• laptop_battery® New Replace Battery for Asus X44LY,X44E,X44EI X44H X44H-Bbr5 X44H-Bd2Gs X44H-Vx038 A53E-Ts52 A53E-Xa2 A53E-Xe1 A53E-Xe2 6 Cell Ship from USA from laptop_battery

    About Bay Valley Parts Bay Valley Parts is a production sales in one of the manufacturers professional production sales of notebook batteries. 100% customer satisfaction is our mission .Wish you a happy shopping thank you. Replacement For Asus notebooks ASUS A43 A45 Series ASUS A43B ASUS A43BY ASUS A43E ASUS A43F ASUS A43J ASUS A43JA ASUS A43JB ASUS A43JC ASUS A43JE ASUS A43JF ASUS A43JG ASUS A43JH ASUS A43JN ASUS A53 Series ASUS A53B ASUS A53BY ASUS A53E ASUS A53F ASUS A53J ASUS A53JA ASUS A53JB ASUS A53JC ASUS A53JE ASUS A53JH ASUS A53JQ ASUS A53JR ASUS A53JT ASUS A83 Series A83B A83B A83E A83SJ A83SM A83SV ASUS A84 Series ASUS K43 Series ASUS K43B ASUS K43BY ASUS K43E ASUS K43F ASUS K43J ASUS K43JC ASUS K43JM ASUS K43JS ASUS K43JY ASUS K43S ASUS K43SC ASUS K43SD ASUS ASUS K53 Series ASUS K53B ASUS K53BY ASUS K53E   ASUS K53F ASUS K53J ASUS K53JA   ASUS K53JC ASUS K53JE ASUS K53JF   ASUS K53JG ASUS K53JN ASUS K53JS   ASUS K53JT ASUS K53S ASUS K53SA   ASUS K53SC ASUS K53SD ASUS K53SE ASUS K54 K84 P43 P43S P53 Series ASUS X43 Series ASUS X43B ASUS X43BY ASUS X43E   ASUS X43J ASUS X43JE ASUS X43JF   ASUS X43JR ASUS X43JX ASUS X43S   ASUS X43SJ ASUS X43SR ASUS X43SV   ASUS X44 X54 X84 X84H Fit Machine Models Asus notebooks A32-K53 A42-K53 Buy with c...

    • ASIN: B00P0QXQF0
    • UPC: 763461753860

  • W126 Battery (HoneyBull) FUJI NP-W126 Replacement Battery (1400mAh) 2 Pack with Dual Battery Charger for Fujifilm X100F, X-T10, X-T20, X-T1, X-T2, X-Pro1, X-Pro2 & More

    Features:- High Quality Authentic Japanese Battery Cells attributed with top of the line performance.- Larger capacity allows you to shoot for longer, worry free. - Industry leading quality control testing guarantees a long lasting and fail safe battery.- Charge your batteries on the go via any USB power source.- Broad compatibility with all Fujifilm cameras that utilize the NP-W126 battery.Specification:- Battery: 1400mAh Li-Ion Battery. Output voltage is 7.2 V.- Charger USB Input: 5V == 1 - 2.4A- Charger Output: 7.2V == 0.6AIn The Box:- 2 HoneyBowl NP-W126 Batteries- 1 HoneyBull NP-W126 Dual Battery Charger- 1 USB Power CordCompatible Models: FinePix X-A1 , FinePix X-A3 , FinePix X-E1 , FinePix X-E2 , FinePix X-E2S , FinePix X-M1 , FinePix X-Pro1 , FinePix X-Pro2 , FinePix X-T1 , FinePix X-T2 , FinePix X-T20 , FinePix X100F , FinePix HS30EXR , FinePix HS33EXR , FinePix HS35EXR , FinePix HS50EXR LifeTime Warranty:HoneyBull aims to reach the highest limits of customer service excellence! If there is ANY REASON why you are unhappy or unsatisfied with ANY of our products, we guarantee you a replacement!

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: HoneyBull
    • ASIN: B073PFK3G1
    • UPC: 858978007039