• Gossen Digisix 2 Exposure Meter (GO 4006-2 / H262A)

    The revamped, compact DIGISIX 2 has a weight of just 1.4oz (40g) and is an ideal enhancement for minimalistic, but nevertheless demanding photographers. This meter expands the measuring functions of manually adjustable cameras to include incident light measurement, by means of which better exposure can be achieved for unusual subject contrast. Integrated contrast measurement also indicates whether or not subject contrast, i.e. the difference between the brightest and darkest part of the subject, can be managed by the sensor or the film. Specifications: Comprehensive metering methods -incident and reflected light measurement. Subject contrast control -contrast display in 1/3 f-stop increments. Precision measurement and display -exposure value is ascertained and displayed in 1/3 increments. Clear-cut display -all ossible f-stop/shutter speed combinations at a glance. Timer for time exposures -timer is adjustable from 1 second to 30 minutes. Camera bag temperature monitoring -temperature measurement and min. - max. value storage. Reliable reminders -integrated clock with alarm function. Measured value memory -last measured value and function are retained. Individualized adaptation -entry of equipment-specific correction values: +/- 3 correction values in 1/3 increments. Diverse warn...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Gossen
    • ASIN: B009U08GC0
    • UPC: 719821353911

  • Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance/Light Meter, 0 - 200,000 Lux Luxmeter

    Note: Before you place order, please kindly note that you purchase this light meter from our store Thousandshores Inc instand of other seller, they are not authorized by Dr.meter and may not ship the item to you after receive the money, we want to save your loss. Dr.Meter The Digital Light meters are used in the fields of cinematography and scenic design, in order to determine the optimum light level for a scene. They are used in the general field of lighting, where they can help to reduce the amount of waste light used in the home, light pollution outdoors, and plant growing to ensure proper light levels Specifications -Display: 3-1/2 digit 18mm LCD -Power: 9V battery -Ranges: 0.1-200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux -Accuracy: ±3% ±10 digits (0-20,000 lux) / ±5% ±10 digits (over 20,000 Lux) -Repeatability: ±2% -Temperature Characteristic: ±0.1%C -Photo detector type: Silicon Photo Diode with Filter -Operating temperature: 32-104 degrees F (0-40 degrees C) -Sampling rate: 2-3 times per second -Battery life: 200 hours (estimate) -Dimensions: 149 x 71 x 41 mm -Photo Detector Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 28 mm Package Content -1 x Dr.Meter 1330B Light Meter -1 x Carrying case -1 x 9V battery -1 x User manual

    • Color: 1330B Light Meter
    • Brand: Dr.meter
    • ASIN: B005A0ETXY
    • UPC: 522232778071

  • Gossen Super Pilot CdS Precision Exposure Meter ~ Operating Instructions


    • Brand: Gossen
    • ASIN: B004QWP41S

  • Gossen Sixtomat X3 Light Meter instruction booklet 1954

    2 3/4 x 5 5/8", 20-page multicolor illustrated manual. Dimensions given, if any, are approximate. Scans large to show any defects. Unseen defects described. VG or better condition. Item complete as issued unless otherwise stated.

    • Brand: The Jumping Frog
    • ASIN: B00EV70WT2

  • Gossen Metrawatt M249A Metra Hit Energy Single-Phase Power Quality Logger & Multimeter

    The new, professional METRAHIT ENERGY multimeter is exceeding all previous performance limits.Thanks to simultaneous TRMS current and voltage measurement (AC, AC+DC and DC) with a resolution of 60,000 digits, all important power quantities can be precisely acquired. TRMS measurement, specified up to 100kHz Power measurement: active, reactive and apparent power with extreme values, power factor Energy measurement: active, reactive and apparent energy, mean power value with adjustable observation period and maximum value Mains quality analysis: recording of over and undervoltage, dips, swells, voltage peaks and transients in 0, 50 and 60 Hz systems with 6, 60 and 600 V measuring ranges Harmonic analysis: RMS values and distortion components up to the 15th harmonic at 16.7, 50, 60 and 400 Hz Instrument is completely remote controllable without activating the rotary switch or changing current sockets Auto-ranging with peak value monitoring for the prevention of invalid measuring ranges High-voltage comparator: prevents switching between the low and high impedance functions when voltage is present Crest factor display (up to 1 kHz) in U, I AC+DC All current ranges from 600 A to 10 A via the same socket: Auto-ranging and manual range selection % duty cycle measurement: 2% to 98% Acoust...

    • Brand: Gossen Metrawatt
    • ASIN: B0049A32CU

  • Gossen Mavolux 5032C Digital Footcandle and Lux Meter

    Gossen GO 4056 Gossen Mavolux 5032C Digital USB: Digital Footcandle/LUX Meter w/Case, battery, and USB interface to record & store readings with included software.

    • Brand: Gossen
    • ASIN: B0000A4F0O
    • UPC: 719821159230

  • Gossen Metrawatt GOSSEN METRAWATT (R) METRA HIT ULTRA BT Full Size - Basic Features Digital Multimeter, -200(Deg) to 850(Deg) - METRA HIT ULTRA BT

    Digital Multimeter, Multimeter Style Full Size, Max. AC Volts 600, Max. DC Volts 600, Max. AC Amps 10, Max. DC Amps 10, Max. Ohms 40 megaohm, Basic DC Accuracy +/-0.02%, Counts 300,000, Battery Type AA NiMH, Safety Rating CAT III 600V, Audible Continuity Yes, AC Response True RMS, Capacitance Range 10pF to 1000uF, Frequency Counter Range 0.001 Hz to 1 MHz, Min./Max. Memory Yes, Peak Hold Yes, Data Logging Yes, Interface IR, Bluetooth, Data Hold Yes, Bar Graph No, Display LCD, Auto Ranging Yes, Temp. Range -200 Degrees to 850 Degrees C, Special Features Triple Display, Bluetooth, Duty Cycle 2% to 98%, Diode Test Yes, Auto Power Off Yes, Calibration Certificate DAkkS, Standards IEC/EN 61010-1, EN 61326-1, EN 60529, ISO 17025, Includes Cable Set, (2) AA Batteries, Operating Instructions, CD ROM, DakkS Calibration Certificate, Rubber Holster, Manufacturers Warranty Length 3 yr.

    • ASIN: B07L85KSSP

  • Gossen Metrawatt M206A TRMS Digital Multimeter

    The autoranging multimeter for use in all areas of electrical engineering, in particular for international use.The METRAHIT WORLD provides you with all of the measuring functions you'd expect from a versatile, world class multimeter: convincing technology with all voltage, resistance, current and temperature measuring ranges, and lots of other measuring functions and automatic features such as frequency and duty cycle measurement.

    • Brand: Gossen Metrawatt
    • ASIN: B0128DR11C

  • Gossen Luna-Pro Light Meter Black Model in original leather case, Made In Germany

    Classic Gossen Luna-Pro exposure meter. It is a great meter that measures ambient light, and provides reflected and incident readings. This meter has a cds cell which is capable of taking exposure readings from moonlight to sunlight. This is a professional and very accurate ambient light meter (this is not a flashmeter). It is extremely easy to use! All the photos are of the item being for sale. Please look at the photos as they are a part of the description.

    • Brand: OLDCAMS
    • ASIN: B00W0EP0N6
    • UPC: 690225499576

  • MKDcom Soil Tester Meter Soil Water Moisture PH Meter Tester, Moisture, pH,Light Meter Digital Analyzer Test Detector for Garden Plant Flower Hydroponic Garden Tool 3 in 1

    This is a tester that collects soil pH, soil moisture, and illuminance. Body size: 50*38*290mm Probe length: 205mm (can not be directly put into the water to measure the water, oh will damage the electrode!) Weight: about 100 grams Please note that the probe should be inserted into the soil 2/3 (about 15CM or so) depth! ! Measured accurately! Features: Soil moisture measurement, press the button on the pen to MOIST, MOIST is the moisture key, the corresponding table is MOIST, DRY is dry, WET is wet, and the value 1-3 (red) indicates that watering is needed , 4-7 (green part) is appropriate, please adjust the watering time according to the plant species, 8-10 (blue part) shows too wet. Soil PH value measurement, toggle button on the pen to PH, PH is the pH key, corresponding to the table is 8-3.5 value, ALKALINE is a base, ACDIC is an acid, the value of 7 is basically neutral, the smaller the number indicates that the acidity Large, please adjust soil pH according to the plant variety Illuminance measurement: The LIGHT key is the illuminance, and the measurement range is 0-2000 lumens. The larger the value is, the stronger the illumination is. Please determine whether shade is needed according to the plant species.

    • Brand: MKDcom
    • ASIN: B07D6K2TSL
    • UPC: 798318014528

  • Gossen Lunasix 3 Light Meter with case

    Gossen Lunasix 3 Light Meter with case

    • Brand: Gossen
    • ASIN: B00G7X1BS4

  • Green LongLife 1010503 LED Replacement Light Bulb for long-neck Reading Light with 1383/1156 base 150 Lumens 12v or 24v Natural White

    Green LongLife LED replacement lights are built with the finest LED lighting technology and materials. This Green LongLife LED features: BA15S/T25 base aka 1383 1156 or 1141 base; 8-30 volts DC including 12v and 24v--this wide-range voltage is designed to withstand RV power fluctuations that can damage ordinary LED lights; 150 Lumens; Natural White color; 1.8 power watts; 30 High Power DIP LEDs (dual in-line package); beam pattern of 120 degrees; and color temperature of 4000-4500K. Each Green LongLife LED bulb has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours--many times longer than a standard bulb--which saves money and time, especially in those hard-to-reach places. This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light. Weight is approximately 1 ounce.

    • Brand: Ming's Mark
    • ASIN: B006CPYN96
    • UPC: 013964194838

  • Gossen Metrawatt M205A TRMS Digital Multimeter

    Universal auto-ranging multimeter for use in all areas of electrical engineering.The METRAHIT 2+ provides users with all the measuring functions of a highly diverse multimeter: convincing technology with all voltage, resistance, current and temperature measuring ranges, and additional measuring functions and automatic functions.

    • Brand: Gossen Metrawatt
    • ASIN: B0128DONR2

  • got goss? - Stainless Steel 12oz Camping Mug, Black

    When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this camping mug and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Molandra Products
    • ASIN: B07NC9TCY4

  • 5pc Exell MRB625 1.35V Zinc Air Battery Z625PX PX625 PX13 V625PX

    5x Exell MRB625 1.35V Zinc Air Battery Z625PX PX625 PX13 V625PX , Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.Type: Zinc AirVoltage: 1.35VDiameter: 15.6 mm Height: 5.95 mm Also Known As: Z625PX / PX625 / PX13 / H-D / MR9 / KX625 / RPX625 / LR09 / PX625A / D625 / EPX625G / V625U / KA625 / RPX625A / V625U / EPX625BP / HD1560 / EPX625It has a distinctive appearance with its 'stepped' concentric disks.Confusingly, not only are the same dimensions of battery are used for Silver Oxide and Mercury cells, but often the same names are used as well! Even though the chemistries and the voltages produced are different. It is wise to take care examining the expired battery or, better still, checking with the manufacturers documentation to check that an Alkaline battery of 1.5V is required.If you find you require a 1.35V mercury cell, you are in difficulty. Mercury cells are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity and environmental unfriendliness. Look at the PX625 page for advice.The LR9 is the least expensive PX625...

    • Brand: Exell Battery
    • ASIN: B00JLPS48K
    • UPC: 819891014399



    • ASIN: B07MWC5FQB
    • UPC: 614042922253



    • ASIN: B01E1LTVY4
    • UPC: 639738112848

  • Gossen Metrawatt M234D Metra Port 40S Digital Multimeter w/Hinged Display

    METRAport 40S digital multimeters are very well suited for universal use in general electrical engineering, electronics applications and for automotive service.Ideal reading angle adjustment is made possible by the tilt stand, and when suspended from the neck strap both hands are free for performing measurements. The instrument is switched off automatically when folded closed, and the display and the control panel are protected against damage.

    • Brand: Gossen Metrawatt
    • ASIN: B003U9YFK4

  • Gossen 1901.504 Analog kW Panel Meter T128292

    0-60 kW

    • Brand: Gossen
    • ASIN: B07KWGZQ5F