• Orion Safety Alerter Coastal Signalling Kit

    Never feel alone on the water when your bring along this Orion flare gun. Designed for lake and coastal boating use, simply pull the trigger for instant signaling power. A perfect addition to your nautical emergency kit, this Orion flare gun features a corrosion-resistant 12-gauge safety launcher with lifetime warranty and a bandolier that can hold up to six high-performance signals. Whether your engine fails, you run out of gas or have broken a propeller, you can feel safe in knowledge that help is on the way. Including four red 12-gauge high-performance aerial flares that burn at 16,000 candlepower for seven seconds and reach 500 feet in height, this flare set will keep you visible. If you need an emergency signaler that's USCG-approved for day and night, consider buying this Orion flare gun.

    • Color: black, orange
    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B002IV84TS
    • UPC: 077403093847

  • Orion Safety Products Skyblazer II Red Aerial Signal Kit (1)

    Orion Safety Products Skyblazer II Red Aerial Signal KitAltitude: Up to 450 feet.Burn time: Up to 7 seconds each.Brightness: Up to 16,000 candela.Includes: (4) Skyblazer II Self-Contained Alert Signals.Packaged in a resealable plastic bag.USCG Approved as a day or nighttime signal.Packs Available: Single Pack, Double Pack, Three Pack, Four Pack

    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B07H19VJ9N
    • UPC: 766129017137

  • Orion Safety Products Locater Plus - 4 Marine Signal Kit - LOCAT+ Flare KIT SNGL PK - Single Kit (534SNGL)

    Orion Safety Products Locater PLUS - 4 Marine Signal Kit - LOCAT+ FLARE KIT SNGL PK - Single Kit (534SNGL)Kit contains: (4) USCG Approved Handheld Red Flare Signals, SOLAS Approved safety whistle with lanyard as an audible signal and USCG Approved distress flag for effective daytime signaling. Packed in a waterproof, floating, compact case that lays flat and stores easily. USCG Approved for day and night use.Single Kit

    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B07H1BLPVK
    • UPC: 766129017120

  • Orion Safety Areial Flare Refill, Red (4 Pack)

    Corrosion resistant, bandolier that can hold up to 6 high performance signals. Comes with 4-12-gauge high performance red aerial signals. Lifetime warranty. / USCG Approved as a day or nighttime signal. / Altitude up 500'. / Candlepower: up to 16,000 candela. / Burn Time: up to 7 seconds. / Exceeds US Coast Guard minimum requirements. / Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 7" x 12 1/4".

    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B001HWY6A0
    • UPC: 077403105397

  • Orion Alert Plus Kit

    Coastal alerter kit with accessories in neoprene floating case 2 per case. 12 gauge launcher with bandolier, red aerials, whistle & mirror. Contains aerial, visual and sound signals. When combined with handheld red flares makes the perfect kit for coastal boaters.

    • Color: orange
    • Brand: Orion
    • ASIN: B00GLL2W7G
    • UPC: 077403105724

  • Orion Alertlocate Plus Flare Kit 12 Gauge Aerial Signal Hp Alert/Loc (Case of 1 Kits)

    Orion's most popular kit is now even better with the addition of the High Performance Aerial Signals which burn longer and go higher than the standard 12-gauge signal. A substantial kit with 8 Coast Guard approved daynight signals and additional day smoke signals, this is an ideal kit for inland and coastal boaters. (Those desiring a kit with parachute flares should consider Kit 911.) Alert Signals attract attention day or night and signal that you are in trouble. The Coast Guard recommends that you fire two aerial flares, one immediately after the other, so rescuers can confirm the sighting andor direction of the signal. 12-Gauge Safety Launcher with bandolier that can hold up to 6 High Performance Signals (4) 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals, USCG approved day/night signal, altitude up to 500 feet, average candlepower up to 16,000 candela, average burn time up to 7 seconds - these specs exceed USCG minimum requirements by a 40 or more (4) Handheld Red Signal Flares, USCG approved for day/night signal, average candlepower: up to 700 candela, average burn time up to 3 minutes each (2) Handheld Orange Smoke Signals, USCG approved for daytime signal, average burn time up to 1 minute Heavy duty, waterproof, floating, international orange plastic storage case; capable of ...

    • Brand: Orion
    • ASIN: B07DBGWRS7
    • UPC: 745528093539

  • Orion Safety - Fire Pit Pro - Fire Starter for Campfires, Bonfires & Fire Pits - Ignites Damp Wood & Burns up to 7 Minutes - Eco-Friendly - Self-Contained, Waterproof & Windproof Ignition - 12 Pack

    Orion Safety Fire Starter Pack of 2 - Burns up of 7 mins - Waterproof Eco-Friendly Formulation - Waterproof Ignition and Windproof Orion has come out with a fire starter that is perfect for extreme camping or survival preparedness. This fire starter can be used in rain or shine, and even in wind. The starter will burn for 7 continuous minutes and the reach up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. With this heat you can even start to light damp wood. Be ready for an situation where you might need a flame for a fire to keep yourself warm or cook something. You will have no need for marches or butane lighters! It also doubles as an excellent signal flare when you are trying to flag someone down as you are looking for help.

    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B07K7RCVBG
    • UPC: 077403107537

  • Lifesaving Systems Corp Sirius Long Range LED Strobe Light - USCG Approved Signaling Strobe - Does NOT Replace Flares, Exceeds Solas Requirements - Made in USA

    For over 35 years, Lifesaving Systems has been an innovator and leader in the world of maritime rescue and survival equipment. Founder Sam Maness invented the first emergency escape breathing device for helicopter crews, the first flotation kit for rescue litters, the first collapsible litters, and the only collapsible steel rescue basket. Our auto-locking D-Lok rescue hook has been installed on thousands of helicopters, and our inflatable life vests are being worn by tens of thousands of military boat crews and aviators around the world. Since 1980 we have designed and manufactured the equipment helicopter and maritime rescue teams use to save lives in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. From rescue hooks to personnel harnesses, titanium ladders to rescue litters, from the strobe lights that the lost use to signal for help to the rescue strops that pull them to safety, we make the gear rescuers need to do their jobs and to do them as safely as possible. Every hour of every day our equipment is out there somewhere on or over the oceans. We know the importance of what we are making. We know how and where it will be used. We know that it absolutely cannot fail when it's needed. We make it easy to use, easy to maintain, and as tough and strong as the rescuers who take i...

    • Brand: Lifesaving Systems Corp
    • ASIN: B077Y2MQPW
    • UPC: 608802526195

  • Orion Coastal Locator Plus 4" Signal Kit with Hand Held Signals

    The Orion 534 Coastal Locater Plus Kit contains (4) USCG approved red handheld flares, (1) SOLAS approved safety whistle with lanyard, (1) 3-foot by 3-foot orange distress flag and (1) waterproof, floatable storage case.

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: Orion
    • ASIN: B000QGLTXA
    • UPC: 077403093342

  • Orion Safety Products (6020) 20-Minute Flare, (Pack of 6)

    Orion Safety Products 6020 20-Minute Flares - Six Pack comes enclosed in a heavy-duty polyester bag that keeps the flares together. The bag has Velcro on the back to secure placement in the trunk or under a seat in the vehicle. Whether in Your Backyard, In the Wilderness, On the Road, or On the Water, Orion is the Leader in Unique Safety Products.

    • Brand: Orion Safety
    • ASIN: B00MSF5XWU
    • UPC: 039147160209