• Savio 18W Uvinex Clarifier

    Savio 18 Watt UVinex Savio's 2nd-Generation UV Clarifier is the latest breakthrough in coated-bulb technology - UVinexTM from Savio. This sleek new design is virtually maintenance free. Simply wipe the bulb clean with a damp rag to restore its effectiveness, and you're ready to remove algae, again - the chemical-free way. It's modular design allows for easy installation. Plus, its integrated approach is easy to maintain, and costs less than a separate standalone component. The Savio 18 Watt UVinexTM works unobtrusively inside the Savio COMPACT Skimmerfilter® 24 hours a day, and is sized according to the gallons in your pond. NOT FOR USE in a STAND-ALONE application. For the installation of the UVinex in a 2006 or older Savio COMPACT Skimmerfilter a retrofit part #RC111 is needed. Savio warranty not valid on products purchased from this site.

    • Brand: Savio
    • ASIN: B000P693S4
    • UPC: 835217004240

  • Replacement Filter Mat for Savio Skimmerfilter, Set of 4 (1-year Supply)

    These replacement filter mats are designed for use with Savio Skimmerfilter pond filtration units. They are sold as a package of four filters, which should last you a year under normal conditions. Along with regular cleaning of the filter, it is recommended that you change the filter every three months to maintain a clean and healthy pond environment. Each filter measures approximately 17 inches tall, 13-3/4 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. These are made to work with the full size Skimmerfilter, and are not compatible with the Compact Skimmerfilter. Please double-check the measurements carefully before ordering.

    • Brand: Skimmerfilter
    • ASIN: B005F5G9KA

  • Pond Free Waterfall- 13ft

    Vanishing waterfalls and 'endless' streams are the hot new must have backyard accessory. Now using the latest technology you can enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Savio has applied its advanced design principles to two extremely durable, easy to install kits. Pond Free® Waterfall Packages include professional quality components and their new nearly indestructible Waterfall WellTM component. Savio Pond Free® products provide everything necessary to build a dynamic waterfall or stream-scape environment except the rocks and plants.

    • ASIN: B001L4CTDK

  • Savio - Replacement Livingponds Filter Lid

    Savio - Replacement Livingponds Filter Lid

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Savio
    • ASIN: B005OTL5MO
    • UPC: 835217002611

  • Pond Package- 1500 Gallon

    1500 Gallon Pond Package® 11' x 16' x 2' Max Size A larger pond with even more bio-filtration capacity. • Underlayment 15' x 20' • 45 mil. EPDM Liner 15' x 20' • Skimmerfilter® Base Unit • Skimmerfilter® 8.5" Faceplate • Livingponds® Waterfall Filter • Springflo Bio Filter Media • Water MasterTM Solids Pump 3600 • 2" x 25' Kink-Free hose • Black Foam • Plumbing Kit • Filter bottom Drain Assembly • Installation Guide • How to Build a Livingpond® DVD

    • ASIN: B001L491CM

  • Pond Package- 500 Gallon

    Savio Pond Packages include everything you need to build a full size pond with professional results. Best-selling Savio filtration components and designs assure low maintenance and a healthy ecosystem. You can't beat the simplicity of installation.

    • ASIN: B001L47SFO

  • Discharge Kit for Water Master Clear-Waterfall Well

    Quick connect discharge kit for Savio Water Master Clear Pumps. Advanced Gator Lock System provides quick disconnect for servicing or winter storage.

    • Brand: Savio
    • ASIN: B001GINCIW

  • Savio Compact Skimmer Lid

    Replacement lid for Savio Compact Skimmers.

    • Brand: Savio
    • ASIN: B0056CKFVQ