• Innovited 55W AC HID Xenon Conversion Kit"All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Digital Slim Ballast - H11 H9 H8-6000K - 2 Year Warranty

    The Innovited 55W Slim HID KITInnovited Xenon Hid Conversion kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your vehicle.Easy to Use Plug-and Play with QuickSnap connectors. Can be installed on any compatible vehicle (some cars may require professional installation).Innovited 55W HID Ballast Xenon Features 1. This ballast is universal fit, meaning it will fit in any car or motorcycle.2. Extremely low profile design, slim, it's just really slim! Our customer can fit this ballast in any car or motorcycle.3. Our ballast is also waterproof sealed, Dustproof, Shockproof so it will work in any weather conditions. This will create a protective environment for your ballast and ensuring the long term usage of your ballast.Available Color By Innovited3000K: Golden Yellow4300K: OEM Yellow5000K: Pure White6000K: Diamond White8000K: White Tint Blue10000K: Light Blue12000K:Blue30000K: Deep BluePinkPurpleGreenOur Promise To Our Customers1. No Matter what, we will fulfill our customer's satisfaction, we guarantee it.2. It's important to contact us if there is any problem, please don't just leave a negative feedback. That really hurts! Ouch!3. Your order will ship out on the same day or next bussiness that you complete your purchase.

    • Color: 6000K
    • Brand: Innovited
    • ASIN: B07CMKT2F4
    • UPC: 763891826042

  • Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 (H8, H9) -7,200Lm 6000K Cool White CREE

    Specification: *Voltage:8V-48V *Power : 60w/Set & 30w/bulb *Actual Lumen : Up to 7200 lms/Set & 3600 Lms/bulb *LED Type :Superior CREE LED chips *Color Temp: 6000K Cool White *Waterproof rate : IP 67 *Shell Material : Aviation Aluminum

    • Color: H11
    • Brand: Cougar Motor
    • ASIN: B01H6NZ7D8
    • UPC: 608408002918

  • XtremeVision 35W HID Xenon Conversion Kit with Premium Slim Ballast - H11 6000K - Light Blue - 2 Year Warranty

    XtremeVision® 35W HID Lighting System XtremeVision® HID Conversion Kits comes with everything you need to upgrade your halogen lights to HID. XtremeVision® HID Conversion Kits will provide you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road. Every kit is fully Plug-and-Play, allowing a quick and easy installation. (Some newer car models will require canceller cable or battery harness, please contact us if you are unsure.) The XtremeVision® Difference There are imitators of HID out there that aren’t as efficient despite their brand name. XtremeVision® provides customers with the most reliable, durable, and safest HID on the market using the latest technology. We are so sure about our HID products; we provide 2 year no hassle warranties on all our products. We offer instant tech support via phone or email to provide the support you need to get your lights working immediately. Available colors by XtremeVision® 3000K: Emits a bright yellow output 4300K: Emits a bright daylight output 5000K: Emits a bright white output 6000K: Emits a light blue output 8000K: Emits a medium blue output 10000K: Emits a dark blue output 12000K: Emits a deep purple output 15000K: Emits a deep pink output 30000K: Emits a deep blue output XtremeVision® HID Conversion Kit includes (2) Xtreme...

    • Color: 6000K - Light Blue
    • Brand: XtremeVision
    • ASIN: B00WW0BBHW

  • Aukee 55W H11 H8 H9 HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit with Canbus Error Free Ballast-6000K

    CANBUS Technology - 55W AC Power with CANBUS Technology can be compatible with 95% Cars, the Similar Current Value with the Original System make the Best CANBUS Capacity, Just Confirm Your Bulb Size Before Place an Order. Easy and Simple Installation - They are easy and straight forward to fit. Usually takes less than 20 Minutes! Just Plug and Play. No cutting, merging or headaches. Everything You Need is Included! Ballast Specifications ★ Start Current: 7.5A max ★ Working Current: 4.2A ★Output Power: 55W ★ Input Voltage: 9-16V ★ Operating Temperature: -30~85 ★ Storage Temperature: -40~105 HID Bulb Specification: 1) Color temperature: 4300k ( warm white),5000k(white),6000k(cold white),8000k(crystal blue) 2) Luminous flux: 4300lm 3) High brightness: Three times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp 4) Long lifetime: 3, 0000hrs 5) Low power consumption 6) Replacement HID xenon bulbs for car HID xenon conversion kits 7) 55W output power 8) Fits 95% of types of cars with canbus system. Please Kindly Note: As Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel and Ford F15 have complex canbus system, even most headlight of HID or LED with canbus function can't 100% be compatible with these two cars, ours neither. So please don't place order if your car model is above t...

    • Color: 6000K
    • Brand: Aukee
    • ASIN: B0713YPNWS

  • BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

    Light type: H11(H8,H9) Input Power: L/25W,H/25W Operating Voltage: DC9-32V Luminous Flux: L/4000LM,H/4000LM IP Rate: IP65 Light Source Model: CSP Chip Color Temperature: 6500K Heat Dissipation Theory: Aviation aluminum 6063 Operating Life: >30000hrs Operating temperature: -40C to +80C

    • Color: 6500K
    • Brand: BEAMTECH
    • UPC: 602105073226

  • Aukee 55w HID Xenon Conversion Kit Car Headlight with Super Canbus Ballast No Error H8 H9 H11 6000K Cold White

    Ballast Specifications: Start Current: 8A Working Current: 4.2A Output Power: 55W Input Voltage: 9-16V Operating Temperature: -30~85 Storage Temperature: -40~105 Aukee HID Bulb Specification: 1) Bulb Model: All Bulbs Models 2) Color temperature: 4300k ( warm white),5000k(white),6000k(cold white),8000k(crystal blue),10000k(deep blue) 3) Luminous flux: 4,300lm 4) High brightness: Three times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp 5) Long lifetime: 50,000hrs 6) Low power consumption 7) Replacement HID xenon bulbs for car HID xenon conversion kits 8) 55W output power 9) 100% compatible with original halogen system Package Including: ✔2 * Aukee Ballasts ✔2 * Aukee Xenon Bulbs ✔English Instruction ✔all Installation Accessories KINDLY NOTE: Because Dodge Ram and Ford F150 have complex canbus system, even most headlight of HID or LED with canbus function can't 100% be compatible with these two cars, ours neither. So please don't place order if your car model is above two model.

    • Color: 6000K
    • Brand: Aukee
    • ASIN: B01N3S48EW

  • Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with "Slim" Digital Ballasts - H11 - 6000k - 2 Year Warranty

    Kensun HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit HID lights have a glass chamber of gas, replacing the filament of traditional halogen bulbs. The gas is ignited by a 23,000v charge and stays illuminated by a constant 12v source provided by a ballast which is connected directly to your battery.Remarkably, HID lights are able to provide greater light output with much less power consumption. Studies show that a 35w HID lamp produces 3 times as much light than a 55w halogen bulb. Also, a halogen bulb uses a continuous power draw of 10-15 amps, while the HID system uses 20 amps for ignition, but then drops to a mere 3 amps during operation (i.e. up to 80% less power during use!).In addition, the HID headlamp provides longer service life. With no filament to vibrate and fatigue, under normal conditions HID bulbs last roughly 10 times longer than halogen bulbs.What is HID Color Temperature? Color temperature is a characteristic of light that is sometimes mistaken as brightness, when it is more closely related to "cool" and "warm" tones of light. Color temperature is a measure in Degrees Kelvin of the hue of a light source, in this case the HID bulb. (The term color temperature actually refers to the color associated with the amount of heat needed to produce that color from an ideal black body....

    • Color: 6000k
    • Brand: Kensun
    • ASIN: B004ZF3DYG
    • UPC: 609613966828

  • OPT7 Bullet-R H11 H8 H9 HID Kit - 3X Brighter - 4X Longer Life - All Bulb Sizes and Colors - 2 Yr Warranty [5000K Bright White Xenon Light]

    Bullet-R Xenon HID Headlight Conversion Lighting Kit w/ Bulbs and Ballasts High Intensity. Reimagined. The Original Bullet redefined HID lighting - now Bullet-R is here to make an even stronger impact. Designed, built, and tested in-house by OPT7 engineers, Bullet-R gives you increased reliability along with a show-stealing, wild array of headlight colors guaranteed to make your ride stand out.  Get the modern ease and compactness of an LED kit, but ditch the projection issues for HID stability - it's the ultimate Bullet-proof combo. Hi-Lo Xenon Bulbs: actually have two bulbs per light socket, one HID Xenon bulb for low beam, and one halogen bulb for high beam Bi-Xenon Bulbs: provide xenon HID on both the high beams and the low Beams. STAY REAL COOL. ASIC-8 Chipset: Our redesigned, enlarged chipboard provides maximum cooling power to ensure your lights last. SafetyStart Voltage Control: Our built-in smart feature prevents early burnouts. STAY BULLET-PROOF. Quality control: Torture-tested for 1200+ hours in temperatures ranging from -72°F to 140°F, our kits are guaranteed to last. 2-Year Warranty & Live Support: We back up what we build – connect with our CS Team to get any questions answered within 24 hours. Product Details: Per ballast and bulb Ballast Dimensions: 4.1...

    • Color: 5000K Bright White
    • Brand: OPT7
    • ASIN: B07GL8H45H