• CNZ Audio Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal, True Bypass

    Look & FeelThe Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal is a smooth & slick charcoal gray with a classic white reel to reel tape design. While it has a solid build, its mini size allows it to be lightweight, easy to travel with, and leaves plenty of room on your pedalboard. The bottom of the pedal has a thick rubber pad to keep it still on any surface. .Amazing ToneThis incredible pedal has a warm and full tone, and perfectly embodies the original tone you create. From simple dry sounds to fully advanced echo tones, you will be able to mimic those classic tones of the 60’s or inspire your own new music. For Advanced Players & Beginners AlikeThe CNZ Audio Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal is great for beginner and advanced alike. Advanced guitarists can fine tune the knobs to find that exact sound to inspire your riffs and ignite your music on stage or at home. Beginners can tweak and tune your settings to discover new tones and make you feel like a rock star! Inspire Your Music!Standard 9VDC (- center, + outside) power supply required, but sold separately*

    • Brand: CNZ Audio
    • UPC: 643307666397

  • Wampler Faux Tape Echo V2 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

    The Faux Tape Echo delay has become a staple in Nashville and beyond, from masterful session guitarists to studio 'house sound' collections and of course seen on stages worldwide! Based around very carefully selected and very rigorously tested PT2399 delay chips, the Faux Analog Echo and Faux Tape Echo circuits allowed Brian to combine the note clarity of a sophisticated digital delay with an all-analog dry path (unaffected signal) and magnificent all-analog tone-shaping and modulation circuitry.

    • Color: Faux Tape Echo V2
    • Brand: Wampler
    • ASIN: B01M9DXY2U
    • UPC: 763815129099

  • Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

    Introduction A genuine analogy delay with new CD2399GP(PT2399) IC installed. It features up 25ms-600ms of delay time, and yellow fall has two outputs for effected signal and dry signal respectively. True bypass switch lets your instrument's signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument Low noise mechanical switch is used for effect /normal switching. Features Pure analog Whole circuit delay, clear, plump and smooth New Delay effect Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong True bypass provide transparent tone LED indicator shows the working state Specifications Time of delay: 20ms~ 620ms Input impedance: 1 M Ohms Output impedance: 490 Ohms Working current: 42 mA Power Supply: 9V DC adapter Dimensions: 95mm (D)*44mm (W)*48mm (H) Weight: 240g (with box) Package included: 1 x Donner Yellow Fall Delay Guitar Effect Pedal 1 x User's Manual

    • Color: Yellow Fall Delay
    • Brand: Donner
    • ASIN: B00GRRN2RI
    • UPC: 612306330455

  • NUX Tape Core Deluxe Tape Echo Delay Guitar pedal True Bypass Firmware Upgradeable

    The Tape Core pedal! It s a tribute for the legendary tape echo with a constrict size Crystal clear, incredible ambient!. Tape Core is a compact stomp box that offers classic tape echo tone. Just like the real tape echo, Tape Core has 3 repro heads provided 7 different combinations of delay sounds. All the natural sound, decay, modulation are created by NUX TS/AC Technology, is convenient, professional and inspiring!

    • Brand: Cherub
    • ASIN: B01KO6IX76
    • UPC: 885947102150

  • Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal

    One of the most beloved echo effects ever made, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal! Roland and BOSS have recreated every sonic detail and nuance of the original. Experience the legendary tape-echo sound of the RE-201, and get "lost in space" with this retro-modern marvel.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: BOSS Audio Systems
    • ASIN: B000WIOGLO
    • UPC: 686751477690

  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch EP-3 Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

    The Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo, has tape echo sounds so authentic you’d swear there was tape inside the pedal! Inspired by the Maestro Echoplex, EP-3 model, perhaps the most famous tape delay ever, the Belle Epoch features everything that was loved about the EP-3 in a small, maintenance free pedal format. There are a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle traits of the Echoplex that needed to be implemented in order to be authentic.

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Catalinbread
    • ASIN: B00F0694EW
    • UPC: 853710004208

  • Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

    The Echoplex EP-3 tape echo unit is famous for its deliciously warm, organic modulation and sweet musical voice-a key component to some of the most iconic guitar tones from the ’70s onward. The original EP-3 units, however, are expensive, temperamental, and larger than a VCR. That’s where the EP103 Echoplex Delay comes in. It’s the size of a Phase 90, and it delivers the EP-3’s legendary tones with a simple control interface and a hi-fi all-analog dry path. The Delay control sets the time between repeats-from 4 to 750ms-the Sustain control sets the number of repeats, and the Volume control sets the output level of your repeats. Where the sound of this pedal really shines, though, is in Age mode. By default, your pedal performs as a perfectly-calibrated, factory-fresh tape echo machine would- bright and clear tape with subtle wow and flutter modulation. A quick push of the Volume knob lets you “age” the sound of your repeats, darkening the tone, upping the tape saturation (distortion), and increasing modulation and tape distress as you turn the knob clockwise. The EP103’s delay signal gets the same tonal conditioning that the EP101 Echoplex Preamp provides, while the dry path is left untouched. For the full EP-3 experience, put that secret sauce on your dry signal by...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: JIM DUNLOP
    • ASIN: B01BF7YAMA
    • UPC: 710137081666

  • T-Rex Engineering REPLICATOR-JUNIOR Compact Analog Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal with Active Tap Tempo (10039)

    T-REX Replicator Jr Offers an Analog, True Tape Echo in a Compact Pedal Design with One Playback Head, Three Controls for Level, Feedback, and Time as well as an Active Tap Tempo Footswitch

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: T-Rex
    • ASIN: B075ZH6NQ7
    • UPC: 811059018065

  • Mugig Electric Effects Pedal, Bass Guitar Effects Pedal, Multi-effects Pedal, Multieffects Processors with 9 Types True Bypass for Electric Guitar/Bass(Digital)

    Mugig Delay Effect with a complete copy of the input signal, delay's sound is almost the same as the input, which sounds neat and clean for your guitar performance. Reverb Effects: Clean/Mod/Analog/Tube Echo/Tape Echo/Dynamic/Lo-Fi/Filter/Reverse Input: 1/4″Monaural Jack Output: 1/4″Monaural Jack Power Supply: DC 9V adapter (positive outside and negative inside)(not included) Item Size: 11.5 * 6 * 2cm / 4.3 * 2.4 * 0.8in Products we sell can be changed and refunded in six months. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve the problems as soon as possible. Have a fine day!

    • Color: Digital
    • Brand: Mugig
    • ASIN: B0785FX6N8

  • DELAY LAY LAY Analog Delay Effect Pedal by Deadbeat Sound

    Analog Delay by Deadbeat Sound. Get down with the Delay lay lay. (please note, no longer comes with power supply and patch cables)

    • Brand: Deadbeat Sound
    • ASIN: B071YD1W1W
    • UPC: 700516594375

  • T-Rex Engineering REPLICATOR Analog True Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal with Two Playback Heads, Three Operation Modes, Tap Tempo, and Two Expression Pedal Inputs (10027)

    T-REX Replicator Analog True Tape Each Pedal with Two Playback Heads, Three Operation Modes, Tap Tempo, and Two Expression Pedal Inputs.

    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: T-Rex
    • ASIN: B016NUCMAG
    • UPC: 713803227245

  • Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal

    Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Behringer
    • ASIN: B0016ML1C2
    • UPC: 151000017366

  • T-Rex Engineering REPLICATOR-MODULE Analog, True Tape Echo Guitar Effects Rack; Compatible with Compact Eurorack / Studio Module (44HP) (10037)

    T-REX Replicator Studio Offers a 100% Analog, True Tape Echo with Modern Features Housed in a Compact Euro rack / Studio Module (44HP).

    • Brand: T-Rex
    • ASIN: B01N17BPN6
    • UPC: 811059010373

  • Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal Echo Square Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes

    Product Introduction The New Delay pedal from Donner Company with the name of Echo Square, which is also a digital circuit pedal. 7-Mode Delay effects in the whole Aluminium-alloy stomp box. One pedal let you have 7 different effect delay: Digital, Analog, Tape, Mod, Sweep, Lofi and Reverse. This is a wonderful pedal. A variety of delay effects adds musical color to you tone. There are three function knobs, namely MIX, TIME and F.BACK. MIX is used to controls the dry/effect signal ratio. TIME is used to control the delay time. F.BACK is used to control the feedback amount. LED indicator shows the working state. True bypass switch lets your instrument's signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument. Specifications 1.Input: 1/4″Monaural Jack. 2.Output: 1/4″Monaural Jack. 3.Power Supply: DC 9V (Negative in the center ). 4.Working Current: 140mA. 5.Dimensions: 95(D)*45(W)*48(H)mm. 6.Weight: 250g(With box). Precautions ·Environment: 1.Do not use the pedal in high temperature, high humidity, or subzero environments. 2.Do not use the pedal in the direct sunlight. ·Please do not dissemble the pedal by yourself. ·Please keep the manual for future reference. Package included: 1 x Do...

    • Brand: Donner
    • ASIN: B078BR4VPP

  • MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

    The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay - made possible only by old-school bucket brigade technology. This design boasts an amazing 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls Delay time, Mix (dry/wet blend), and Regen (delay repeats) - all in a pedal no bigger than a Phase 90. In addition, two internal trim pots offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. The Carbon Copy will take you from crisp "bathroom" slap echoes to epic, Gilmour-esque delays with a twist of a knob. True hardwire bypass, single 9-volt operation, and stage-ready blue LEDs round out the package. Available only from Dunlop Manufacturing, the world's leader in analog pedal technology.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: MXR
    • ASIN: B0016ZZKJO
    • UPC: 710137065222

  • TC Electronic Electric Guitar Single Effect GAUSS TAPE ECHO

    TC Electronic GAUSS TAPE ECHO super-saturated tape echo pedal with Mod switch, delay, sustain and volume controls.

    • Brand: TC Electronic
    • ASIN: B00X8JGKTA

  • Donner Wave Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Super Mini

    This is the delay pedal from Donner Company with the name of Wave, which is also a pure analog circuit delay pedal. And maybe it’s the smallest analog delay effect pedal ever. The clear tone of Wave can be well applied to all kinds of music, and the tone can compete with same expensive similar products. For analog delay, 20ms-620ms delay time is sufficient to meet the normal needs. Although Wave has a small size, it is equipped with complete basic adjustment knob. There are three function knobs, namely LEVEL, F.BACK and TIME. LEVEL is used to set the delay volume. F.BACK is to set the repeated notes. TIME is used to set Delay time. Two models: MOD and NORMAL. True bypass switch lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with direct, unaltered signal from your instrument. Specifications Material: Aluminum Alloy Time of Delay: 20ms ~ 620ms Input impedance: 1 M Ohms Output impedance: 490 Ohms Working Current: 38 mA Power Supply: 9V DC adapter (negative in the center) Dimensions: 75mm (D)*36mm (W)*40mm (H) Weight: 210g (with box) Package included: 1 x Donner Wave Guitar Effect Pedal 1 x User's Manual

    • Brand: Donner
    • ASIN: B01LW1AHYA
    • UPC: 708302975759

  • T-Rex Engineering SOULMATE-ACOUSTIC Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with Compression, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, 3-Band Equalizer, Built-In Tuner, and Looper (10036)

    T-Rex soulmate acoustic multi-effects pedal is the perfect acoustic toolbox with compression, modulation, delay, reverb, 3-band equalizer, built-in tuner as well as +5 minimum Looper and active tap tempo footswitch.

    • Brand: T-Rex
    • ASIN: B074PV7ZQ3
    • UPC: 811059010397

  • J. Rockett Audio Designs Immortal Echo Guitar Effects Pedal Bundled with Guitar Picks, Cable, and Microfiber Cloth

    The Immortal Echo Pedal was created with a vintage style echo and full controls in a housing that is ideal for any pedalboard size. The Immortal is a small pedal but it offers a great delay with warm analog sounding echo. Its echo provides addictive ethereal sounds that make delayed notes musical, credences to the analog dry signal and warm repeats. The Immortal Echo Pedal can provide anything that your music needs from a Delay pedal to tone controls that allow for brighter or darker repeats. It's also designed for beginner artists and is both user-friendly and affordable. The Immortal by J. Rockett creates the fierce and thick sounds you crave. The Immortal has four controls; Mix, Repeats, Time, and Tone. Mix controls the level of delay signal within the dry signal. Repeat controls the desired amount of repeats from one to infinite feedback. Time controls the desired delay time from short slap back to long 680ms repeats, while Tone controls the tone of the delayed notes. Accessory Bundle: Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Pick - Made of the popular Tortex material for long life and bright tone. 2X XPIX 15Ft 1/4" Interconnect cable is designed to interconnect pro audio gear with balanced phone jacks and can be used as stereo interconnect Fibertique Microfiber Cloth -Design...

    • Brand: J. Rockett
    • ASIN: B07DTRSLP9
    • UPC: 096259933619

  • Fender Mirror Image Delay Pedal

    There’s no denying the power of a good delay; ranging from subtle to smashing, this ambient effect is one of the cornerstones of modern music. The Mirror Image Delay brings this atmospheric effect to your rig, giving you the ability to create depth with a simple slap back or develop an epic soundscape with modulated repeats. Digital, Analog, and Tape modes-each with two voicing variations-make this expressive and inspiring pedal indispensable. It even has the option to add a dotted-eighth note for those Irish-inspired washes of sound. The delay tails continue when the pedal is bypassed, ensuring a natural sound.

    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Fender
    • ASIN: B0798485H9
    • UPC: 885978891177