• The Spice Lab Pure Himalayan Fine Grind Salt Pink, 5 Pounds

    Himalayan Dark Pink - Our Gourmet salt is pure and the finest quality Himalayan salt available, hand-mined salt, found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The high mineral Himalayan salt crystals range in color from sheer white to varying shades of pink to deep reds which indicates a beneficial amount of 84 trace elements & iron. For centuries, Himalayan salt has been used as folk remedies for a variety of health issues - sea salt is known for its healing properties and is used by health professionals, spas and individuals who are interested in utilizing natural products to heal the body and relax the mind. Stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins such as heavy metals from the body are just a few of the many benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: The Spice Lab
    • ASIN: B007V8A34M
    • UPC: 661799264112

  • Digital Food Scale/Kitchen Scale/Postal Scale – Weigh in Pounds, Ounces, Grams - Precise Weight Scale 1g (0.04oz) to 11 lbs - Batteries Included

    Your purchase includes:The Salubre' weighing machine Two AAA batteries Instruction booklet Food grade silicone trivet Package insert/how to get FREE replacement batteries for up to a year after purchase Product Specs: 1.5 X 6.1 X 7.8 inches The weighing surface is 5.6 X 5.6 inches - made of a metal alloy The unit itself weighs 12.31 oz (w/batteries) Functions: Weighs in pounds, ounces, grams & milliliters Max weight - 11 lbs Min weight - 1 g Simple Design: Consists of the unit base, weighing platform, digital display and function buttonsTare button - doubles as the on/off switch Unit button - press until the desired unit of measure is displayed. Alternating order is grams (g), pounds (lb), ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml). Cool Feature - the Salubre' remembers your last unit selection and will return to it the next time you switch it on. Other Cool Features: Non-Slip bottom - 4 rubber "feet" keep the unit in place Display - updates almost instantly Auto-off - allows 2 minutes of inactivity. Each ingredient you add/subtract extends the time for 2 minutes again. The weighing platform has a slight ridge around the edge to keep liquid from spilling off. SUGGESTION - use a container for "sloppy" foods and use TARE. TARE - weigh an empty container and press TARE to subtract that w...

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: REM Concepts
    • ASIN: B01KOXVY0W
    • UPC: 862524000306

  • Reconstructing Earth's Climate History: Inquiry-based Exercises for Lab and Class

    The context for understanding global climate change today lies in the records of Earth’s past. This is demonstrated by decades of paleoclimate research by scientists in organizations such as the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program (ANDRILL), and many others. The purpose of this full colour textbook is to put key data and published case studies of past climate change at your fingertips, so that you can experience the nature of paleoclimate reconstruction. Using foundational geologic concepts, students explore a wide variety of topics, including:  marine sediments, age determination, stable isotope paleoclimate proxies, Cenozoic climate change, climate cycles, polar climates, and abrupt warming and cooling events, students are invited to evaluate published scientific data, practice developing and testing hypotheses, and infer the broader implications of scientific results. It is our philosophy that addressing how we know is as important as addressing what we know about past climate change. Making climate change science accessible is the goal of this book. This book is intended for earth science students at a variety of levels studying paleoclimatology, oceanography, Quaternary science, or earth-system science. Additional resources...

    • ASIN: B007U91OMC

  • Meta 15000 Fundamentals Women's 33-inch Labcoat White XL

    Meta Fundamentals Ladies 33" Labcoat, Pencil Pocket Stitch on Breast Pocket, 1 Piece Back, 3 Pockets, Matches Men's Style 15007, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton with Soil Release, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Performance Poplin with Soil Release, Sizes: XXS-5X

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Meta
    • ASIN: B00409F2X2
    • UPC: 609953210919

  • Fristaden Lab Digital Precision Analytical Balance Lab Scale 3000g x 0.01g Self Calibrating Scale 0.01g Accuracy Weighs Grams, Carats, Ounces and Pounds with Weighing Tray Shield

    State of the Art Digital Precision Laboratory Balance This Fristaden Lab Digital Analytical Precision Balance can measure up to 3000g with a 0.01g accuracy resolution. This scale is great for environments where measurements must be exact. The quality design features a metal weighing pan, a protective wind shield, an easy-to-read digital display, and, most importantly, fast and accurate readings. The balance has Unit, Calibration, Pieces and Tare/Zero function keys, as well as an overload indicator and can measure units in grams (g), carats (ct), ounces (oz) and pounds (lb). In addition to the balance, included is a weighing tray, a plastic shield and a power adapter. One Year Manufacturer Warranty. Unit dimensions: 200mm x 265mm x 75mm. Shield dimensions: 170mm x 150mm x 85mm. Weighing plate diameter: 130mm. LCD display: 87mm x 27mm. Unit weight: 1.5kg. This Precision Balance is sold by Fristaden Lab, an American-brand lab and scientific equipment retailer established in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Fristaden Lab is owned and operated by Fristaden & Company, LLC.

    • Brand: Fristaden Lab
    • ASIN: B07BJ1QQLP
    • UPC: 633562841912

  • ValuMax 3660CBL Extra-Safe, Wrinkle-Free, Noble Looking Disposable SMS Knee Length Lab Coat, Ceil Blue, L, Pack of 10

    Extra-Safe, Wrinkle-Free, No-See-Through, Noble Looking Disposable SMS Lab Coats, Ceil Blue, Large, 10/pk, Snap Front, 3 Pockets, Knit Cuffs & Collar, Latex Free.

    • Color: Ceil Blue
    • Brand: Valumax
    • ASIN: B00GV8D7ZK

  • Controlled Labs White Flash 20 Serving, Cherry Limeade, 0.4 Pound

    White Flash - 20 Serving Cherry Limeade (EACH) -CONTROLLED LABS

    • Color: Cherry Limeade
    • Brand: Controlled Labs
    • ASIN: B07C5F5RFT
    • UPC: 856422005778

  • Lab Armor 42370-008 Beads, 8 L

    For use in high-temperature bead baths to help incubate common lab vessels, including microfuge tubes, Test tubes, Micro plates, and slides.

    • Brand: Lab Armor
    • ASIN: B007PD7K44

  • The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt - Coarse 5 Pound Gift Bag - Gourmet Pure Crystal - Nutrient and Mineral Dense for Health - Kosher and Natural Certified - .5mm

    The Spice Lab sources only the finest quality 100% natural extra fine salt, hand-mined deep in the Himalayan Mountains from salt beds formed in the Jurassic era, more than 200,000,000 years ago when large seas dried out. The massive salt flats where covered up through the ages, they became locked deep in the earth. Local weather, erosion and water leached minerals into the berried salt, imparting minerals color and taste. Himalayan Dark Pink - Our gourmet extra fine salt is pure and the finest quality Himalayan Salt available, hand-mined salt found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The high mineral Himalayan salt crystals range in color from sheer white to varying shades of pink to deep reds which indicates a beneficial amount of 84 trace elements & iron. For centuries, Himalayan salt has been used as folk remedies for a variety of health issues û extra fine sea salt is known for its healing properties and is used by health professionals, spas and individuals who are interested in utilizing natural products to heal the body and relax the mind. Stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins such as heavy metals from the body are just a few of the many benefits of Himalayan Pink salt. The high mineral content of the Himalayan salt cry...

    • Brand: The Spice Lab
    • ASIN: B07D2476ZQ

  • Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap 3" x 30ft - Lab Tested 31,518lb Break Strength - Heavy Duty Draw String Included - Triple Reinforced Loop Straps to Ensure Peace of Mind - Emergency Off Road Towing Rope

    ✅ "Best heavy duty tow strap loops straps for towing car or trucks! Rhino kills it with the Black & Green! Best Company out there by Far. I will never use any other recovery straps " - Hunter Long

    • Color: 3in x 30ft Tow Strap
    • Brand: Rhino USA
    • ASIN: B06WRSR2PG
    • UPC: 608807999901

  • Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXL, Stitched Edges, Waterproof, Ultra Thick 5mm, Wide & Long Mousepad 36”x12”x.20" White

    Give yourself plenty of mouse real estate and space to move with this oversized gaming mouse pad. You'll love the comfort of the thick 5mm mouse pad, the accuracy of our professional grade smooth surface, and the quality, durability, and attention to detail that you won't find on consumer-grade mouse pads. - EXTRA LARGE 36" x 12" x 5mm thick - large enough to fit your mouse & keyboard - ULTRA SMOOTH SURFACE - Silky smooth surface for less resistance - WATERPROOF - A waterproof coating on the mouse pad to prevent damage - SUPER COMFORTABLE & THICK -A Plush 5mm is 40%-60% thicker than a regular mousepad - PROFESSIONAL EDGE STITCHING - High quality stitching around the edges so it's built to last - ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BACKING - This pad stays in place and won't slide around - OUR LOGO OUT OF THE WAY - We placed the logo in the top left corner and made it recessed. - MACHINE WASHABLE - Keep the peanut butter, spilled drinks, your kids dirty paws and other messes at bay Give your mouse the home it deserves and your games or work the precision you need. ... Click the "Add To Cart Button" NOW

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Reflex Lab
    • ASIN: B01CPX9O6K
    • UPC: 644391776283

  • Iams Proactive Health Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Chicken, 30 Lb. Bag

    IAMS ProActive Health Adult Dog Food for Large Dogs is veterinarian recommended and made with real ingredients. Our recipe starts with farm-raised chicken and includes wholesome grains and veggies. It’s formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for healthy joints. Plus, our quality, easily digestible ingredients provide your dog with a strong immune system; healthy skin, coat, and metabolism; and strong bones. Look for the IAMS difference.

    • Brand: Iams
    • ASIN: B00BD74654
    • UPC: 019014700721

  • 12, Amber, 2 oz Glass Bottles, With Glass Eye Droppers

    These high quality amber glass bottles with glass eye droppers, are perfect for storing your essential oils, perfumes or colognes. The Amber glass provides protection from potentially harmful light and the convenient size makes it perfect for travel. The Eye Droppers allow for the perfect amount of product to be used every time.

    • Color: Amber
    • Brand: Vivaplex
    • ASIN: B00V73OA6O
    • UPC: 857836003596

  • Nutri-Lock Vacuum Sealer Bags. 2 Rolls 11x50 and 8x50. Commercial Grade Bag Rolls for FoodSaver and Sous Vide

    NUTRI-LOCK Vacuum Sealer bags Keeps AIR Out Locks NUTRIENTS In BIG BRAND PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY AT LOW, LOW PRICES • OVER 3x LONGER than the leading brand rolls. • 50 ft. bag rolls... That's just a few cents per bag. • Make your bags the exact length YOU need; no wasted material. • Less spoilt food, less waste... MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET. LIKE ARMOR FOR FOOD • The durable 4Mil-layer material is air and watertight! • High density micro-channels make the bags SUPER flexible to provide a super-tight fit... LIKE AN ARMOR FOR FOOD. • Nutri-Lock bags are BPA free! • Nutri-Lock bags are made to US standards on an FDA approved site. • Defends against FREEZER BURN. • Perfect for SOUS VIDE cooking. LOCK THE NUTRIENTS IN! KEEP FOOD FRESH, HEALTHY AND RICH IN NUTRIENTS• Designed in Australia for healthy lifestyles, healthy bodies and healthy food. • Helps keep food fresh up to 5x longer • Help keep super foods, super! KEEP FOOD TASTING DELICIOUS! • Helps keep fruits and vegetables crisp and crunchy • Avoid freezer burn; keep steak looking and tasting juicy! • Helps slow down food spoilage; no more soggy, gritty, wilting fruit and vegetables. • GREAT FOR MARINADING; Lock your meat in a Nutri-Lock bag to speed up the marinade process. AND... With our 3 MONTH GUARAN...

    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Nutri-Lock
    • ASIN: B01LCKD5QW
    • UPC: 754220755959

  • Wolff Dark Tan II Plus F71 100W Bi Pin Tanning Lamp (8)

    Most recognized and respected brand without equal in performance, life and value.

    • Brand: Wolff Systems
    • ASIN: B01N9MJ6YS
    • UPC: 733556280106

  • Healthy Nutribullet weight loss smoothie recipes: shade off those pounds with these delicious smoothies

    A Nutribullet without healthy, delicious recipes is a waste. I have put together fat burning smoothie recipes to help you get in shape. They are healthy, nutritious, and mouthwatering. You will enjoy losing weight using these smoothies.

    • ASIN: B011364622

  • K2 Scientific 4 cu. ft. Laboratory Undercounter Freestanding Solid Door Refrigerator

    These countertop, benchtop, undercounter, and upright pharmaceutical/vaccine solid door refrigerators are suitable for clinical, laboratory, pharmacy, healthcare, life science, and medical-grade applications and are designed for the safe storage of vaccines and other critical samples. Every K2 product is purpose-built to comply with CDC and VFC (Vaccine for Children) recommendations for safe vaccine storage. Additionally, each unit is fully compliant with EPA and SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) mandates on new natural 'green' refrigerants, for environmentally-friendly solutions that doesn't compromise temperature performance. All units ship FREE LTL (dock to dock) to the continental US, and will ship within 24 hours. White glove delivery is available for $250. Backed by a two-year, full replacement warranty. - Intelligent microprocessor controller with digital display and adjustable temperature control - Temperature stability of ±2°C from the set point - Variable (cycle) defrost - Audible and visual high or low temperature alarms - Magnetically sealed door with rapid cool-down mode after door opening - Door-activated and exterior switch-activated interior LED lighting - White epoxy-coated wire shelves - Shelves are adjustable by 1 inch increments - Cabinet constructe...

    • Brand: K2 Scientific
    • ASIN: B0773S7188