• Princeton Snap! 9650FB-8 Taklon Filbert 8 Snap Brush, Gold

    Let your creative juices flow with the Princeton Snap! filbert paintbrush. Bring out your acrylic shades and watercolors, and paint away with this Gold Taklon paintbrush. It has a multicolored short handle for convenient application. You can use this size 8 brush to add vibrant washes of color or paint pretty floral designs. This Princeton paintbrush features a chiseled tapered edge and an oval-like tip that lets you add color to curved and round spaces.

    • Color: Gold
    • Brand: Princeton Snap!
    • ASIN: B0069F2FTE
    • UPC: 757063965097

  • Loew-Cornell Short Handle Golden Taklon Filbert Brush-Size 8

    Loew Cornell Golden Taklon Brushes An incredibly popular brush line. Made with new honey colored synthetic filament that has the spring and snap of sable. These brushes are ideal for watercolor inks and fluid acrylic colors. Loew Cornell offers an extensive selection of brush shapes and sizes.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Loew-Cornell
    • ASIN: B00275NK12
    • UPC: 089241108263

  • Connoisseur White Taklon All Media Brush, 6 Filbert

    Superior spring, durability and performance can be found in each Connoisseur white nylon brush. White taklon is highly recommended as an acrylic brush; however the outstanding color carrying capacity makes it an excellent choice for oil and alkyds as well. Superior, soft white nylon fibers provide precise flow control. Ideal for use with thinned down color for glazing, blending or detail work. Long handles for acrylic, alkyds and oils.

    • Brand: Connoisseur
    • ASIN: B001JD4Z62
    • UPC: 661670600664

  • Royal & Langnickel RSET-9140 Zip N' Close Gold Taklon Filbert Comb 3-Piece Brush Set

    Royal's Zip N' Close brush sets feature high value, quality constructed brushes. These sets are offered in short handle or long handle, with kiln-dried wood handles or acrylic handles and are available in a number of various hair types. All brushes come standard with a quality seamless aluminum ferrule. Ideal for artist's, students and crafters, these brush sets are packaged in a sturdy vinyl pouch with a Zip N' Close seal for travel and storage. Whether your into fine art, decorative art, or crafting, with Zip N' Close you're sure to find the perfect sets for your projects.

    • Color: Multicolor
    • Brand: Royal & Langnickel
    • ASIN: B008BSY496
    • UPC: 090672225283

  • Nicpro Professional Paint Brushes for Acrylic Watercolor Oil Gouache Painting 16 PCS Art Brush Comb Long Handle Taklon & Hog Hair Round Filbert Angel Flat Brush with Carrying Travel Bag

    MATERIALS: Hairs: Premium Taklon and hog hair bristle(white) Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Birch Wood Media: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache Including 16 PAINT BRUSHES: 11PCS Taklon: Round:#1, #2, #4 Flat:#4, #6 Filbert:#5, #9 Angle:#2, #8 Wash:#10 Liner:#000 5PCS Hog Hair: Flat:#8 Filbert:#3, #7 Fan:#4 Wild Flat: 5/4 inch PAINTING USES: You can paint in every style you want SHAPES/USES: Round: For Detailing & short strokes Flat: For bold stokes & filling Filbert: For blending edges Angel: For detail coverage Wash: For laying in large area Fan: For special effect and textures Liner: For lines & lettering Wild Flat: For laying in large area

    • Color: 16 pcs
    • Brand: Nicpro
    • ASIN: B07DGZN659
    • UPC: 708302994552

  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Double Filbert Brush, 10

    La Corneille golden taklon brush with a double filbert brush tip.

    • Brand: Loew-Cornell
    • ASIN: B004YV015K
    • UPC: 089241222068

  • Loew-Cornell 1024938 Studio Elements Golden Taklon Short Handle Round/Short Handleader/Filbert Brush Set

    Studio Elements is a differentiated Fine Art Brush Set Line developed by and for Beginning and Intermediate artists. Brushes were chosen based their preferences and most used brush tips, while delivering outstanding value.

    • Brand: Loew-Cornell
    • ASIN: B0089KU7ZQ
    • UPC: 089241216913

  • Anself Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set Filbert Head Wooden Handle Artists Brushes 9pcs

    This paint brush set includes 9pcs different brushes for different usage. Brush nylon hair would do not spread while painting. It's an ideal tool for painters or artists. Specifications: Handle Color: Black Hair Color: Brown Handle Material: Wood Hair Material: Nylon Hair Size: (L * W)Approx. 0#: 10 * 6mm / 0.4 * 0.24in 2#: 12 * 6mm / 0.47 * 0.24in 4#: 15 * 8mm / 0.59 * 0.3in 6#: 16 * 10mm / 0.63 * 0.4in 8#: 18 * 11mm / 0.7 * 0.43in 12#: 25 * 14mm / 0.98 * 0.55in 12#: 25 * 14mm / 0.98 * 0.55in 14#: 27 * 15mm / 1.06 * 0.59in 16#: 29 * 17mm / 1.14 * 0.7in Overall Length: 28.5cm / 28.7cm / 29.5cm / 30cm / 31cm / 32cm / 32.3cm / 32.5cm / 33.2cm Package Size: 39 * 17cm / 15.35 * 6.7in (L * W) Package Weight: 137g / 4.84oz Package List: 1 * Paint Brush Set(9pcs)

    • Brand: Anself
    • ASIN: B00W6YA2WO
    • UPC: 702971118875

  • Loew-Cornell, 7550-3/4, Glaze/Wash- Golden Taklon

    Loew Cornell is well known in the Arts and Crafts industry as one of the leading quality brushes. Artist paint brush, Glaze/Wash Golden Taklon, size 3/4 inch. Brush has short wood handle, Golden Taklon bristles and seamless Nickel ferrule. A great brush for intermediate, advanced craft painters and intermediate fine artists. For use with acrylic and watercolor.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Loew-Cornell
    • ASIN: B000YQI0W0
    • UPC: 089241108461

  • ZEM BRUSH Golden Taklon Cat's Tongue Brush Set

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: ZEM
    • UPC: 616919976512

  • Art Embraced 6 Piece Artist Brush Set, Synthetic Paint Brushes for Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache Painting, Non-Shedding Quality, Face and Body Paint Brushes

    Wake up and paint the day away this set contains 6 synthetic artist brushes. The hair is made of fine taklon nylon. Great quality and strong filaments with a soft finish facilitates easy, smooth, flowing painting. Tight and strong brass ferrule double crimped to avoid shifting of handle. Birchwood handle, light yet durable. Affordable variety pack 12 size flat brush 10, 8, 4 size filbert brush 6 size angled brush 2 size round brush this set has been ergonomically designed. It is strong, light, and portable. Can be use on face and body painting or any art and craft projects. Great results with water soluble paints. Please follow caring instructions. Do not leave in water and rinse after use with a little bit of soap and lukewarm water moving the bristles back and forth. Gently squeeze extra water off the filaments and reshape to original shape. Place them flat on a clean surface and store when dry.

    • Color: Green, Black
    • Brand: Art Embraced
    • ASIN: B01F9IMHSK
    • UPC: 735757057389

  • Filbert Brushes for Acrylic Oil Watercolor by Amagic 9 Pcs Artist Face and Body Professional Painting Kits with Synthetic Nylon Tips

    The Amagic 9 Pieces Artist's Filbert Brushes are designed to meet the requirements of both amateur and professional alike and their luxurious feel, resilience and softness make them the perfect tool for Acrylic and Oil Painting projects and equally can be useful for Watercolor, Gouache Art Paints. What make Our Filbert Head Nylon Brush Set the Best? ✒ Precision Points - Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity that results in an Easy, Consistent Smooth Flow of Paint. ✒ Anti-shedding - Brush with Brass Ferrule Perfect for Frustration Free Painting ✒ Nylon Hair - Springy, Good Color Retention and Easier to Clean ✒ Easy Control - Long Wooden Handle ✒ Ultra-Durable - Lasts Longer Painting Uses - Acrylic Painting - Watercolor Painting - Oil Painting - Ink Painting - Gouache Painting - Plein Air Painting & - Crafts Painting - Miniatures Painting - Models Painting - Rock Painting & - Special Effects Makeup Painting - Face Painting - Body Painting Inside Package -9 Long Handles Filbert Brushes -1 Plastic Storage Container Our Quality Promise: Amagic Paint Brushes are Checked in a Multi-Point Quality Test by Our Own Professional Quality Control Staff. In Our Unique Brush Replacement Program, If Any Brushes Arrive Damaged, We'll Promise to Send You a Replacement Brush for Free. Buy...

    • Color: Filbert Brushes
    • Brand: Amagic
    • ASIN: B0779C19XQ
    • UPC: 785004786951

  • Nicpro 10 PCS Filbert Paint Brushes Art Painting Brush Set for Acrylic Watercolor Oil Gouache Canvas, Artist Kit for Kid & Adult

    Artist PRO Paint Brushes X Specification Hairs: Premium Taklon Ferrule: Aluminum Handle: Birch Wood Media: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache 10 PAINT BRUSHES: Filbert: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 SHAPES/USES: Filbert: blending, soft rounded edges like flower petals. this brush is sort of a combination of the rounds and flat PAINTING USES: Filberts are combination of both round and flat. The have the rectangular shape of a flat brush, but also come to a point like a round brush. Because of their unique shape, filberts can create a wide variety of marks. Use filberts for many painting tasks including blending edges.

    • Color: Filbert
    • Brand: Nicpro
    • ASIN: B07NTGB5CV
    • UPC: 708302994835

  • Soft-Grip Golden Taklon Filbert Brush-Size 8

    A soft-grip brush with a clear handle. 1 pack(1 piece)

    • Brand: ROYAL BRUSH
    • ASIN: B000XZGFG0
    • UPC: 090672026637

  • Royal Golden Taklon Filbert Artist Brush Set - Rcc 213 - Single

    PA ROYRCC-213

    • Brand: Royal
    • ASIN: B009CE66K8
    • UPC: 090672304070

  • Silver Brush Jumbo Golden Taklon Filbert Paint Brush, Size 40

    Silver Jumbo brushes of soft Golden Taklon for large murals, backgrounds and easel painters working in acrylic colors. Filbert shape with curved oval tip and soft edges for details with precise control.

    • Brand: Silver Brush
    • ASIN: B01BYO7IR8
    • UPC: 765179823408

  • Royal & Langnickel R4100T-10 Taklon Acrylic and Oil Brush Filbert 10

    Taklon Acrylic and Oil Brush Filbert 10

    • Brand: Royal & Langnickel
    • ASIN: B00A6WN86U
    • UPC: 090672102812

  • Silver Brush 1514S-2 Silverwhite Short Handle White Taklon Brush, Edgewater Wash, 2-Inch

    This Silverwhite edgewater wash short handle white taklon brush is durable, high performance, soft white synthetic and the value leader for use in gels and acrylics. Manufactured with specially selected and blended tapered filaments. This brush hold sharp flat edge and fine needle point. Soft and resilient, perfect for large canvas painting. Use and clean with care. Handles are not acetone resistant. Comes with short handle. Available in edgewater wash shape. Measures 9-1/4-inch length by 2-inch width by 3/8-inch height.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Silver Brush Limited
    • ASIN: B004BNFBPQ
    • UPC: 611036087929

  • ROYAL BRUSH R9170-8 Crafter's Choice Taklon Filbert Brush, Size 8, Gold

    ROYAL BRUSH-Crafter's Choice Gold Bristle Standard Stencil Brush. This tried and true line is notable for its wide variety of brush styles sizes and easy one price point programs. The brush features an acrylic handle with ergonomic styling and no-slip rubber grip handle. This package contains one standard stencil brush. Available in a variety of different sizes each sold separately. Imported.

    • Brand: ROYAL BRUSH
    • ASIN: B00114RFB6
    • UPC: 090672276308

  • Silver Brush 1503S-6 Silverwhite Short Handle White Taklon Brush, Filbert, Size 6

    This Silverwhite round short handle white taklon brush is durable, high performance, soft white synthetic and the value leader for use in gels and acrylics. Manufactured with specially selected and blended tapered filaments. This brush hold sharp flat edge and fine needle point. Soft and resilient, perfect for large canvas painting. Use and clean with care. Handles are not acetone resistant. Comes with short handle. Available in round shape and size 6. Measures 7-3/8-inch length by 1/3-inch width by 1/3-inch height.

    • Brand: Silver Brush Limited
    • ASIN: B004BNLGD2
    • UPC: 611036655555