• Hammond Leslie LS2215 Keyboard Amplifier

    "There is no more iconic name in organ amplification than Leslie, and the Leslie LS2215 carries on the tradition of uncompromising amplification of quality organ tone. But wait, there's more. The LS2215 is a reasonably priced and highly portable keyboard amp that does an astounding job amplifying electric piano, brass and string patches, and even offers a rich, detailed amplification of acoustic piano timbres. This one features a beautiful black finish that disappears under stage lighting.The LESLIE brand is synonymous with high quality in sound, performance, construction and reliability. The LESLIE LS2215 Combo Amplifier upholds the Leslie tradition now in a compact non-rotary model designed to complement any key-board rig, solo performer, acoustic guitarist, or other application where powerful, clean amplification is desired.The LS2215 features a 200-watt solid state mono power amp with a pair of 4 mid-high drivers and a 15 woofer. The stereo preamp section features three discrete input channels: Instrument, Keyboard, and Microphone. Each channel features an independent 3-band EQ. The Instrument and Keyboard channels each feature L&R stereo 1/4 input jacks, while the Microphone channel features 1/4 and XLR jacks.The Instrument and Keyboard channels include independent stereo se...

    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B016NUBUZY
    • UPC: 766150300253

  • Hammond SK1-88 88-Key Portable Keyboard

    The dilemma in designing a keyboard with both faithful and accurate Hammond Organ and Grand Piano voices lies in the keyboard itself. It seems destined for compromise-should it be organ-like, or weighted? Hammond has the answer in the unique keyboard 88 note Fatar keyboard onboard the Sk1-88, which is light enough for an Organist's comfort, yet has the "heft" to satisfy any Piano Player. The Sk1-88 also automatically adjusts the "depth" of key contact making all playing comfortable The Keys are also shaped to allow traditional Hammond "moves" like sweep and glissando. Now the Pianist who always wanted to play Hammond can do so in comfort, and vice-versa for the Organist.

    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B00GXMRU6G

  • Leslie 2121 Keyboard Amplifier

    The Leslie 2121 is a NON-ROTARY high-powered Mono Keyboard Amp/PA with a 150 Watts driving a Radial Horn and 15 Woofer. A 3 channel mixer with simple global EQ and master volume is onboard with the first channel featuring a combo XLR/1/4 Connector. When used with the Leslie 2101 MkII, the 2121 completes the Leslie 21 System, which sends the 2101 MkII's Digital Lower Rotor signals to the 2121 with ample headroom for any other Keyboard/Audio that you may hook up to the remaining mixer slots. The flat top of the 2121 is perfect for the rack case of equipment that so many keyboard players use today.

    • Brand: Leslie
    • ASIN: B0002GXMXO
    • UPC: 854446000083

  • Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka (Leslie Bricusse Songbook)

    (Easy Piano Songbook). This songbook features all the songs from the classic original movie soundtrack plus eight new songs from the touring children's musical version of the beloved story. It also includes a CD with performances of all the songs! 17 songs in all, including: Burping * The Candy Man * Cheer Up, Charlie * The Golden Age of Chocolate * I Want It Now * Oompa-Loompa-Doompadee-Doo * Pure Imagination * Think Positive * and more. Includes photos, a bio of Bricusse and notes from Bricusse.

    • Brand: Cherry Lane Music
    • ASIN: 1575608340
    • UPC: 073999399837

  • Hammond XK-5 Portable Keyboard

    The authenticity line between Vintage and Modern has been erased by the Hammond XK-5 Organ. The ground-up design of Hammond's flagship portable draws on the original B-3's blueprints, capturing its sound and feel with unmatched accuracy and soul. Its patent-pending technologies include an updated sound engine combining modeling and sampling, reproducing every nuance of the classic electro-mechanical tone wheel generator. A proprietary custom keyboard action provides the heft, bounce, key travel, and multi-contact behavior of classic Hammond consoles. Further features include four full sets of drawbars plus pedal drawbars, a control layout identical to the B-3, plus the latest-generation, ultra-realistic Digital Leslie. The depth of control gives you the ability to duplicate individual Hammonds down to the model, year, condition, and serial number, with downloadable tone-wheel profiles upcoming from famous Hammond organists. The XK-5 also may be expanded to a double-manual, with the top upgrade featuring the timeless 4-poster design of a B-3.

    • Color: MultiColored
    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B01I4U5PRK
    • UPC: 147505035509

  • Hammond SK2 122-Key Portable Keyboard

    All the same features of our great new Sk1 in a 35 pound Double-Manual Configuration. Complete, Authentic Hammond B-3 Organ, Hi-Def Acoustic and Electric/Electronic Piano, Clav, Harpsichord, Accordion, Wind, Brass, Synth and Tuned Percussion voices, which you may play solo or add to the Organ voices. Vox and Farfisa Combo Organs and 32 ranks of Pipe Organ Voice also included in the spec.

    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B007L9OH5C

  • Leslie 2101 mkII Keyboard Amplifier

    Adding a genuine LESLIE Speaker to your kit has never been easier. The 2101 MkII is highly portable, yet packs all the power of a Vintage Leslie. The Upper Rotor is basically the same as found in our flagship 3300 Leslie, with 150 watts of power feeding a Hi-capacity Driver attached to the traditional, proprietary Leslie Spinning Horn. The Lower Rotor's motion is achieved by our authentic Digital Leslie Engine, and fed through the Stereo 5' Speakers mounted at the front, behind the grill. Enough power for many small to mid-sized gigs, and more than enough when mic'd up through a Sound Reinforcement system. A real Tube Preamp warms up the sound, or may be overdriven to provide the inimitable Leslie Grind. The Three input sources (Traditional 11-pin, New-school 8-pin, or ¼ Guitar cable in) make hookup to any instrument (including Guitars) a snap. A ¼ Footswitch jack means that you'll never have to mess with those old, troublesome floor preamps again. All the performance facets are user-customizable. Combine the 2101 MkII with the Leslie 2121 to achieve the 21 System, a 300 watt Keyboard system.

    • Brand: Leslie
    • ASIN: B004R6LKDE
    • UPC: 854446000076

  • Hammond 2121 Leslie Stationary Speaker Cabinet Keyboard Amplifier

    From the first name in organ makers comes the first choice of Leslie stationary cabinets! Made to go hand in hand with the already popular 2101 and 2102 rotating units, this packs a punch as only a Hammond could. Even still, it functions quite well on its own as a keyboard amp, even equipped with a mic XLR input and phantom power! The 150 watt power to the woofer plus 50 watts to the horn already put it ahead of most "multi-function" keyboard amps. Also features an aux section for your favorite effects (overdrive pedals, anyone?) and casters for easy transport. Features/Specifications: Power Output: Bass 150W, Horn 50W Speaker: 38cm-Woofer x1, Horn Tweeter x1 Control: Volume-1.2.3, Master Volume, Tone Control Bass, Treble Terminal: Input-1 (Mic/Line) XLR-Type w/Phantom plus Phone Jack, Insert (Send, Return), Input-2.3 (Line), Phone Jack, Line Out, Remove Power Input Dimensions WxDxH: 50x50x75 cm Weight: 39kg

    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B003J9P6JY

  • Hammond CU-1 Tremolo Off Chorale Switch

    The Iconic Half-Moon Leslie Speed Control Switch for the Hammond Xk-3c. Easily mounts with the attached Thumb Screws, and is removed as easily. Connect the attached cable to the Foot Switch Jack on the Xk-3c's rear panel.

    • Brand: Hammond
    • ASIN: B002EPJD1Q

  • Leslie Digital Pedal

    The first-ever Digital Leslie Pedal by Leslie from the Hammond Organ Co. Designed and built in America, the Leslie Pedal allows the distinctive rotary, moving sound of a Leslie to be added to any, guitar, bass, keyboard, or studio rig. Derived from the state-of-the art Digital Leslie onboard the new Hammond SK series stage keyboards and the flagship B-3mkII Organ, the Leslie Pedal evokes vintage 122 and 147 Leslies and the Model 18, basis of the classic Vibratone Guitar cabinet made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughn and others. The fourth model replicates the distinctive PR-40 stationary speaker cabinet, which was standard issue with Hammond Organs in the 50′s and 60′s, and a' 'secret weapon" for many vintage studio guitar recordings. Rotary controls allow adjustment of virtual mic placement, ramp up and down speeds, overdrive, horn and bass balance, EQ and overall volume. Three footswitches provide true bypass, speed and brake control, stereo in/out. A gain switch allows the Leslie Pedal to be used in a guitar effects chain, or direct inject into a sound reinforcement system/keyboard amp.

    • Brand: Leslie
    • ASIN: B00EE2545Q
    • UPC: 766150300000

  • Leslie 147 Tube Set

    New set of tubes for your Leslie 145 and 147 speaker cabinet. Also applicable for late model Leslie 45 and 47 speaker cabinets.

    • Brand: Tonewheel General Hospital
    • ASIN: B003BWIM4K
    • UPC: 740016566748

  • Liszt: Ballades, Legends and Polonaises

    • ASIN: B000002ZKY
    • UPC: 034571163017

  • Iphone 6 Plus Case Cover Ghost Rider Case - Eco-friendly Packaging

    Ultra slim snap on case for iphone case with perfect fit.Quick and easy access to all iPhone features iphone,Dock Connector,Headphone port,microphone.This sleek and lightweight case is the perfect way to show off your custom style.Quality pictures digitally printed onto the cover cases.Polycarbonate for ultimate protection from scratches and virtually unnoticeable weight increase.

    • Brand: Leslie A Windsor
    • ASIN: B00PU8WPDC
    • UPC: 700810396804

  • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Songbook

    (Easy Piano Songbook). What child can resist this sweet collection of 6 easy piano arrangements of songs from their favorite movie, including: The Candy Man * Cheer Up, Charlie * I Want It Now * I've Got a Golden Ticket * Oompa-Loompa-Doompadee-Doo * Pure Imagination.

    • ASIN: B00FF9VMYY

  • Nord Half-Moon Switch for C1 Combo Organ

    With the Half Moon Switch you can control the speed of the built-in rotating speaker simulation as well as external rotary speaker connected via the C1's 11-pin rotary speaker connection. The Half Moon Switch offers 3 speed settings (slow, stop, and fast) and is easily attached without the use of any tools at various locations along the left side of the lower manual. Available for the C1 Combo Organ only.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Nord
    • ASIN: B0012TBIIQ
    • UPC: 834035000748

  • Relaxation: Evening Solitude

    As twilight falls over the land, immerse yourself in the lulling sounds of the evening, delightfully blended with some of Mozart's greatest symphonies.

    • ASIN: B00080ETQS
    • UPC: 096009349721

  • Scrooge: Vocal Selections (Leslie Bricusse Songbook)

    (Vocal Selections). 18 songs from the Leslie Bricusse musical based on Charles Dickens' beloved character, including: A Better Life * A Christmas Carol * Christmas Wishes * Father Christmas * I Hate People * Make the Most of This World * M-O-N-E-Y * Thank You Very Much * and more.

    • Brand: Cherry Lane Music
    • ASIN: 1575607859
    • UPC: 073999649444

  • Premium [owiWugX270ZoSgi] City Of Villains Case For Iphone 5c- Eco-friendly Packaging

    Ultra slim snap on case for iphone case with perfect fit.Quick and easy access to all iPhone features iphone,Dock Connector,Headphone port,microphone.This sleek and lightweight case is the perfect way to show off your custom style.Quality pictures digitally printed onto the cover cases.Polycarbonate for ultimate protection from scratches and virtually unnoticeable weight increase.

    • Brand: Leslie A Windsor
    • ASIN: B00PU8P51G
    • UPC: 790072452707

  • Leslie 2101 8-Pin Cable Speaker Cable

    8 pin DIN cable for connecting the XK-1 keyboard to the Leslie® 2101 system.

    • Brand: Leslie
    • ASIN: B008QD9DCY
    • UPC: 008474925317