• Mezco One: 12 Collective: DC Green Lantern Hal Jordan Action Figure, Multicolor

    From Mezco toys. Intergalactic Guardian of sector 2814, Harold 'hal' Jordan, is presented in his green lantern Corps uniform. Intricately detailed and featuring a 3D chest insignia, his fitted suit features wrist gauntlets, combat gloves, and mid-calf boots. Included is a real light-up power battery lantern as used by the green lantern Corps to recharge their power rings. Activate the light-up feature by placing the right fisted hand in the recess of the lantern. The one: 12 collective hal Jordan features a one: 12 collective body that features 32 points of articulation and stands about 6.5" Tall! He comes with eleven interchangeable hands that include smoke, Star, shield blast and energy ball effects, plus two interchangeable heads and power battery with ring activated light-up function! Hal comes with a one: 12 collective display base with logo and adjustable display post for easy posing! Each one: 12 collective hal Jordan figure is packaged in a collector friendly box, designed with fans in mind!

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Mezco
    • ASIN: B07M8DSLX9
    • UPC: 696198770308

  • Diamond Comic Distributors Green Lantern Hal Jordan Battery Mini Prop Replica

    What's Included? (1)  Green Lantern Hal Jordan Power Battery Mini-Prop Replica (1) Original Box (1) Styrofoam insert (1) Certificate of Authenticity Specs: Distributed By: DC Direct Type: Battery powered mini-prop replica Character: Green Lantern Hal Jordan Series: Replicas Dimensions: Top of lantern: 8" High and Top of handle: 11.75" High Edition: Limited Edition Limited Edition #: Limited to 800 UPC: 761941255194 Condition of Bust:  10 out of 10 - This replica is in excellent condition. It does not have any chips, cracks, or other damages.  This replica has been removed from its box only for inspection and to be photographed. It has not been displayed and has been stored in its original box. Condition of Packaging: 8 out of 10 - The box is in fair condition. I shows some minor shelf-wear, mostly on the corners and edges of the box. 

    • Brand: Diamond Comic Distributors
    • ASIN: B000QJFDMK
    • UPC: 761941255194

  • DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Justice League Unlimited: Green Lantern Battery Metal Bottle Opener

    A Diamond Select Toys release! Let those who need a drink tonight, call on the power of Green Lantern's light! This 4" sculpted metal bottle opener is in the shape of Green Lantern's power battery from the Justice League Animated Series, and will remove a bottle cap almost as fast as you can think about it. Plus, magnets on the back keep it locked to your refrigerator so you don't have to wait to recharge! Packaged in a full-color slipcase.

    • Color: Green Lantern
    • ASIN: B0197UE40K
    • UPC: 699788181225

  • Mezco One: 12 Collective: DC Green Lantern John Stewart Action Figure, Multicolor

    Intergalactic Guardian of sector 2814, John Stewart, is presented in his green lantern Corps uniform - intricately detailed and featuring a 3D chest insignia. Included is a real light-up power battery lantern as used by the green lantern Corps to recharge their power rings. Activate the light-up feature by placing the right fisted hand in the recess of the lantern. John Stewart - architect, U.S. Marine veteran, intergalactic Guardian, and hero. After his service in the Marines, John Stewart was selected by the Guardians to be inducted into the green lantern Corps, bear the power ring, and protect sector 2814 where his home Planet, earth, is located. An active member of the Justice League, Stewart stands along side The other great heroes of the DC universe to uphold Justice and protect his Planet, sector, and fellow Man against the powers of evil. Features one: 12 collective body with over 32 points of articulation, two (2) head portraits, hand painted authentic detailing, approximately 17cm tall. Fitted suit with 3D chest insignia, wrist gauntlets, combat gloves, and mid-calf boots. Power battery with ring activated light-up function, energy ball FX, one: 12 collective display base with logo, one: 12 collective adjustable display post. Packaged in a collector friendly box, design...

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Mezco
    • ASIN: B07KMXJH15
    • UPC: 696198770315

  • DC Universe Classics Series 3 Action Figure Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

    This version of Green Lantern features a green and black costume, and is accompanied by the green Power Battery accessory. Test pilot Hal Jordan, chosen for his strong character and heroic potential, was bequeathed the power lantern and power ring by the dying Abin Sur. Soon after, Jordan discovered Abin Surs significance as one of many Green Lanterns and learned of the Guardians of the Universe.Each figure will contain a Build-A-Figure piece of Solomon Grundy. This is probably one of the best ideas for a Build-A-Figure. Solomon Grundy is a monstrous, ashy-skinned, manlike creature clad in a tattered black suit approximately seventeen sizes too small. Presented in varying stages of intellect, Grundy is consistently a savage, durable adversary frequently pitted against the likes of Green Lantern and Superman.

    • Brand: Mattel
    • ASIN: B001E3DJ0K
    • UPC: 027084596250

  • Green Lantern Box Set of 3" Poseable Action Figures: Kyle Tayner, John Stewart, Alan Scott-Sentinel, Jade, Guy Gardner & Hal Jordan-Parallax with Power Battery Accessory

    Small heroes are ready for big action! The second Pocket Super Heroes Box Set from DC Direct! At one time the Green Lantern Corps was the most powerful and respected intergalactic peace-keeping force in the universe. Each figure measures approximately 3.25" tall and together they are packaged in a 4-color window box with a Power Battery accessory.

    • Brand: WizKids
    • ASIN: B000CPJDL0
    • UPC: 761941240473

  • NECA Green Lantern Movie Projection Ring

    Use the green glow from this projection ring and in brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape your sight. Officially licensed ring - which projects the Green Lantern logo up to 50 feet - is based on the prop Ryan Reynolds wore as Hal Jordan throughout the new Green Lantern movie. Clear plastic and resin ring includes three AG3 batteries.

    • Brand: NECA
    • ASIN: B004QPTWSQ
    • UPC: 634482613474

  • Sideshow Collectibles SS100335 1:6 Scale Green Lantern Figure

    Joining the DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure collection, Sideshow Collectibles presents the next member of the Justice League – Green Lantern! Limited only by willpower and imagination, Hal Jordan is Earth’s first – and possibly greatest – member of the Green Lantern Corps! Proudly bearing the Green Lantern emblem on his chest, the masked hero is decked out in an exquisitely tailored version of his emerald green and black costume with shiny metallic highlights. Packed with powerful accessories he can pull from the pocket dimension, Hal Jordan wields his infamous ring, power battery, and massive green fist construct. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail on a fully articulated muscular superhero body design, the Green Lantern is sworn to guard and protect his Sector of the Universe – in brightest day and in blackest night!

    • Brand: Sideshow
    • ASIN: B01CTICNC8
    • UPC: 747720230491

  • DC Universe Worlds Greatest Super Heroes Retro Series Exclusive Action Figure Guy Gardner

    Guy Gardner, sporting his trademark boots, smirk, and haircut, was picked to be Hal Jordans Green Lantern alternate and weve selected him to be the second of four exclusive 8 RetroAction DC Super Heroes! This figure features a removable Green Lantern cloth uniform and a power battery, and comes in a vintage style package.

    • Brand: worlds greatest superheroes
    • ASIN: B00527K85I
    • UPC: 027084976342

  • Mattel DC Universe 2011 Movie Masters Exclusive 12 Inch Deluxe Action Figure Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds

    This amazing movie-accurate 12" fully-articulated Hal Jordan figure as the Green Lantern features a portrait quality head sculpt of Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds, with a power base that activates the figure's emerald-colored lights. Wave the light-up power ring (included) over the figure, and you'll hear Reynolds recite that famous Green Lantern oath! This product emits flashing lights at between 5-30 cycles per second. This product contains a magnet. Do not use arount items that are sensitive to or affected by magnetic fields.

    • Color: na
    • ASIN: B006ET6LCC
    • UPC: 027084918663

  • Green Lantern Corps: Tomar Re Action Figure

    Tomar Re of the planet Xudar, defender of space sector 2813, is one of the legends of the Green Lantern Corps. His long and faithful service as a Green Lantern marks him as one of the Corps' most heroic members...and now he joins such stellar company as Hal Jordan and John Stewart as an action figure! The GREEN LANTERN CORPS: TOMAR RE Action Figure stands approximately 7" tall and features multiple points of articulation, a Power Battery, and a one-size-fits-all PVC Power Ring. Packaged in a 4-color blister pack.

    • Brand: DC Comics
    • ASIN: B001GIAN16
    • UPC: 782361154591

  • Green Lantern Power Pendant (GL3DP02)

    Ring shming, it's all in the battery GL, all in the battery...so this Green Lantern Power Battery Pendent really represents the source of unlimited power! The ring? It's like a fancy nozzle on your garden hose, nice effects, but kinda dull without the water to back it up! Get connected to the green energy with this 2.5 inch by 1.25 inch metal pendant. Colored with green enamel, the pendant is based on the classic Hal Jordan / Green Lantern power battery from the DC comics.

    • ASIN: B005L18XJI
    • UPC: 014056207771