• Valterra (A01-1122VP Lead-Free Water Regulator

    Protects your RV plumbing against high pressure. 15 to 20 percent more flow than standard regulators. Regulates incoming water pressure to 50-55 psi. This lead-free brass conforms to CA & VT lead laws for drinking water fixtures. Water regulator, Lead-free high flow, Carded.

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B003YJJHI0
    • UPC: 019079911223

  • Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator

    "Shields your system from unregulated water pressures, Adjusts easily with a flathead screwdriver for maximum water flow, Easy to read gauge and Includes inlet screened washer *Settings above 60 psi not recommended; Check your RV manual"

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B003YJLAIK
    • UPC: 019079911179

  • JR Products 62215 Hi-Flow Water Regulator - 50-55 psi

    The JR Products Hi-Flow Water Regulator provides protection to water lines and pumps and offers a lead free brass construction and a preset pressure outlet pressure. Standard 3/4" hose fittings. 50-55 psi.

    • Brand: JR Products
    • ASIN: B00K9Z5Y70
    • UPC: 756815622158

  • Valterra A01-1120VP 40-50 PSI Lead Free Water Regulator

    Valterra's Water Regulators protect RV plumbing against high pressure, regulating incoming pressure to 40-50 psi. Conforms with federal and state laws for drinking water fixtures.

    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B003YJPC2K
    • UPC: 700360045375

  • RV Water Regulator, Hi-Flow, SS by Valterra

    The Valterra Stainless Steel Hi-Flow RV Water Regulator is lead free and fits all standard water hose and campground water risers. The regulator will keep outlet pressure at 50-55 psi and does not reduce pressure when inlet pressure is below 50 psi. The screened washer included will trap all debris and the gripper provides easy installation so no tools are required. For best results connect the water regulator at the faucet to protect your hose and your RV water system. This is not recommended for use in older RVs.

    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B003BVXHQY
    • UPC: 019079001146

  • Valterra A01-1113VP Hi Flow Water Regulator

    Valterra A01-1113VP Hi Flow Water Regulator, Carded

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B002N5JCE0
    • UPC: 019079911131

  • Camco RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator- Helps Protect RV Plumbing and Hoses from High-Pressure City Water, Lead Free (40055)

    Camco RV Brass Water Pressure Regulator helps to protect the RV plumbing and hoses from damage caused by high-pressure city water. Reduce water pressure to a safe, consistent 40–50 lbs of operational pressure. Protects equipment and prevents hose failure, to help prolong equipment life. (FGH x MGH) Patented. For outdoor use only.

    • Color: Brass / Antique Brass
    • Brand: Camco
    • ASIN: B003BZD08U
    • UPC: 069060350883

  • Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator Valve. Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge for RV Camper, and Inlet Screened Filter

    - 2016 Improved Version. We have upgraded our brass regulator after examining other reviews; Our new lead-free regulator contains a more durable pressure gauge with oil to prevent friction of internal components, particuarly low lead content, well under the lead free requirement, and comes with a 1 Year WARRANTY.- Lead Free. This regulator was modified to contain lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market. Each batch of regulators is tested to contain less than .13% lead, well under the NSF lead-free requirements of .25%. Email us for a copy of our testing certification.- Regulator gauge contains oil to reduce friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product.- Compatible with all U.S. water sources, including 3/4" garden hose threads and NH threads. Contact us for any compatibility questions by clicking on our store name, "Cartlee", and clicking on the ask a question button. - Adjustable up to 160 PSI. Arrives with easy installation guide. Email us for an additional copy of the guide or quality control test.

    • Brand: Renator
    • ASIN: B01N7JZTYX
    • UPC: 635797627897

  • Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter and Valterra High Flow Lead-Free Water Regulator Bundle Kit That Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odor & Sediment While Safely Reducing Water Pressure

    Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter and Valterra A01-1122VP High Flow Water Pressure Regulator is a perfect combination to protect and enhance the water quality for your RV, camper or camping experience. This filter lasts an entire season. This kit greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water while protecting your expensive RV or camper from damaging high water pressure. Includes flexible hose protector too! A perfect combo for any camping situation. This water filter is not designed for fish tanks or ponds. No testing has been done for this purpose.

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B075RST8H1
    • UPC: 659682146690

  • RVAQUA M11-45PSI Water Pressure Regulator for RV Camper - Brass Lead-Free Adjustable RV Water Pressure Reducer with 160 PSI Gauge and Inlet Stainless Screened Filter

    To enjoy your vacation time, it is important to keep a peace of mind, your destination camping place might have different water source or even the water is from unregulated mountain creek. To prevent your expensive RV facility and water system from damage, as a experienced camper we have a passion to solve any potential problem that might occur, so you can rest well and sleep well. Created by our co-founder who is a passionate traveler.This water regulator have several iterations and improved version in 2017. We do real field testing in different locations, the water regulator is proofed to be reliable, clean and worry free product, it's ideal for your RV needs. Specification: Material: lead-free brass Applicable medium: water Connection: Thread Nominal diameter: DN20 Structure: straight-through Pressure environment: atmospheric pressure Operating temperature: 14F ~ 200F Thread: 3/4" NH thread Drive: Manual Direction of flow: Unidirectional Maximum Pressure: 160 psi Features: Built with durable and lead free (Ava:0.1262%) brass, this regulator was modified to contain lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market; Regulator gauge contains oil to reduce friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product; Compatible with all U.S. water source...

    • Brand: Kozyvacu
    • ASIN: B07198GQPV
    • UPC: 645759663771

  • Valterra A01-1117VP Adjustable Water Regulator

    The Adjustable Water Regulator protects RV plumbing systems against high pressure. The factory preset of 45 psi adjusts for maximum water flow, visible on an easy to read gauge. Conforms with federal and state laws for drinking water fixtures.

    • Brand: Valterra
    • ASIN: B001QYTQTA
    • UPC: 019079111616

  • EZ Travel Collection RV Water Fill Regulator Standard Park Water Reg. 50 to 55 PSI (Lead Free)

    Protects RV plumbing system against high pressure. Lead Free.

    • Brand: EZ Travel Collection
    • ASIN: B00OM5RR64
    • UPC: 603185613449

  • JR Products 04-62425 Deluxe High Flow Water Regulator

    The JR Products Deluxe High Flow Water Regulator is constructed of lead-free brass and offers the highest flow available while providing protection to water lines and pumps. The regulator is preset to an outlet pressure of 55 psi. Fits standard 3/4" hose fittings.

    • Brand: JR Products
    • ASIN: B00PHNMT3G
    • UPC: 756815624657

  • COCODE Water Pressure Regulator, RV Water Pressure Reducer with Guage, Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Manual Operation Pressure Regulating Valve DN20 1.6Mpa Includes Inlet Screened Filter for Camper

    Features: "LEAD FREE" Maximizes water flow - protects RV plumbing. Adjusts for maximum water flow. Easy to read gauge and easy to install. Setting: The pressure regulator valve can be set by acting on the screw on top of the plastic cover. Turn it clockwise to increase the pressure and anticlockwise to decrease it.Adjust until the correct pressure appears on the pressure gauge. Specifications: Material: lead-free copper Connection: thread Applicable medium: water Nominal diameter: DN20 Structure: straight-through Pressure environment: atmospheric pressure Operating temperature: -10 ? ? t ? 120 ? Standard: GB Direction of flow: unidirectional Drive: manual Thread: NH thread Thread: 3/4" garden hose threads and NH thread Maximum psi: 160 PSI Adjustable to 160 PSI(It mean you can also adjust it to be a pressure regulator 10 psi ect.) Package include: 1 x Water Regulator Valve

    • Brand: COCODE
    • ASIN: B06ZYKQD69

  • Senninger Pressure Regulator 25 PSI 3/4 Hose Thread Drip Irrigation Pressure Reducer Low Flow Valve - Landscape Grade High Performance

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over or under-watering. In nursery, home & commercial landscape watering systems, pressures can fluctuate when zones cycle on or off or due to elevation changes in the irrigation system. A water pressure regulator works like an automatic valve to limit higher pressure to a desired constant lower pressure. It is important to maintain the correct operating pressure for optimum droplet size and radius of throw. Regulation is also imperative to properly meter application of fertilizers & herbicides through the irrigation system. Running systems at a controlled low pressure can help extend sprinkler and system life. Proper use of pressure regulators maintain the overall efficiency of an irrigation system. Attributes: 100% water tested for accuracy Can be installed above or below ground No external metal parts for excellent corrosion resistance Maximum flow path resists plugging Very low hysteresis & friction loss Preset Operating Pressure: 25 PSI (1.72 bar) Maximum Inlet Pressure: 105 psi (7.24 bar) Flow Range: 0.5 - 7 GPM (114 - 1590 L/hr) Inlet Size: ¾" Female hose thread / Outlet Size: ¾" Male hose thread Applications: Drip Line, Low Volume, Nursery, Greenhouse, Solid Set, Pivots & ...

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Senninger Irrigation Inc.
    • ASIN: B076BZ4GJJ
    • UPC: 760537224736

  • ShowerMaxx | Premium 8 inch Square High Pressure Luxury Spa Rainfall Shower Head- Removable Restrictor for Waterfall Rainshower - Self Cleaning High Flow Nozzles -Polished Brass Finish Rain Showerhead

    ShowerMaxx Premium 8" Rainfall showerhead - Are you looking for the PERFECT bathroom upgrade that will spruce up your shower experience without breaking your budget? - Are you looking for a PREMIUM grade showerhead that features an industry leading rainfall design with a sleek modern appeal? Look no further! Introducing the 8" Rainfall Showerhead Combo Set by ShowerMaxx - Designed with 144 Precision Engineered Self-Cleaning nozzles spread across an 8" square brass-finished surface that delivers a true luxury rainfall like shower experience. - Rainfall Shower head built with premium quality ABS with brass finish all around for an upscale attractive look usually found in Spas or luxury hotels - Comes with solid brass swivel ball joints ensuring long lasting durability and leak-free installation - Have any questions or issues? Contact Showermaxx support personnel who are standing by to help! Each ShowerMaxx's product undergoes strict quality control testing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. You are backed by our Lifetime Warranty! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. What's in the box? - 1 X ShowerMaxx 8" Rainfall Shower head with flow restrictor and a filter disk installed - 1 X Step-by-step installation instructions - 1 X FREE T...

    • Color: Brass
    • Brand: ShowerMaxx
    • ASIN: B077H5SGKG
    • UPC: 810931030034

  • Shower Head - LIMITED TIME SALE - High Pressure High Flow Fixed Chrome 3 Inch Showerhead - Removable Water Restrictor - The Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

    ENJOY THE ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE 3 INCH SHOWER HEAD BY SOMOVWORLD Showering has never been so fast and easy! No more suffering because of the low water pressure and weak flow that make it impossible to rinse. With our SomovWorld Ultra High Pressure Shower Head you will be able to achieve the highest possible water flow that your faucet can provide. You will receive excellent results in a shorter time. This unique shower head will change your shower completely! WHAT MAKES SOMOVWORLD 3 INCH SHOWER HEAD SO SPECIAL Small 3 inch surface with widening water spray for the highest possible water pressure Removable water restrictor - so you can enjoy the maximum water flow Chrome plated, AASS 24h, 9 grade - simple and beautiful design to complement your bathroom faucet Swivel brass ball joint - helps you adjust the direction of the water spray for maximum comfort High quality ABS material makes it both lightweight and durable Suitable for both your bathroom and outdoor shower Standard G1/2 connection thread - to fit your shower arm with no hassle Silicone face and nozzles - for easy maintenance and to prevent clogging

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: SomovWorld
    • ASIN: B0744G9JHK
    • UPC: 718193883224

  • 5" High Flow Multi Function Shower Head Bronze Adjustable Showerhead Bronze Massage Shower Head Bronze Fixed Shower Head Bronze Multifunction Shower Head Bronze 2.5 GPM Shower Head Bronze Oil Rubbed

    self cleaning a112.18.1m cheap massaging swivel ball joint lightweight venetian premium earth seller wide sauna not water no without power pulse coverage sense watersense extra pik pic oiled rain can good soft hard pressure antique cover fine hi turbocharged increasing fix walk in screw on victorian misting atomizing pulsing output velocity oxygen volume oversize sale powerspray twin turbo fancy that use less cool veloce energy saving star kinetic ecoflow powerpulse efficiency efficient powered nature quiet unique lightning deal powerspa clearance drip quick connect connection stream disconnect sunflower flower overhead wall mounted idea color booster multiple jets aqua dance peer elegant showermax delta saturating deluxe regadera para baño de designer very extreme vida alegria h2okinetic h20kinetic showerhead alsons most popular h2o h20 circular higher flat cabeza ducha sunrise basic medium reaction super replacement oxygenic ultra niagara thunderhead retro supreme powerselect captain eco special deal multi directional ara patterns capacity baby steam minimalist blast friendly install signature original elderly amazing classic increaser massages brushed men dark removable restrictor angle mediterranean mister a112.18.1 commercial brush brown rustic pfister anystream professiona...

    • Color: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    • Brand: SAKAIKA
    • ASIN: B075KQX9FF

  • ShowerMaxx | Luxury Spa Series | 8 inch Round High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head | MAXX-imize Your Rainfall Experience with Easy-to-Remove Flow Restrictor Rain Showerhead | Polished Chrome Finish

    Here’s How You Can Turn Your Home Into A Luxurious Spa! Do you tend to spend your days and nights thinking about your next spa visit? Do you jump at every chance to spend a couple of days in a luxury hotel or resort? Well, if that’s the case, there is no reason to recklessly spend your money, when you can simply enjoy the same experience, right at the comfort of your own home! After all, that’s exactly what the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series is here to offer! Presenting The Ultimate Showerhead Set By ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series You Deserve Nothing Less Than Pure Luxury! That’s why this showerhead is perfect for those who don’t like to settle with anything short of the very best. In fact, the ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Showerhead is here to offer you a deluxe design, top notch craftsmanship and peerless functionality that is impossible to disappoint you. Plus, it comes with the following features: 1. High Quality, Heat Resistant, Extremely Durable Rust Resistant ABS Plastic Wall Mount Shower Head in Polished Chrome Finish 2. Precision Engineered High Pressure Silicone Nozzles that are Anti-Cloggiing and Self-Cleaning3. Easy-to-Remove Flow Restrictor for Increased Water Flow4. Solid Brass Ball Joint Allowing the Showerhead to be Tilted to your Desired Direction5. Mesh Sand Filt...

    • Color: Chrome 3
    • Brand: ShowerMaxx
    • ASIN: B072C5JS5D
    • UPC: 712038722679

  • MegaRain Rainfall High Pressure 6 inch Shower Head by AquaSpa - Angle Adjustable Solid Brass Ball Joint - 60 Jets - Full Chrome Finish - Excellent Performance at High or Low Water Pressure

    Introducing NEW Rainfall Showhead by AquaSpa. This modern shower head features Large 6-inch Face for Wider Water Flow Coverage, 60 Jets, Angle-Adjustable Solid Brass Ball Joint, Leak-Free Connection and Premium All-Chrome Finish. What makes this shower head different from all the othe shower heads on the market?MegaRain by AquaSpa New 6-inch High Pressure Super-Drenching Rainfall Shower Head : DESIGNED FOR HIGH-POWER SHOWER SPA EXPERIENCE! DESIGNED FOR LOVERS OF HIGH WATER PRESSURE! Maximizes Water Pressure at 2.5 gpm for Extraordinary High-power Performance without wasting water. Superior Performance in homes with low water pressure PLUS Removable Flow Regulator Extra-Large 6 Inch Chrome Face with 60 Jets Angle-adjustable with Solid Brass swivel ball joint Tools-free Installation, fits any standard shower arm Gold-Standard Customer Service with Instant Hassle-free Return or Exchange Policy if not 100% satisfied Limited Lifetime Warranty. Get MegaRain and Join the army of High Water Pressure Today! In today's world of low-flow showerheads, it's not easy to find the right balance between performance and water conservation. So if you are not yet ready to sacrifice that indulging high-pressure Shower Spa experience, we designed this one especially for you! Nobody knows ...

    • Color: Chrome
    • Brand: AQUA SPA
    • ASIN: B074N9KPN8
    • UPC: 786696015787