• GODIVA Chocolatier 90g Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Tablet Bar, 31.75 Ounce (Gift Pack of 10)

    Enjoy this 10 pack of smooth, sophisticated milk chocolate bars with buttery, caramelized toffee pieces and a touch of sea salt.

    • Brand: GODIVA Chocolatier
    • ASIN: B06X179CMC

  • Lot of 10 Jewish Israeli Certified Kosher Milk Chocolate tablets - 2.2 lbs total

    Milk Chocolate made in Israel by Strauss Elite, Israels biggest chocolate producer. The weight is 100 Gm/ 0.22 lbs and it is certified Kosher (authority of certification detailed on wrapping in Hebrew).

    • Brand: Yves
    • ASIN: B0035HAL2C

  • Feodora Chocolade Tablets Whole Milk Hochfein 225g

    Feodora Chocolade Tablets Whole Milk Hochfein 225g

    • Brand: Feodora
    • ASIN: B01939QXPO

  • Ovaltine Tablets Malt, Chocolate, 12 Gram (Pack of 12)

    Ingredients Sugar 33% Glucose 17% Malt extract 12% Butter milk powder 10% Cocoa Powder 9% Whey Powder 9%

    • Brand: Ovaltine
    • UPC: 602438277025

  • Good Candy Milk Tablet for Your Children Thai Royal 25 G 6 Bags

    Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is one of the famous candy in Thailand, we can say that every Thai nations knew about it! This is a local product under ÒRoyal Chitralada Agricultural ProjectsÓ, develop and promote by Thai Royal. Royal Chitralada. Milk Candy taste are so good. Ingredients : Powder milk 70%, Icing sugar 29% Net Weight per pack : 25 g.

    • Brand: Unknown
    • ASIN: B00HXJ664U
    • UPC: 123456321076

  • Roscela Tablet Malt Candy Thai Brand Sweetened Flavour Candy 20g,10 packs

    Rich in natural goodness of malt which delivers great taste and nutritional value for a healthy growth of human body. A delicious malted milk candy that brings back a lot of unforgettable childhood sweet memories

    • Brand: Roscela
    • ASIN: B07CJDN6CY
    • UPC: 600153768781

  • Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Masterpieces Tablet, Valentines Day Gift, 3 oz

    Great for gifts! Assorted chocolate tablets.

    • Brand: GODIVA Chocolatier
    • ASIN: B073B5VKMB
    • UPC: 031290113552

  • Nestle Mexican Chocolate Abuelita Drink Mix, 6 Tabs in 19 Ounce Package

    Authentic Mexican Chocolate, the conoseurs recommend Chocolate Abuelita. No cholesterol. Prepared with skim milk, each cup of Abuelita chocolate beverage is a delicious way to help meet your daily milk intake. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 3 cups of milk daily for adults. For generations, Nestle Chocolate Abuelita has been an essential part of our kitchen. It’s delicious and frothy touch gives us the warmth and comfort we enjoy. Use it to bring authentic taste to your more traditional dishes, like mole. And for those times when you have little time and big cravings, enjoy Abuelita Insant, ready in seconds. Abuelita is a chocolate tablet that dissolves with milk, to prepare a delicious hot chocolate or it can be used as an ingredient to prepare authentic Hispanic recipes. Instructions- Making your hot chocolate. Melt 1 tablet in 4 cups of milk over medium heat. Stir with whisk until the tablet is dissolved and your hot chocolate is deliciously frothy.

    • Brand: Abuelita
    • ASIN: B00CWTYH06
    • UPC: 028000921163

  • Milka Alpine Milk Bar Candy Alpenmilch Original German Chocolate 270g/9.52oz

    Milka Alpine Milk is the delicious, delicately melting chocolate treat made of 100% Alpine milk and the classic for all chocolate lovers. The secret behind the the creamyness that melt in your mouth texture is the milk, which comes from Alpine cows (literally, from the Alps) That gives you the irresistible feelings and fulfillment of eating the whole bar. Milka Alpine Milk - just mmmmmmh! Milka is the leading European chocolate and one of Kraft Foods' billion-dollar brands that is worth buying online. The lilac-colored cows appearing on all of the chocolate further illustrate the importance of this ingredient. Created by Suchard in 1901, Milka quickly became the milk chocolate tablets specialist, now expanding to more delicious varieties and new products.

    • Brand: Milka
    • ASIN: B07CKMFDD9

  • Green & Black's, Organic Milk Chocolate Bar, 34% Cocoa, 3.5 oz

    Our milk chocolate is made with 34% cocoa, which is more than most other milk chocolate. This is why our darker shade of milk chocolate has such a cocoa-rich flavor delivering pure taste intensity. We select only the finest organic ingredients and take extra time and care to bring out the intense flavor that has become our trademark. Minimum Cocoa Content: 34%. Minimum Milk Content: 27%. Made on a peanut free site. USDA organic. Made in Italy.

    • Brand: Green & Black's
    • ASIN: B000VK7RT6
    • UPC: 708656100012