glow scent chips are a wonderfully fragrant flameless product that will liven up your room without the concern of burning a candle.  Suitable for homes and offices, these are excellent flameless product alternatives to be melted in burners and displayed for color accents. These pieces are random sized, intended for use in tart burners.  They come in 1/4 lb. Cellophane wrapped bags. Package of 2 bags same scent. Northern pine: experience a walk in the woods with the aroma of fresh cut pine around you without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

    • Brand: Warm Glow Candle Company
    • ASIN: B01J3RWSKK
    • UPC: 639790959382

  • Starburst (Glass Glow) Palm Wax 2322A: 10 pound bag

    Starburst (Glass Glow) Palm Wax 2322A: 10 pound bag - granular. This all natural Palm wax has a great fragrance throw in all candle types. Works equally well in containers, tarts, and votives. Typical melt point is approximately 144 degrees F.

    • Color: Ivory
    • Brand: IGI
    • ASIN: B001QMUGQE
    • UPC: 809156001929

  • Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath/Paraffin Spa Moisturizing System, Includes 1lb. Paraffin Wax, Pink

    Rough skin has met its match with a soothing spa experience at home! The Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath/Paraffin Spa Moisturizing System is just what your skin needs and deserves. This heated paraffin wax system soothes and revitalizes dry skin in a matter of minutes. Restore elbows, heels and hands with a spa paraffin service in the comfort of your own home. The warmth of a relaxing thermal paraffin treatment immediately revitalizes your skin. This deeply exfoliating and hydrating spa treatment—a heated paraffin wax bath—alleviates dryness and decreases signs of aging and sun damage, while thoroughly smoothing and softening your skin. Just what you need for rough, dry skin on hands, elbows and heels, simply dip that body part into the warm liquid paraffin wax, and once it hardens after a few minutes, gently peel it off to discover your baby soft new skin. The paraffin wax treatment helps deeply moisturize and condition the skin on your hands, nails, cuticles, heels, elbows and more. Perfect for any bathroom, this paraffin wax machine for hands and feet comes in a pretty pink color and is portable and compact enough for any countertop. It also comes with 1 lb. of unscented paraffin wax. Replacement paraffin wax can be easily ordered once you run out. Invite the girls ...

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: Conair
    • ASIN: B00AB7KN0E
    • UPC: 741082604686

  • Better Homes and Gardens Botanical Glow Plug-In Wax Warmer

    Botanical Glow Plug-in Wax Warmer

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Better Homes & Gardens
    • ASIN: B00UCD0OFQ
    • UPC: 877991033696

  • Tetra Hydro Company Wax Set with Heatable Iron Tool - Hydro Glow

    - Heatable iron tool - Silicone wax pad - Two extra large silicone wax containers - THCo love

    • Brand: THCo
    • ASIN: B071NFNJ5V
    • UPC: 790913641666

  • GlueSticksDirect Glow in the Dark Faux Wax Sticks mini X 4" 12 Sticks

    These are Super-Bond extra-strength adhesive glue sticks. Hot n Cool melt glue sticks work in Hot Melt and Cool Melt glue guns. .Adhesive SpecificationsHot n Cool Melt Super Bond hot melt adhesive to be applied in high and low temperature glue guns. Bonds to porous and non porous material. Specifications Softening Point: 178°F. (81°C.) Working Time: 40 seconds Viscosity / Centipoises: 5,500 @ 380°F. (193°C.) 12,000 @ 356°F. (180°C.) Color: Glow in the Dark Shape: Round Pounds per case: 12 sticks Temperature of Glue Gun: High and Low Temperature

    • Color: Glow in the dark.
    • Brand: GlueSticksDirect.com
    • ASIN: B00AF0M4CW
    • UPC: 700175321145

  • Pura Vida Tribal Glow Bracelet - Handcrafted with Iron-Coated Copper Charm - Wax-Coated, 100% Waterproof

    Showcase the beauty of simplicity and celebrate the simplest treasures in life with the Pura Vida Tribal Glow Bracelet! Wear Pura Vida bracelets and experience art from the heart with every piece handmade with love by the finest artisans in Costa Rica. Its exquisite quality enhances your everyday casual ensemble for a more laid back and stylish look. Finish your look wherever you go with the Tribal Glow bracelet designed to be 100% waterproof, allowing you to explore the waters without any worries. It is crafted with a beautifully attached iron-coated "P" charm, symbolizing the authenticity of Pura Vida. Get your perfect fit with its adjustable band from 2 to 5 inches in diameter, so you can wear every piece comfortably. Radiate the beauty of warm colors with this accessory blended with a hint of vibrant tones, matching any of your outfits effortlessly! Support the love of art and spread positivity with Pura Vida Bracelets. This is art made for your hands.

    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Pura Vida
    • ASIN: B074WFVQ9S
    • UPC: 841696116770

  • Toasis Soft Plastic Fishing Wax worms Artificial Bee Moth Silicone Larva Wiggler Glow Maggot Grub Lure Baits Pack of 80pcs Assorted Colors

    Probably as one of the best soft plastic baits for trout and sunfish, this soft lure bait makes it very easy for any fishermen to have a great time catching fish. A handy bait to have in your tackle box, on small jigs, under a bobber, on a fly rod or under the ice , you can use them to fish just about anywhere. Put it on a jig along with a red or yellow plastic tube bait and the combination really attracts the fish also. The shape with its softness and light scent makes it a simple but effective bait and it looks, feels, and tastes like a real meal. Great for Crappie, sunfish, bass, trout and any kind of small saltwater fish or for ice fishing. The baits are completely free of environmental pollutant and toxins and are eco-friendly. Specification: Quantity: 80pcs/set Colors: red, white, chartreuse and cream Material: eco-friendly silicone

    • Color: Mixed colors
    • Brand: Toasis
    • ASIN: B072Q96XCC