• True Crime Stories: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology Book 1)

    The world can be a very strange place in general and when you open the pages of this true crime anthology you will quickly learn that the criminal world specifically can be as bizarre as it is dangerous. In the following book, you will be captivated by mysterious missing person cases that defy all logic and a couple cases of murderous mistaken identity. Follow along as detectives conduct criminal investigations in order to solve cases that were once believed to be unsolvable. Every one of the crime cases chronicled in the pages of this book are as strange and disturbing as the next.The twelve true crime stories in this book will keep you riveted as you turn the pages, but they will probably also leave you with more questions than answers. For instance, you will be left pondering how two brothers from the same family could disappear with no trace in similar circumstances over ten years apart. You will also wonder how two women with the same first and last names, but with no personal connections, could be murdered within the same week in the same city. The examination of a number of true crime murder cases that went cold, but were later solved through scientific advances, will also keep you intrigued and reading.Open the pages of this book, if you dare, to read some of the most biz...

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  • True Crime Stories Volume 7: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)

    Open the pages of this true crime anthology to learn about twelve more true crime stories that shocked communities and grabbed headlines around the world. You will learn about tragic cases of family annihilation and relationships gone horribly wrong. Among the most shocking of these cases is the murder of the Westerhuis family in South Dakota, who on the outside appeared to by an all-American family, but inside they harbored a felonious secret. A trio of politically motivated murder stories will also keep you intrigued and glued to the pages of this book. Two of the cases involve hate crimes committed in the United States, while the other was the first major act of Islamic terrorism in the U.S. The three cases were also examples of organized crime, much like the murder of Australian biker Wayne Rodney Schneider. You may be shocked when you learn that the criminal investigation of Schneider’s murder has uncovered suspects from two different continents and that the actual crime took place on a third continent. Unfortunately, many of the cases profiled in this book involve innocent victims, such as nine-year-old Amber Lucius who was murdered by her own mother. Now that you have been warned, open the pages of this book and learn about twelve more high-profile true crime murder case...

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  • Stealing Power: Absolutely gripping crime fiction full of totally unputdownable mystery and suspense (Detectives Kane and Colt Crime Thriller Series Book 1)

    Stealing women's power is easy ... restoring it is deadly.Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt lives his life in the limelight. The charismatic star of New Scotland Yard is public relations gold. Everyone loves him. Well, almost everyone. For three years a vicious serial rapist has been taunting and tormenting him, sending him recordings of every sickening crime he commits. But with no DNA from the devastated victims the trail is stone cold dead, until a familiar landmark leads Colt back to his hometown - the last place on earth he wants to be.It's also the last place on earth Detective India Kane wants him. The obsessively private local keeps her head down, works hard, and doesn't bother anybody. She likes life that way. When people bother her, things have a tendency to get messy. She's just landed a career changing case - a brutal drug-facilitated rape investigation - and doesn't take kindly to the arrogant newcomer parachuted in to snatch it from her.The hunt is on.But Colt and Kane's twisted prey is just warming up. As he escalates, so does his power. And he won't stop until he's stolen it all ... even if it means bringing his own brand of terror directly to those who hunt him.When their lives collide - it won't just be the victims' worlds that are torn apart.Stealing Power is t...

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  • Shocking Cases from Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Files: The Phil Spector Case / the Priest's Ritual Murder of a Nun / the Brown's Chicken Massacre and More!

    Dr. Henry C. Lee is highly regarded throughout the law-enforcement community as one of the most talented and experienced forensic scientists in the world. He has also received widespread public recognition and media attention through his association with sensational criminal investigations, including the JFK assassination, the suicide of White House counsel Vincent Foster, the Chandra Levy homicide, the O.J. Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey cases, and, most recently, the Caylee Anthony case. In this new book, Dr. Lee and critically acclaimed mystery writer Jerry Labriola, MD, team up again to present another true-crime page-turner on five notorious incidents:• The Phil Spector case: Legendary music mogul Phil Spector was charged with murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson, found slain in his mansion. But has Dr. Lee produced forensic evidence suggesting her death was a suicide?• The Brown’s Chicken massacre: The savage murder of helpless employees of a restaurant in Palatine, Illinois, was left unsolved for over a decade until the painstaking forensic skills of Task Force and Dr. Lee eventually identified the killers.• Murder in the Sacristy: The brutal murder of a nun in a Toledo, Ohio, church had bizarre ritualistic overtones and remained unsolved until a priest was pr...

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  • Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A powerful true story about the potential for mercy to redeem us, and a clarion call to fix our broken system of justice—from one of the most brilliant and influential lawyers of our time, as seen in the HBO documentary True Justice “[Bryan Stevenson’s] dedication to fighting for justice and equality has inspired me and many others and made a lasting impact on our country.”—John LegendSOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING MICHAEL B. JORDAN AND JAMIE FOXX • Named One of the Best Books of the Year by The New York Times • The Washington Post • The Boston Globe • The Seattle Times • Esquire • Time Bryan Stevenson was a young lawyer when he founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice dedicated to defending those most desperate and in need: the poor, the wrongly condemned, and women and children trapped in the farthest reaches of our criminal justice system. One of his first cases was that of Walter McMillian, a young man who was sentenced to die for a notorious murder he insisted he didn’t commit. The case drew Bryan into a tangle of conspiracy, political machination, and legal brinksmanship—and transformed his understanding of mercy and justice forever. Just Mercy is at once an unforgettable account of an...

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  • Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   -  NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST A New York Times Notable BookNamed a best book of the year by Amazon, Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, Time, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine, NPR, Vogue, Smithsonian, Cosmopolitan, Seattle Times, Bloomberg, Lit Hub, and SlateFrom the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Lost City of Z, a twisting, haunting true-life murder mystery about one of the most monstrous crimes in American history            In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, the Osage rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe.             Then, one by one, the Osage began to be killed off. The family of an Osage woman, Mollie Burkhart, became a prime target. One of her relatives was shot. Another was poisoned. And it was just the beginning, as more and more Osage were dying under mysterious circumstances, and many of those who dared to investigate the killings were themselves murdered.             As the death toll rose, the newly created FBI took up the case, and the young director, J. Edgar Hoover, tur...

    • Brand: Vintage
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  • Killer Kids Volume 4: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

    22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill, including;Joshua Davies: An extremely callous young man, Davis battered his 15-year-old girlfriend to death on a dare.Esmie Tseng Overachiever Esmie is fed-up with her mother’s unrealistic demands. The answer to her problem is in the knife drawer.Andrew Wurst: His classmates called him ‘Satan.’ Andrew Wurst was determined to live up to that billing.Daniel Petric: His parents took away his favorite video game and Daniel is far from happy about it. Now the game is for real and so are the bullets.John Odgren: A horror-obsessed nerd arrives at school armed with a knife. Somebody has to die today and he doesn’t care who.Pierre Folliot: Everyone in the village said Pierre was "an angel.” He turned out to be the Angel of Death.Keith Randulich: A truly horrific murder with an incredibly bizarre motive. But what really turned Keith Randulich into a killer?Jared Michael Padgett: Deeply religious, fervently patriotic, secretly psychotic. Gun nut Jared is about to explode.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃Plus 14 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Killer Kids Vol. 4.Book Series by Robert KellerMost of my works cover serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the mai...

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  • Killer Kids Volume 2: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

    22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill, including;Justina Morley: Self-described as a “cold-blooded, death-worshiping bitch,” Justina had a lot to live up to. She succeeded admirably.Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson: The killing spree was carried out with near military precision. Amazingly, the shooters were just 11 and 13 years old.John Any Bird Bell: The victim was just 12 years old and had his throat cut from ear to ear. His killer was barely two years older.Christian Fernandez: A toddler is rushed to the ER with horrific head injuries that he will not survive. But who is responsible? Surely it couldn’t be his 12-year-old brother?Santre Sanchez Gayle: The barely believable story of a 15-year-old hitman and a murder caught on CCTV.Sheila Eddy & Rachel Shoaf: Two 16-year-old girls decide to get rid of an unwanted friend in this disturbing tale of teenaged friendship gone horribly wrong.Billy Flynn: Billy has a crush on his high school teacher. How far will he go to win her affection? As far as murder?Harold Jones: Accused but then acquitted of a brutal child murder, Harold Jones was welcomed back into the village like a conquering hero. Two weeks later he killed again.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃Plus 14 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Killer Kids ...

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  • Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal that Undid Him, and All the Justice that Money Can Buy: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein

    You've read the Jeffrey Epstein headlines, now get the full story. The world's bestselling author, James Patterson, has written the definitive book on the billionaire pedophile who -- at least so far -- got away.

    • ASIN: B01EFL9BMC

  • Mortal Evidence: The Forensics Behind Nine Shocking Cases

    A lifeless newborn baby is found discarded in a motel Dumpster. Authorities quickly arrest the infant's teenage parents, charging them with murder. Did Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson, in fact, murder their own baby? Tammy Wynette died suddenly at a relatively young age, and yet no autopsy was performed? Was someone trying to hide the real cause of death? Did Sam Sheppard (later dubbed "The Fugitive" based on a television series) really kill his wife? And if not, who committed the murder?Things are not always as they appear, as world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht shows in this riveting behind-the-scenes look at nine famous cases. In the nationally known baby case involving Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson, Dr. Wecht reviews the evidence and comes to a startling conclusion. In fascinating detail, he demonstrates how the tools of forensic pathology often uncover murky, long-hidden secrets that crack seemingly unsolvable crimes. Writing in the first-person Dr. Wecht leads you into the heart of the investigation, focusing each chapter on a single engrossing drama. He reveals the most startling evidence that shows why JonBenet Ramsey's killer most likely came from within her home, why O.J. Simpson probably had an accomplice in the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Gold...

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  • Children doctor : dentist.

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  • Licensed to Lie

    This true legal thriller debunks everything the media and the government told us about the Department of Justice’s destruction and prosecution of the venerable accounting firm Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch executives who did one business transaction with Enron,  Alaska Senator Ted Steven’s,  and more.  The common thread through it all is a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to great power.  Still in the news today―Robert Mueller s “pitbull" Andrew Weissmann and other members of Obama's inner circle―are wreaking havoc on our Republic.  This is the book that began exposing “the Deep State.”

    • ASIN: 1732767602

  • Killer Kids Volume 1: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

    22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill, including;Kip Kinkel: Voted by his classmates, the “Most Likely to Start World War III,” Kinkel was a crime just waiting to happen. Add guns to the mix and you have a massacre.Eric Smith: The brutal murder of a young boy shocks a small community in upstate New York. No one could have guessed that the killer was just 13 years old.Barry Loukaitis: The tragic tale of a bullied child, an unstable mother, and a shooting spree that destroyed three young lives.Cayetano Santos Godino: Known as the “Jug-eared Dwarf,” Godino was a juvenile serial killer who terrorized Buenos Aires, Argentina during the early 1900s.Dedrick Owens: A cold-blooded murder committed by a killer who, shockingly, was just six years old.Sam Manzie: A problem child from an early age, Manzie eventually devolved to murder when he lured, raped and strangled an 11-year-old boy.Joshua Phillips: A horrific sex crime with an unlikely perpetrator, the most popular kid on the block.Jesse Pomeroy: A malevolent youngster who killed at least two children and tortured many others, Pomeroy might just be America’s youngest serial killer.˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃Plus 14 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Killer Kids Volume 1.Book Series by Robert KellerMost...

    • ASIN: B07C6K5MCX

  • Deadly Women Volume 6: 18 Shocking True Crime Cases of Women Who Kill

    18 Shocking True Crime Cases of Women Who Kill, includingAmber Hilberling: A woman pushes her husband to his death from a 25th floor window. She claims it was an accident. You decide.Anu Singh: All of Anu Singh’s friends knew that she was about to murder her boyfriend. None of them did a thing to stop it.Adelaide Bartlett: Edwin Bartlett was dead, the victim of apparent chloroform poisoning. But who administered the toxin, his wife or her lover, the local vicar?Clara Harris: When Clara discovered that her husband was cheating, she decided to confront him head on – at 40 m.p.h., driving a Mercedes Benz.Laurie Dann: Poisoned cookies, guns and firebombs. The day Laurie Dann finally flipped.Adriana Vasco: A respectable married couple is found shot to death in their car beside a California highway. The investigation into their deaths will turn up some dirty little secrets.Barbara Opel: When Jerry Heimann is found dead, the police suspect his former employee, Barbara Opel. Except Barb didn’t do the killing herself. She hired a group of teenagers to do the dirty work.Deanna Laney: The disturbing tale of a Bible-obsessed woman who murdered her four sons in order to “gain favor with God.”Plus 10 more horrific true murder cases. Scroll up to grab a copy of Deadly Women Volume 6....

    • ASIN: B07PQGY6C3

  • True Crime Stories Volume 10: 12 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Anthology)

    Can’t get enough of gruesome True Crime stories and endless turn of events? Then this book is for you.In the following pages of this true crime anthology, you will be introduced to some of the most tragic crime cases in modern history. The twelve crimes profiled in this volume will keep your eyes glued to the pages, although sometimes due to the shocking nature you will undoubtedly want to turn away. The primary theme of this volume is youth violence and some of the factors that have driven kids to kill. Some of the reasons were as shocking as the crimes themselves, such as the case of the two thirteen-year-old boys who killed one of the boy’s grandmother so they could buy some marijuana and have a pizza party. You will also read about teens who killed just for fun, such as Don Collins, while the motives for other teen murderers remain a mystery. The tragic case of the murder of the Doss family highlights that sometimes people, even teenagers, don’t need a reason to kill. Along with the profiles of teen killers are other chapters that examine cold case murder mysteries and other cases that can only be described as strange or bizarre. No matter the content, each of the twelve chapters are riveting and will keep you wanting to read more.So come along for a journey into the de...

    • ASIN: B07C1F1PHN