• The Wizard Of Oz: 1998 Cast Recording (Madison Square Garden Cast)

    How do you fill the ruby slippers of Judy Garland? That's a question, thankfully, only Jessica Grove needs to answer. It's difficult not to hear indelible tunes like "Over the Rainbow" and "We're Off to See the Wizard" without thinking way back to the MGM movie version of 1939, but this touring-cast production uses unique enough music arrangements to stand on its own. Though two stars grace the album's cover--Mickey Rooney as the Wizard and Eartha Kitt as the Wicked Witch of the West--the pair hardly overshadow the upstart cast. Dirk Lombard as the Tin Man, Judith McCauley as Glinda the Good Witch, and Grove herself all deliver inspired performances, and some of the tunes--especially the "Munchkinland" medley--sound superb and remarkably fresh. Judy Garland (for most of us) will always own the role of Dorothy, but this musical does its best to breathe new life into a classic story--60 years after the fact. --Jim Young

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  • The Wizard Of Oz In Concert: A Benefit Performance For The Children's Defense Fund (1996 Lincoln Center Cast)

    The Wizard of Oz in Concert a Benefit Performance for the Children Defense Fund (1996 Lincoln Center Cast)

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  • Wizard of Oz / London Cast

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  • The Wizard of Oz LP Original Cast 1960's

    The cover is the most beautiful, in my opinion, of other Oz records. An Original Cast Album, recorded from the original sound track. Tracks: If I Only Had a Heart, If I Only Had a Brain, If I Only the Nerve, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, We're off to See the Wizard, If I Were King of the Forest, and more.

    • ASIN: B000WNERPE

  • The Wizard of Oz: 2011 London Palladium Recording

    2011 release of the full cast recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber's stunning new production of The Wizard Of Oz! This 25 track set includes all the much-loved songs from the Oscar-winning movie score by Harold Arlen and E Y Harburg plus new songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The Wizard Of Oz features the full cast of performers from this all-new production including the multi-award winning Michael Crawford and Danielle Hope, the winner of the BBC One hit TV show Over The Rainbow. The superb supporting cast comprises of Edward Baker-Duly (Tin Man), David Ganly (Cowardly Lion), Paul Keating (Scarecrow), Emily Tierney (Glinda) and Hannah Waddingham (Wicked Witch Of the West) accompanied by a 36 strong ensemble. Developed from the ever-popular 1939 screenplay, The Wizard of Oz is an enchanting adaptation of the all-time classic, totally reconceived for the stage bringing the joys of this magical tale back into our lives. Polydor.

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  • The Wizard of Oz - Vintage Recordings from the 1903 Broadway Musical

    The Wizard of Oz a musical with book and lyrics by L. Frank Baum and music by Paul Tietjens premiered on June 16, 1902, at the Grand Opera House in Chicago. It was an instant hit and made stars of David Montgomery (the Tin Woodman) and Fred Stone (the Scarecrow). On January 21, 1903 the show opened at the Majestic Theatre in New York. It ran for nine months and set out on the road with a second company right on its heels. The show toured, came back to New York, toured, and returned to New York again many times until finally disbanding around 1911. Stock and amateur companies continued to present it into the 1930s when it was overshadowed by the classic MGM film starring Judy Garland. The show was legendary for its success and its impact on American culture. It was the Cats or Les Mis of the early 1900s--but the show has been swallowed by history. What made audiences of the early 1900s devour the show and return for more again and again? In this unprecedented 2-CD set—featuring over 145 minutes of vintage recordings and 64 pages of lyrics, photos, notes and synopsis—you can discover how The Wizard of Oz entertained the American public for the first two decades of the 20th century. And like the audiences of nearly a hundred years ago, you can hum along to "Budweiser," "Sammy," ...

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  • The Wizard of Oz

    When it was released during Hollywood's golden year of 1939, The Wizard of Oz didn't start out as the perennial classic it has since become. The film did respectable business, but it wasn't until its debut on television that this family favorite

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  • Wizard of Oz

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  • The Wizard of Oz - The Original Sound Track Album [Stereo]

    Tracklist A1 - Judy Garland Over The Rainbow A2 - Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead A3 - We're Off To See The Wizard A4 - Ray Bolger If I Only Had A Brain A5 - Jack Haley If I Only Had A Heart A6 - Bert Lahr If I Only Had The Nerve B1 - Bert Lahr If I Were King Of The Forest B2 - Dorothy's Adventure In Oz

    • Brand: MGM Records
    • ASIN: B006N1H4OA

  • The Wizard Of Oz (1988 London Cast)

    CD Harold Arlen / Paul Greenwood / Simon Green / Trevor Peacock / Gillian Bevan

    • ASIN: B00000816G

  • Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast)

    • Brand: Decca Broadway
    • ASIN: B0000TB01Y
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  • Wizard of Oz - The Original 1987 London Cast

    Tracklisting: 1 Overture / 2 Over The Rainbow / 3 Munchkinland / 4 If Only I Had A Heart/ 5 If Only I Had The Nerve/ 6 We're Off To See The Wizard / 7 Poppies / Act 1 Finale / 8 Entr'acte / 9 The Merry Ol' Land Of Oz/ 10 If I Where King Of The Forest / 11 Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead / 12 Finale /

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  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Toronto Cast Recording

    A new musical score for THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ by James Patrick Doyle! Prepared around early workshop rehearsals of this new musical adaptation of L. Frank Baum's classic book, talented cast of singing actors brings this Ozzy new score to life!

    • ASIN: B000088UK3
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  • The Wizard of Oz: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Original soundtrack to the 1939 motion picture starring Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley and Bert Lahr. For 70 years, The Wizard of Oz has enchanted viewers of all ages and still remains a spellbinding movie experience. This is a film that was absolutely decades ahead of it's time. The songs from the soundtrack are now regarded as 'American Songbook' classics including 'Over The Rainbow', 'If I Only Had A Brain', 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' and many more. The soundtrack was recorded in Culver City between September 30, 1938 and July 9, 1939. 26 tracks. Pegasus.

    • ASIN: B000UR1E9O

  • The Wizard Of Oz (London Cast Recording)

    Act One 1 Overture 2 Over The Rainbow 3 The Twister Munchkinland 4.1 Toto, I Have A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore 4.2 Glinda's Entrance 4.3 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are 4.4 It Really Was No Miracle 4.5 Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead 4.6 As Mayor Of The Munchkin City 4.7 Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead (Reprise) 4.8 We Represent The Lullaby League 4.9 We Welcome You To Munchkinland 4.10 Witch's Entrance 4.11 Follow The Yellow Brick Road 5 If I Only Had A Brain 6 We're Off To See The Wizard 7 If I Only Had A Heart 8 We're Off To See The Wizard (Reprise) 9 If I Only Had The Nerve 10 We're Off To See The Wizard (Reprise) Poppies 11.1 Optimistic Voices 11.2 You're Out Of The Woods 11.3 Finale Act One 12 Entr'acte 13 The Merry Old Land Of Oz If I Were King Of The Forest 14.1 If I Were King Of The Forest 14.2 Courage 15 The Jitterbug Winkies March 16.1 Winkies March 16.2 Over The Rainbow (Reprise) 17 Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead (Reprise) 18 Finale Act Two

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  • Love Never Dies (Cast Recording) [2 CD]

    LOVE NEVER DIES continues the story of The Phantom , who has moved from his lair in the Paris Opera House to haunt the fairgrounds of Coney Island, far across the Atlantic. Set ten years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from Paris, this show is a rollercoaster ride of obsession and intrigue...in which music and memory can play cruel tricks...and The Phantom sets out to prove that, indeed, LOVE NEVER DIES .

    • Brand: Decca
    • ASIN: B002S0OBMS
    • UPC: 602527247939