• Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with Mounting Brackets, 10ft Cord, 2 USB Charging Ports, $20,000 Insurance (TLP310USBS)

    The TLP310USBS protect it! 3-Outlet surge protector Features three NEMA 5-15R outlets and a surge suppression rating of 510 joules to protect your components against surges, spikes and EMI/RFI line noise that can damage sensitive electronics and destroy data. Plus, two USB ports produce 3.1a of combined power to charge your mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. Recommended for home, office, workstations and dorm rooms, the TLP310USBS includes two sets of brackets and hardware for permanent mounting in, on or under your desk or workstation. The 10-foot power cord is long enough to reach distant AC outlets. TRIPP LITE will repair or replace any connected equipment damaged by surges, including direct lightning strikes, up to $20, 000 for life (valid in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico only). lifetime limited warranty; $20, 000 ultimate lifetime Insurance

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B01N2YMC8U
    • UPC: 037332198471

  • Tripp Lite 2U Hinged Wall Mount Patch Panel Bracket (N060-002)

    pTripp Lites heavy duty 14-gauge steel, 2U (3.50) wall mount patch panel bracket, is the ideal alternative to a full size rack. Standard EIA 19-inch width allows installation of any 19inch patch panel. Laser cut metal ( not punched ) keeps all edges smooth, greatly reducing the possibility of injury, and, wear on cable jackets. Universal mounting for right or left hinging. Keyholes are spaced 16inches for mounting on wall studs. Stamped, horizontal reinforcement ribs allow for greater sturdiness and stability, and allow the addition of a rear cutout for feeding cable through a wall opening. Smooth, glossy black finish. Tripp Lite lifetime warranty./p

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B000E891P8
    • UPC: 777786432812

  • Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug, Metal, Lifetime Limited Warranty & $25,000 INSURANCE (ISOBAR2-6)

    The World’s Best Selling Premium Surge Protector – the ISOBAR – is America’s Corporate Standard in Surge Protection With more than 19 million satisfied customers worldwide, Tripp Lite's Isobar is the world’s number-one selling premium surge protector. Tripp Lite’s exclusive Isobar surge suppression technology, combined with a nearly indestructible metal case, stops even the strongest surges before they can damage or destroy sensitive equipment. The ISOBAR2-6 features a unique isolated filter bank that blocks disruptive EMI/RFI line noise interference. The ISOBAR2-6’s high 1410-joule surge suppression rating, 2 5-15R outlets and 6-ft. power cord make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, like factories, warehouses, retail outlets and home offices. ISOBAR2-6 Feature Focus Exclusive Isolated Filter Banks Eliminate Interference between Connected EquipmentView larger Ultimate Protection for All Electronics The ISOBAR2-6 offers powerful surge protection for all electronics. Its 2 5-15R outlets are arranged in an isolated filter bank, a 6-ft. cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet, and a space-saving, right-angle 5-15P plug allows furniture to be placed flush against the wall. An illuminated master switch provides one-touch power control ov...

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B0000510Z9
    • UPC: 037332010056

  • Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Bench & Cabinet Power Strip, 36 in. Length, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (PS3612)

    Tripp Lite's PS3612 power strip offers 15 amp, 120V multi-outlet AC power distribution in a convenient 36 inch mountable housing. Ideal for horizontal or vertical raceway style power distribution in office, workbench, industrial, networking and telecom applications. Includes 12 NEMA 5-15R output receptacles with 2.638 inch center-to-center spacing, 15 ft AC line cord and lighted power switch with locking transparent cover to prevent accidental shutoff. Sturdy all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or factory environments.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00005115S
    • UPC: 809302192907

  • Tripp Lite 1200VA Smart UPS Battery Back Up, 700W Rack-Mount/Tower, 8 Outlets, LCD Display, AVR, USB, DB9 2URM (SMART1200LCD)

    The SMART1200LCD SmartPro LCD 120V, 1200VA/700W Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply provides battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise that can damage electronics or destroy data. Ideal for backing up your desktop computer or audio/visual components, this line-interactive UPS switches to battery backup mode in milliseconds to keep your connected equipment running long enough to save files and shut down safely with no data loss. Eight NEMA 5-15R outlets protect against surges, as well as provide up to 14.3 minutes of UPS battery support at half load (350W) and 4.0 minutes of support at full load (700W). Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) corrects severe undervoltages as low as 75V and overvoltages as high as 147V without using any battery power. EMI/RFI noise filtering improves your equipment’s performance and prevents damage. A 870-joule surge suppression rating protects your equipment from harmful power surges. NEMA 5-15P plug with 6-foot cord connects to any NEMA 5-15R socket. Large rotatable LCD screen shows real-time input voltage, overload, AVR and battery statuses at a glance. Alarm sounds to indicate power loss or low battery. With Tripp Lite’s free PowerAlert software (available via free web download), t...

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B000E8Z0XK
    • UPC: 163120460069

  • Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Bench & Cabinet Power Strip, 24 in. Length, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (PS2408)

    Power Strip.The Tripp Lite 8-Outlet Vertical power Strip provides a 15-amp, 120-volt power strip with 8 standard NEMA 5-15 outlets in a rugged, all-metal, mountable housing. It allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting, making it ideal for a variety of uses, including office, rack-mount, workbench and industrial applications. With a NEMA 5-15P, 15 ft. power cord, you don't have to install the PS2408 next to outlets you already have. It can be mounted across the room and deliver reliable service where you need it most. A lighted and covered on/off switch helps prevent accidental shut-offs, while a 15-amp circuit breaker guards against dangerous circuit overloads. Its sturdy, all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to a demanding network, laboratory or factory environments.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00005111L
    • UPC: 031112211879

  • TRIPP LITE PV1000HF 1,000-Watt Ultracompact Power Inverter

    ? 2,000W max;? 1,000W RMS;? 4 AC outlets;? Permanent mounting brackets & hardwired battery connections;? DC fusing circuit protection;? Converts 12V DC nominal power to 120V AC current;? Low-battery alarm & auto-shutoff prevent battery discharge;? High-ef

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00OY0P188
    • UPC: 807320268482

  • Tripp Lite 20 Outlet Bench & Cabinet Power Strip, 60 in. Length, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (PS6020)

    Tripp Lite's PS6020 power strip offers 15 amp, 120V multi-outlet AC power distribution in a convenient 60 inch mountable housing. Ideal for horizontal or vertical raceway style power distribution in office, workbench, industrial, networking and telecom applications. Includes 20 NEMA 5-15R output receptacles with 2.795 inch center-to-center spacing, 15 ft AC line cord and lighted power switch with locking transparent cover to prevent accidental shutoff. Sturdy all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or factory environments.

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00006B81I
    • UPC: 666669978175

  • Tripp Lite 1U Hinged Wallmount Patch Panel Mounting Bracket (N060-001)

    The N060-001 1U Hinged Wall-Mount Patch Panel Bracket allows you to mount a 1U patch panel or network switch to a wall instead of investing in a full-size rack. Precision-made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel with a glossy black finish, this bracket supports universal left- or right-hinge mounting that accepts standard 19-inch patch panels. Two keyhole slots are spaced 16 inches apart to align with wall studs to ensure secure wall-mounting. The rear cutout lets you feed cable through a wall opening to streamline installations and reduce cable clutter. Smooth laser-cut edges protect cable jackets from damage and wear. Stamped horizontal reinforcement ribs on the back of the bracket keep mounted equipment stable and secure.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B01N9H0YDF
    • UPC: 037332197887

  • Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Home & Office Power Strip, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (TLM615NCRA)

    pTripp Lites Power It! TLM615NCRA power strip offers reliable, convenient and cost-effective power distribution for appliances, power tools, lighting and other electrical equipment. Includes 6 right-angle NEMA 5-15R outlets, 15-foot AC power cord and keyhole mounting slots. Multi-outlet strip reduces cable clutter and enables the connection of multiple electrical devices to a single AC wall socket. Features rugged metal case to stand up to the most demanding environments, illuminated power switch with transparent cover to prevent accidental shutoff and 15A integrated circuit breaker to prevent dangerous overloads. Lifetime warranty.INPUT/OUTPUT: Input: NEMA 5-15P/Output: 6 NEMA 5-15RELECTRICAL: 120V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A FORMAT: Corded power distribution strip with right-angle outlets/p

    • Color: Gray|IGNORE-No existing value
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B000L4D3SQ
    • UPC: 037332135681

  • Tripp Lite 2POSTRMKITWM 2-Post Rackmount/Wallmount Installation Kit Select UPS

    Tripp Lite's 2POSTRMKITWM enables mounting of select SmartPro and SmartOnline 2U UPS systems in 2 post rackmount or wallmount applications. Key Features Enables the secure placement of one Tripp Lite SmartPro and SmartOnline 2U UPS or battery pack in 2 post rackmount or wallmount applications Lifetime limited warranty Typical Applications Enables two post rackmount installation of Tripp Lite 2U UPS systems and battery packs. Compatible with all rackmount Tripp Lite SmartPro, SmartOnline and battery packs that include the "2U" designation in the model number (SMART1500RMXL2Ua, SU1500RTXL2U, BP48V24-2U, etc). See UPS specification page to verify wallmount compatibility with any specific UPS model. Package Includes Set of two post rackmount/wallmount installation brackets to support one 2U module

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B0009UKVAU
    • UPC: 037332123107

  • Tripp Lite 6 Outlet Rackmount Network-Grade PDU Power Strip, Rear-Facing, 1U, 15A, 15ft Cord with 5-15P Plug (RS-0615-R)

    Tripp Lite's RS-0615-R power strip offers 15 amp capacity AC power distribution in a versatile multi-mount cabinet. Detachable mounting flanges are configurable for rackmount, wallmount and under-counter installation. Uses only 1 rack space (1U) when installed in any 19 inch rack meeting EIA standards. Unfiltered electrical pass-through makes RS-0615-R ideal for distributing alternate waveform UPS or generator power in rack enclosures, network closets and more. Includes 6 rear-facing NEMA5-15R outlets, 15 ft AC power cord and lighted switch with latching safety cover prevents risk of accidental turn-off.

    • Color: black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00007FS2L
    • UPC: 151903601235

  • New - Tripp Lite Adjustable Computer Mount, for CPU Displays 4-6.25 inches, Open Frame Design, Steel Construction, Wall Mountable, 5-Year Warranty (DCPU1)

    Tripp Lite's DCPU1 CPU / Desktop Computer Mount frees up valuable space in your workstation by allowing you to mount your CPU on a wall so it stays out of the way. Its adjustable, open frame fits most 4- to 6-inch CPUs, and its durable, all-metal construction supports weights of up to 40 lb. The DCPU1 comes with all necessary mounting hardware and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00K7I740O
    • UPC: 373321816712

  • Tripp Lite 24 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 15ft Long Cord, Metal, (SS7619-15)

    The SS7619-15 6-ft. power strip with AC surge suppression offers a convenient method of horizontal or vertical power distribution in equipment racks, computer rooms, workbenches, raceways and more. Includes 24 NEMA 5-15R output receptacles with 2.795-in. center-to-center spacing, 15-ft. AC line cord and adjustable mounting clips for installation in a wide variety of applications. Protects connected equipment from transient surges and line noise with built-in surge suppression rated at 1650 joules. Corded, multi-outlet strip reduces cabling clutter and enables the connection of multiple electrical devices to a single AC wall socket. Features rugged all-metal housing, lighted power switch with transparent guard to prevent accidental shutoff, 15A resettable circuit breaker and attractive gray color scheme. SURGE SUPPRESSION: 1650 joules Lifetime Warranty

    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00019OXF8
    • UPC: 172302768961

  • Tripp Lite Single Phase Switched Mini PDU, 100/120/127V, Remote LX Platform Interface, 6 ft. Cord, 0U, TAA (PDU15NETLX)

    Switched PDU provides advanced network control and remote power monitoring this 0U PDU is an ideal low-cost option for small-scale network configurations where only one or two outlets are needed. It Features two NEMA 5-15R individually switched outlets, which can be remotely controlled to turn on, turn off, recycle or lock out power to unresponsive devices. Front-panel LEDs indicate each outlet's on/off status.

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B07CXBJ5MX
    • UPC: 037332203267

  • Tripp Lite Isobar 12-Outlet Network Server Surge Protector, 15 ft. Cord w/5-20P Plug, 3840 Joules, 1U Rack-Mount, Metal, $25,000 INSURANCE (IBAR12-20ULTRA)

    Tripp Lite's Isobar 12/20 Ultra Rackmount Surge Suppressor has 8 outlets (2-15 amp & 6-20 amp), a 12-ft. cord, diagnostic LEDs, and 1,200 joules of energy absorption. $25,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance. No warranty cards required for coverage!

    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00006HN38
    • UPC: 037332011190

  • Tripp Lite 8U Wall-Mount Bracket for Small Switches & Patch Panels Hinged

    FeaturesC< / p>Wall-Mount Bracket Is the Ideal Alternative to a Full-Size Rack CabinetC< / p>If you don't have enough equipment to justify the purchase of a full-size rack or you don't have enough space for one, this SmartRack® bracket is the ideal alternative for your home office or small business. Made from heavy-duty laser-cut 14-gauge cold-rolled steel with a durable black powder-coated finish, this 8U wall-mount bracket easily attaches to the wall of your back office or closet with the included mounting screws.< / p>Hinged Bracket Supports EIA-Standard 19 in. Rack EquipmentC< / p>The SRWO8UBRKT houses 8U of compatible 19-inch rack components, including EIA-compliant switches and patch panels by any manufacturer, up to 14.75 inches deep. The 8U wall-mount bracket is hinged to allow open, unrestricted access to equipment and cabling from either the left or right side. Maximum load capacity is 40 pounds.< / p>Rear Cutout Eases Cable InstallationsC< / p>The wall-mount bracket features an open cutout in the rear that allows for cable feeds through the wall to streamline installations and reduce cable clutter. The laser-cut metal bracket's surfaces and edges are smooth to reduce wear on cable jackets and patch panel equipment.< / p>Easy Mounting with the Included HardwareC< / p>R...

    • Color: black
    • Brand: TRIPP LITE
    • ASIN: B07GX8C12M
    • UPC: 037332205629

  • Tripp Lite Medical-Grade Power Strip, 4 15A Hospital-Grade Outlets, 15ft. Cord, UL 1363A (PS-415-HG-OEM)

    Tripp Lite's PS-415-HG-OEM Power Strip is designed to be installed on any mobile cart, diagnostic equipment, instrument, IV pole, etc. It is designed to supply power to plug-connected components of a movable eqiupment assembly that is rack-, table- or pedestal-mounted. Features 4 output receptacles, 15-ft. AC power cord and two built-in resettable circuit breakers that control power to all outlets and protect against overloads. Switchless design prevents accidental shutoff. Optional-use keyhole mounting tabs and flanges.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B00140W1LG
    • UPC: 763216043284

  • Tripp Lite Swivel/Tilt Wall Mount with Arm for 13" to 27" TVs, Monitors, Flat Screens, LED, Plasma or LCD Displays (DWM1327SP)

    Display TV LCD Wall Monitor Mount Arm Swivel/Tilt 13in. to 27in. TVs / Monitors / Flat-Screens

    • Color: na
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • UPC: 037332183538

  • Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Eco-Surge Protector Power Strip 6ft Cord Right Angle Plug Diagnostic LEDs (AV86G)

    Tripp Lite's AV86G offers reliable, GREEN surge technology that protects your computer and peripherals, the environment and your wallet. The ECO-SURGE offers a unique Netbook switch that allows users to select wattage, making ECO-SURGE the only green surge suppressors compatible with all PC's, Notebooks and Netbooks. Energy -saving outlet configuration reduces energy waste (phantom loads) by cutting AC power to unused peripherals. AV86G offers 8 total outlets, 6 foot cord with space saving angled plug and diagnostic LEDs to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Network-grade AC suppression rated at 1080 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Integrated child-safety outlet covers safely seal off unused outlets. Attractive black suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs and 3 designated transformer plug outlets offers convenient protection of desktop computer equipment and accessories. $75,000 connected equipment insurance (USA and Canada Only).

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Tripp Lite
    • ASIN: B0084PKC6K
    • UPC: 151903027318