• H&C 100% Pure Natural Organically Grown Neutral Henna Powder / Colorless Henna / Senna Powder / Cassia Obovata (227g / (1/2 lb) / 8 ounces) For conditioning your hair without coloring.

    100% Natural Cassia Obovata Powder. Known for its neutral coloring effect on hair and natural conditioning.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: H&C
    • ASIN: B01LZ4IA1X
    • UPC: 742574401936

  • Neutral Henna Powder (Cassia Obovata) (1/2lb)

    Unlike its sister herb Natural henna also known as Lawsonia Inermis, Cassia obovata doesn't stain/dye the hair. It is used as a conditioning agent which makes hair glossy & thick. It has a yellow dye molecule which will safely brighten blonde and lift gray hair, while conditioning and leaving a deep healthy shine. The beauty of Cassia Obovata is that it actually bonds with the hair shaft to make it strong and has been traditionally used by women in India to strengthen their hair. Directions: 1/ Add warm water to the powder to form a paste that is the consistency of yogurt 2/ Section your hair and apply it thickly to dry hair from root to tip 3/ Cover hair with a plastic cap and a towel and leave in place for a minimum of 30 minutes or up to 2 hours 4/ Rinse out with lukewarm water. Use a sulphate free shampoo if you feel the need. Visit http://www.metiista.net for beauty recipes with Ayurvedic powder and many other helpful tips on Natural Health and Beauty. Once open, the bag can not be reused. Store the powder in a glass container for longer preservation. Ingredient: 100% pure Cassia Obovata

    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Metiista
    • ASIN: B00RS62TPI
    • UPC: 856872005335

  • 100% Pure CASSIA OBOVATA Powder, ( Neutral Henna, Henna Senna, Blonde Henna ) - 100 Grams - The Henna Guys

    100% Natural & pure herbs, multi-purpose use.

    • Color: Cassia Obovata
    • Brand: The Henna Guys
    • ASIN: B00JRN8Q20
    • UPC: 701748314618

  • Cassia Obovata (Neutral Henna) Hair Conditioner 100 grams

    Cassia Obovota also known as Neutral Henna is used as a hair treatment with effects similar to henna but without the red color.

    • Brand: Zenia
    • ASIN: B005KK359I

  • MB Herbals Neutral Henna Powder 227g / 1/2 Lb / 8 Oz - Colorless Henna - Senna Powder - Cassia obovata - Natural Hair Conditioner (Does Not Color Hair)

    MB Herbals Neutral Henna Powder 227g / 1/2 Lb / 8 Oz Cassia obovata Lf. Powder Also known as Senna Powder. Neutral Henna does not color hair. It is only a Hair Conditioner. Ingredients: Cassia obovata Lf. Powder 100% Cassia obovata is an excellent hair conditioner that makes the hair glossy and thick with a healthy scalp. It gives you all the benefits of henna without the color results on the darker hair tones. For those with light shades such as blonde, strawberry blonde or gray hairs, the neutral henna will give you a perfect uplift to your natural hair tone.

    • Color: Greenish Yellow
    • Brand: MB Herbals
    • ASIN: B076X2V9SV

  • CASSIA OBOVATA - 100% Pure & Natural Hair Conditioner - The Henna Guys (200)

    100% Pure, Naturally Grown, Cruelty Free & Vegan,Our Neutral Henna is triple sifted powder for smoothest paste. Conditions your hair naturally.

    • Brand: The Henna Guys
    • UPC: 701748326840

  • Surya - HENNA NEUTRAL POWDER - 1.76 OZ

    Surya Henna Powder colors while revitalizing, moisturizing and conditioning your hair. Its formula enriched with bee honey nourishes hair for increased luster, softness and elasticity to the hair threads. It colors without severing the original structure of capillary keratin and forms a protective film around each thread, protecting the health of your hair. Inspired and guided by the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, Surya Henna products improve the health of your hair by using plants that have been used successfully for thousands of years.

    • Color: Neutral
    • Brand: Surya
    • ASIN: B0002CK7CM

  • Khadi Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Natural Henna Senna Cassia / Neutral Hair Conditioning Powder Latest International Packaging (150 g)

    It makes your hair glossy, strong and soft as silk, also it conditions your scalp, too. This is a perfect conditioner for your hair. It can be used on all types of hair and for all types of hair colours, because it does not dye your hair but only improves the colour and structure of it. It will make your hair strong and give bounce to them.

    • Color: Gold/Grey/Yellow
    • Brand: Khadi Natural
    • ASIN: B00AFAYQ3W

  • Henna Maiden NEUTRAL COLORLESS HENNA Hair Conditioner: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

    Henna Maiden Hair Dye is "Nature's Way to Cover Grey". Henna & Herbs that's it! Our Henna Maiden Hair Dye is a gift from nature with 10 mixable shades to create an infinite range of colors . Want rich, luscious, shiny hair that dazzles everyone? Henna coats the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun! Your hair will be stronger, healthier and more manageable with tons of shine and bounce! Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp promoting hair growth. All of our Henna Maiden Hair Dyes are FDA approved for use on your hair, do not contain any metal salts, peroxide, PPD's or harsh chemicals. That means no more burning and no more health risks associated with chemical hair dyes. Once you try it you'll never go back! Henna Maiden is Vegan of course! Our easy 1 Step method means no complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs, we have created the perfect blend; you simply add water, mix and apply the dye! HENNA MAIDEN Hair Dye kit includes 100 Grams of finely sifted organic Henna & herbs, gloves, hair cap and application instructions. We ship same day on orders placed Monday - Friday before 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) from our office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a proud family owned...

    • Color: Neutral Colorless
    • Brand: Henna King
    • ASIN: B00BTHMP9M
    • UPC: 885658675202