• Jumbo Frameless Garment Bag Organize Storage Clean Neat (24"x22"x56")

    Jumbo Frameless Garment Bag Organize Storage Clean Neat (24"x22"x56")

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Richards Homewares
    • ASIN: B000256NQI
    • UPC: 049412470506

  • Command Jumbo Universal Picture Hanger, 3 Hangers (PH048-3NA) - Easy Open Packaging

    Command picture hangers, hooks and clips make decorating quick and easy. Command sawtooth sticky nail hangers and Command sawtooth picture hangers are designed for sawtooth, D-ring and keyhole hanging frames, while Command wire-backed sticky nail hangers and Command wire-backed picture hanging hooks are perfect for wire-suspended frames. For unframed photos and artwork, use Command picture clips.

    • Brand: Command
    • ASIN: B0751VR8KZ
    • UPC: 638060080924

  • Jumbo Hanging Dryer - 54” X 28” - Dry Sweaters and Other Apparel that Need to be Laid Flat to Dry in Order to Maintain their Shape. Mesh Material Allows Air to Circulate for Faster Drying Time.

    Jumbo Hanging Dryer is a wonderfully versatile way to dry your delicate laundry. It's the perfect solution for drying sweaters and other apparel that need to be laid flat to dry in order to protect and maintain their shape. Also, for those laundry items that cannot be put in a dryer and must be line dried it's ideal as well. The Jumbo Hanging Dryer can simply be hung from any rod or clothes line. It has a mesh platform that can be used to dry those items that need to be laid flat while drying. The mesh material allows air to circulate, so both sides of the sweater can dry simultaneously, saving time. Laundry items can also be placed along the outer rim of the dryer or hung on the rim with clothes pins (not included). In this way, many items can be hung to dry in a relatively small area; a great item for small apartments, dorm rooms or anywhere space is limited. No longer need to spread out your wet laundry to dry throughout your home, simply consolidate it to dry on the Jumbo Hanging Dryer. And, when not in use, the Jumbo Hanging Dryer folds to a 16 inch diameter for easy storage.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Handy Laundry
    • ASIN: B01N2W128V
    • UPC: 021455052833

  • Storage Army [Pack of 5 Mega Jumbo Hanging] Storage Bags Sealed Compressed Garment Vacuum Bag Save Long Coats | Dress Space Home Organizer Travel Storage Saver protects from Water, Odor, Dust, Insects

    Airtight and waterproof seal keeps out moisture and dirt. Comes with vacuum suction valve on each bag to draw out the air in the bag by Vacuum Cleaner or hand Pump. To achieve the seal please use the white clip AKA zipper clip provided, to slide a long the zipper 2-3 times to ensure the zipper is fully close/tight before the vacuum process. Thickness 0.08 MMS!!! Other brands have 0.06 MMS, which is not durable!! Please follow the instruction comes with the bag, improper overstuffed or handling may damage the bag in result of air leaking. Ever had problems with Storage Bags leaking over time and not holding their seal, not with these. The New Storage Army® Storage Bags feature the new Double Zipper: GUARANTEED AIRTIGHT and WATERTIGHT. Storage Army® Storage Bags will help you significantly cut down on the volume of any type of garment/pillow/blankets/ETC as much as 80%. Now ever cumbersome hard to store object such as king size feather comforters can be tamed.

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Storage Army
    • ASIN: B00XQX9ISI
    • UPC: 639476467248

  • Vacuum Seal Storage Pack Bags, Save 80% More Storage Clothes Space Bags, 6 Pcs Thicken (2 Jumbo Hanging Vacuum Bags & 4 Large Vacuum Bags), For Travel & Family Duvets Pillow, Double Zip Seal No Leak

    Do you need to store large and bulky items during the quarter?Do you want to be as efficient as possible when you travel?Are you upset about the wet mold and nasty bugs in your clothes? Then you only need this vacuum storage bag!Product Features:1. Two unique combinations: The jumbo hanging vacuum storage bags are suitable for 3-5 coats, sweater or 6-8 seasonal clothes. The large vacuum storage bags perfect for 2 pillows or 2 blankets. It can help you saving 80% of the space so that you can store more clothing in the appropriate place.2. The vacuum storage bag is made of high-quality PET+PA composite material which meaning it is durable and environmentally-friendly, really reusable.3. The unique double-sealed zipper and valve double structure design can prevent air backflow and air leakage more effectively and maintain a longer vacuum time.4. This vacuum storage bags can effectively prevent damp, mold and insects etc from entering clothes. When you need to use item, it can help you quickly find the clothing, save your time. 5. For the transaction to be more enjoyable, Gift a travel hand-pump for free, to solve the trouble of not having a vacuum cleaner at home or traveling. How to Use: ① Put the clothes to be stored in a compression bag. ② Pull on the sealing zipper and repea...

    • Brand: Grentay
    • ASIN: B07FDB3X3W
    • UPC: 655881126570

  • Jumbo Toy Hammock -2PACK- Organize stuffed animals or children's toys with this mesh hammock. Looks great with any décor while neatly organizing kid’s toys and stuffed animals. Expands to 5.5 feet.

    Children's stuffed animals can easily take over their bed, bedroom, and playroom, so parents need an easy storage solution. The Jumbo Toy Hammock is a novel toy way to hold and organize kids' toys, pillows, stuffed animals, and other items, in an attractive way that becomes part of the décor. You can also use it in the bathroom to store bathtub toys, giving them a unique way to drain and dry out until their next use. The white mesh material is durable enough to hold 30 or more items at a time. Just string it across a corner, like over their bed where little ones will enjoy having their stuffed animal friends close, or along any wall where they provide a colorful decoration. It's easy to attach to any wall with the hook hardware included or use adhesive wall strips. The elastic binding can expand up to 5.5 feet. Because of our mesh construction, kids and parents can see all the toys that live in the hammock, making it easy to choose which ones will come out to play. It's also easy to store them again when playtime is over, encouraging kids to help with the clean-up. Because you'll want one in the kid's bedroom and playroom, we sell the Jumbo Toy Hammock in packs of two.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Handy Laundry
    • ASIN: B00II6QO8A
    • UPC: 021455050105

  • Command Jumbo Canvas Hanger, 1-Hook, 4-Large Strips (17045-ES)

    Command canvas picture hangers make hanging your canvas prints, paintings and decorations quick and easy. Once the canvas hanger is installed on your wall, simply place your canvas picture on the canvas hanger and you are done! the small sawtooth ridge on the canvas hanger Grips into the canvas frame, or stretcher bar, providing extra grip and security. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your canvas pictures, they come off cleanly - no nail holes or sticky residue. Command canvas picture hangers are available in size large which hold most canvas pictures up to 18 inch x 24 inch and 3 pounds and size jumbo which hold most canvas pictures up to 24 inch x 36 inch and 5 pounds.

    • Color: White.
    • Brand: Command
    • ASIN: B01C60C8A6
    • UPC: 076308731182

  • 2 PK - Simplehouseware Stuffed Animal Jumbo Toy Storage Hammock

    Parents' easy storage solution. Stuffed animals within sight, making it easy to choose which ones will come out to play. Easy to store again, encouraging kids to help with the clean-up. Elastic binding secures toys so they don't fall out once in.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Simple Houseware
    • ASIN: B07DP8J2BC
    • UPC: 811244030292

  • Mayapple Baby | Stuffed Animal Toy Hammock | Premium Plush Toy Hanging Organizer | SKY JUNGLE | Jumbo Extra Large Storage Mesh Pet Net | Organize Clutter in Kids Room | Expands to 6 Feet

    Sky Jungle® Storing your child's favorite stuffed animals becomes a fun safari with Sky Jungle(TM), the plush toy storage hammock from Mayapple Baby®. Sky Jungle® is a triangular mesh hammock that hangs conveniently in a corner on the wall and holds a jungle's worth of stuffed animals, eliminating clutter and freeing up valuable play space for your little one.Strong, secure, convenient -- Sky Jungle® is:+ RIP RESISTANT: Premium fabric is reinforced with double-stitched edging. + EXTRA LARGE: Sky Jungle® net measures 72' x 54" x 54" and houses many light toys of all sizes.+ SAG RESISTANT: 3-point triangle mesh net is made with extra strong, heavy-duty elastic edge for tighter, customizable fit. + VISIBLE: See-through net allows maximum visibility of your child's plush toys.Please follow installation instructions.Mayapple Baby® Guarantee: We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Contact us if you have any issues and we will immediately do our best to resolve them. If we can't, we will fully refund your purchase. © 2015-2018 Mayapple Baby®

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Mayapple Baby
    • ASIN: B01AEQH0B6