• ViewHD Prosumer HDMI 3x1 Switch | [email protected] HDMI v1.4 | MIC Audio Injection / Combiner | HDMI Audio Extractor | Optical / Coax / RCA L/R to HDMI Audio| ARC | Model: VHD-PH3X1GS

    This product is the one and only on planet earth, It introduces the special audio injection function to modify or replace the original HDMI audio signal from the HDMI source. This VHD-PH3X1GS offers many exclusive and versatile features not found in any other HDMI switches. audio injection mode enables the selected audio signal from one of the following four audio inputs: to slink, coax, analog RCA L/R and mic inputs to replace the original audio signal from the HDMI input. The mic mode has additional adjustable mic input volume control function to inject/combine the desired amount of mic audio signal to the original HDMI input 2chstereo audio signal or completely replace the original HDMI input audio signal. The mic mixer mode only works when the HDMI input audio is stereo. If the incoming HDMI audio signal is higher than stereo, The incoming HDMI audio signal will be completely replaced by the mic input audio signal.audio extraction mode enables the device to function as an HDMI audio to optical only when the arc audio Format is stereo, The arc audio signal Can be converted to analog stereo and available from the RCA L/R and 3.5mm outputs. viewhd one year warranty.

    • Color: 3x1 | v1.4 | [email protected] HDMI Audio Injector
    • Brand: ViewHD
    • ASIN: B07888X1SY
    • UPC: 060881981140

  • Solid State Logic Alpha VHD (4-Ch Preamp)

    Solid State Logic X-Rack VHD Mic Pre Module with LMC The SSL XLogic X-Rack VHD Input Module is a devilishly warm and dirty alternative to the pure Mic Amp Module. A front end that combines classic SSL character with our new Variable Harmonic Drive circuit, delivering a time machine of overdrive characteristics. Features Electronically balanced ultra-high bandwidth Mic input with +20dB to +70dB gain control Hi-Z and Pad Switches on Mic Amp Input Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds a controllable blend of 2nd or 3rd Harmonic distortion Dedicated Trim control after the VHD stage Classic Listen Mic Compressor with fixed attack and release curves... ideal for drums High and Low-Pass Filters

    • Brand: Solid State
    • ASIN: B000RLI7OS
    • UPC: 878076000473

  • Ssl VHD 500 Series Mic Pre

    The SSL VHD Pre 500 Series Module makes the uniquely versatile VHD based preamp technology from Duality, SSL's industry leading large format studio console, available for studios of all sizes.The VHD Pre is an immensely versatile recording and processing device. It can deliver ultra clean SSL SuperAnalogue grade recordings but also features a switchable VHD mode. SSL's patented Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) system uses a 100% analogue signal path to generate rich harmonic distortion. As you increase VHD input gain, the Variable Harmonic Drive process introduces either 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion or a blend of the two to your source material. At lower gain settings it adds gentle valve-style warmth or a touch of transistor edge. As the gain is increased the more extreme the distortion becomes until at high gain settings it delivers fierce trashy transistor-esque grunge. The VHD Pre gives the user ultimate versatility from a studio grade preamp. Whether it's ultra-clean traditional SSL, subtle warming or totally trashy transistor distortion, VHD will change your expectations of what a preamplifier should deliver.The VHD section of the VHD Pre Module has three rotary controls: a Drive control selects 2nd harmonic or 3rd harmonic distortion or a continuously variable blend of the ...

    • Brand: Ssl
    • ASIN: B07QTC6K5T
    • UPC: 615435508566

  • Solid State Logic SSL Alpha VHD 4-Channel Preamp + 4x 25' Mogami XLR Cables

    Package Include: 1 x Solid State Logic Alpha VHD 4-Channel 4 x Mogami 25' Microphone Cable Solid State Logic Alpha VHD 4-Channel Transform your DAW audio interface with four SSL analogue mic preamps Ultra-clean, high-grade mic preamps with line and instrument level switching Four independent Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) circuits VHD - a time machine of overdrive characteristics 100% analogue signal path Say goodbye to the digital audio blues Whether you need to track pristine vocals, crunched drums or electric guitars on the edge of sonic destruction, the VHD Pre delivers a powerful and versatile sound shaping tool kit - the perfect analogue companion to your digital recording system. The four ultra-clean, high-grade mic preamps are combined with independent Variable Harmonic Drive circuits that use 100% analogue signal paths to generate rich harmonic distortion - adding SSL analogue attitude to your digital recordings. Mogami 25' Microphone Cable The Gold Series uses selected Mogami Neglex "Studio Quad" Oxygen Free Copper cable. This 4-conductor cable actually cancels noise caused by poor ground planes and high RF or electromagnetic fields. The ultra-low-noise spiral shield is the most densely wound available. All this engineering helps cure many of the problems encountered i...

    • Brand: Solid State Logic
    • UPC: 680576043399

  • Monoprice BlackbirdTM 4K Series HDMI Audio Inserter

    The Monoprice blackbird 4K Series audio inserter allows you to insert stereo or multichannel surround sound audio signals through a digital To slink or an analog 3. 5mm input, giving you the ability to add digital or analog audio to an HDMI video signal. It supports 2-, 5. 1-, and 7. 1-Channel LPCM, Dolby 5. 1, DTS 5. 1, Dolby digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio formats. The blackbird 4K Series audio inserter is fully compliant with the HDMI and HDCP 1. 2 standards to ensure compatibility with equipment and components.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • ASIN: B01B5FR7PY
    • UPC: 889028013953